Hokage’s strongest emperor Chapter 211

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“Danzo! You’ve finally appeared! A cold smile appeared on Hanyue’s face, his eyes calmly stared at Tuan Zang in front of him, and he said in a deep voice!

“Uchiha Cold Moon Little Ghost… You dare to destroy the Root Organization base! Tuan Zang’s face was expressionless, his eyes were gloomy as he looked at Hanyue, and he questioned in a deep voice!

“Ridiculous! Danzo! I originally came to settle accounts with you this time, just to destroy the base of the root organization, if it weren’t for the fact that you are still a member of Konoha, I can’t help but kill you directly!” Hanyue’s face was cold, his eyes looked at Shimura Danzo with contempt, and he said calmly in his mouth!

“It’s worthy of being Orochimaru’s subordinate! It’s the same as the style of the big snake pill! Tuan Zang’s face became slightly gloomy, his eyes looked at Hanyue calmly, and he said softly in his mouth!

“Wind Escape Vacuum Jade!!” Tuan Zang’s hands suddenly froze rapidly, and he drank low in his mouth, and suddenly spit out a huge air bomb from his mouth!

“Cut! Sure enough, it fits the character of Tuanzo! Sneak attack?! Hanyue’s eyes calmly looked at the air bomb in front of him, his face flashed with a trace of disdain, and he said in a deep voice!

“Multiplication Technique, Rebound!!” Akimichi Ueno’s body instantly appeared in front of Hanyue, his hands were folded, his mouth drank loudly, and his body quickly expanded into a meat pad!!

“Boom!” A strange sound sounded, and the air bomb hit Ueno’s fat in Akimichi, causing ripples, and then it was instantly bounced back!

“Ueno of the Akimichi family?! It’s a pity! Such a genius was not used by me! Tuan Zang’s eyes glanced at Ueno Akimichi, a look of pity flashed on his face, and he said in a low voice! Tuanzang’s philosophy is to control all geniuses!

“Sharingan, open!!” Hanyue’s eyes looked at Tuan Zang calmly, and he drank low in his mouth, and the three-hook jade writing wheel eyes in his eyes instantly opened!

“Writing wheel eyes?! Be careful! Shimura Danzo’s face had a hint of solemnity, his eyes were slightly lowered, avoiding the sight of the cold moon, and said in a deep voice!

“One Knife Flow, Juhe Slash!!” Han Yue’s mouth drank lowly, and the dead marching [Eighth Room] instantly appeared in his right hand, and then a silver-white bright light instantly appeared in Tuan Zang’s line of sight!

“How is that possible?! When! Tuan Zang’s eyes contracted slightly, and the cold moon in his sight instantly turned into foam and disappeared, and the true body of the cold moon instantly appeared in front of Zang!

“Peng!” With a soft sound, the Tuan Zang hand only had to hurriedly resist, and the moon slashed and flew out!!

“Ahem! Is it an illusion?! How can it be?! I have obviously avoided looking directly at the Sharingan! Why do you still have illusions! Shimura Danzo’s right arm was dripping with blood, a look of surprise flashed on his face, and his mouth was pondering with doubt! Meantime! Tuan Zang’s gaze looked at the cold moon again!

“One knife flow Juhe chop!” Hanyue’s face showed a hint of playfulness, and he drank low in his mouth again, his right hand still released the Juheslash, and Hanyue’s body suddenly disappeared from Tuan Zang’s sight again!!

“Illusion Solution!” Tuan Zang’s eyes suddenly flashed a trace of anxiety, and he drank loudly in his mouth, instantly blocking the flow of Chakra in his body! Then, Tuan Zang looked at the cold moon that suddenly appeared in front of him again, and a look of fear appeared on his face!

“Peng!!” With a loud bang, Cold Moon’s eighth room still slashed on Tuan Zang’s right arm, and with Cold Moon’s slash, Tuan Zang’s body flew out upside down again!

“What the hell is going on?! Why… Why do you have illusions! It is clear that the little ghost of Uchiha Cold Moon did not open the eyes above his head, and I did not see the writing wheel eyes of Yuzhibo Cold Moon! Why do you still get illusions! Tuan Zang’s face was gloomy and could drip water, his eyes flashed with a look of disbelief, and his mouth said with a slight panic!

“Yo! Tuanzo that old guy is unlucky!! Captain Cold Moon’s illusion is not so easy to resist!! If Danzo thought that he could resist the illusion of the Sharingan without looking at Captain Cold Moon’s eyes, he would be very wrong! The reason why Captain Cold Moon’s Sharingan has not evolved into a kaleidoscope Sharingan is because… Captain Cold Moon is developing the ability of Sangou Jade Writing Wheel Eye to the maximum extent!! A hint of adoration and fanaticism flashed in Hinata Sato’s eyes, looking at Hanyue with a calm face and playful eyes, and whispered in his mouth!

“Ah! Cold Moon senior’s magic ability and use of the Sangou Jade Writing Wheel Eye have become fascinating!! Whether it’s a gesture, a sound, or even a single movement can trap enemies in illusion! Uchiha Shisui’s face had a hint of excitement, his eyes stared closely at the movement of the cold moon, and he said in a deep voice!

“One Knife Flow, Juhe Slash!!” Cold Moon’s body is still a hundred meters away from Tuan Zang, completely unchanged from when he first saw Tuan Zang, at this time, Cold Moon’s face is calm, his eyes look down at Tuan Zang, and he whispered in his mouth!

“How can it be repaired!! This trick again!! Uchiha Cold Moon Little Ghost!! Are you humiliating the old man with this trick?! At this time, Tuan Zang’s face was full of anger, and he roared loudly in his mouth!

“Humiliation?! It’s okay if you understand it that way! Hanyue’s body appeared in front of Tuan Zang, and the eight rooms in his right hand were still cut on Tuan Zang’s right arm, and he whispered in his mouth!

“This… This guy!! Tuan Zang glanced at the right arm that was injured again, and his face couldn’t help but rise with a feeling of weakness, his eyes looked at Uchiha Hanyue with fear, at this time, Tuan Zang already knew that he was definitely not Hanyue’s opponent, even if the other party only used the three-hook jade writing wheel eye, he could still tease himself! At this time, Tuan Zang felt fear in his heart for the cold moon!

“Shimura Danzo! Put away that little bit of your thoughts!! Want to destroy the Night Raid Squad?! You’re not qualified enough!! Feel the fear on your right arm! I will always keep an eye on you! “Cold Moon’s body instantly turned into crows, quickly flying above Tuan Zang, and a blood-red chakra eye appeared in the sky, looking at Tuan Zang coldly!

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