Hokage’s hypocritical life Chapter 527

Chapter 527 The Collapsed Mist Ninja Leader

“I say, let you see it clearly! ……”

Watergate didn’t have time to waste with the two, he already felt that the support of the Mist Shinobi was rapidly approaching, so the Water Gate directly took out a large handful of special traits from the ninja backpack in the shocked eyes of the leader of the Dark and Mist Shinobi, and then threw them backhand at the team of the Mist Shinobi…


“Uh-huh! ……”


I saw that more than ten Ku Wu Quan parts pierced the necks of those Mist Shinobi without fail, and those who were pierced by Ku Wu had deep doubts in their eyes, as if they didn’t understand why there was an extra Ku Wu on their necks, and half of these more than ten Mist Shinobi were still Zhong Shinobi…

Seeing this situation, the leader of the fog ninja was directly dumbfounded, isn’t Watergate not strong? Isn’t his bitter throwing inferior to the next patience? What is the situation, just Ku Wu can kill Naka Shinobu, and let the enemy not even have a chance to react, such a Ku Wu throwing technique even he can’t do, right? No, it should be said that even ordinary shadow-level powerhouses can’t do it, right?

At this moment, the leader of the fog ninja did not know that his guess was wrong, and then his eyes were full of fear when he looked at the water gate, the leader of the fog ninja did not understand why this was at all, he knew how the guy who was not even as good as the next ninja could suddenly become so powerful…

Could it be that the other party has been playing pig and eating tiger, his strength is already very strong, he has just been teasing/teasing himself before, the leader of the fog ninja thought angrily in his heart.

“You’re lying to me! ……”

The more he thought about it, the more he felt aggrieved, and the leader of the fog ninja pointed to the water gate and yelled at him with a sad and angry face, the whole child who can’t accept reality makes people feel very pitiful at first sight.


Looking at the appearance of the leader of the fog ninja, Watergate was directly speechless, and he didn’t admit that his strength was very poor, it has always been you who are fantasizing about whether it is good or not, and you have nothing to do with yourself, but Watergate is too lazy to pay attention to the leader of the fog ninja, and directly a flying thunder god technique once again launched a slaughter against the fog ninja…

And the leader of the fog ninja saw that Watergate couldn’t even look at himself, his face suddenly turned red, and his heart was even more sad and indignant, he only felt that he was deceived by Watergate!

The fog ninja leader also didn’t want to think about it, how could Watergate’s strength be so simple, could it be that using space ninjutsu was very simple? If this is the case, why is it difficult for a few people in the ninja world to know space ninjutsu, not to mention the other restrictions of using space ninjutsu, there are many Chakra simply needed, right?

I really don’t know how the leader of the fog ninja thinks that the strength of Watergate is just like this, you must know that in the original work, they can also fly the Thunder God Technique as the fourth generation of guards, although it is only the Flying Thunder God Technique modified by the Water Gate, but even so, it takes the three of them to exhaust the combined power of Chakra to use it once.

Although it may also be because the three people do not have a spatial attribute physique, but the other party is also three upper ninja, it can be seen that the Chakra consumed by the Flying Thunder God Art is definitely a lot, and since the Water Gate can use the Flying Thunder God Technique at will, then not to mention others, purely in terms of Chakra, the Chakra of the Water Gate is not ordinary…

Ignoring the leader of the fog ninja who was still in grief and indignation, Watergate solved more than a dozen upper ninja and dozens of middle and lower ninja in the blink of an eye, making people can’t help but feel that space ninjutsu is space ninjutsu, whether it is the speed or efficiency of killing enemies is not ordinarily high.

The water gate killed the fog ninja to dodge everywhere, because they knew that the water gate could only appear in the place where the kunai was, so the position where the mist ninja dodged was deliberately far away from the place where the kunai was, but soon they found that it was completely useless…

Because after the water gate appeared next to Ku Wu, if no one directly pulled up the kunai and threw it again to the place where there were people, and then let Ku Wu fly to the mist ninjas, when the water gate also came to them, and then continued to harvest the life of the mist ninja.

Even if the speed of the fog ninja is fast, how can it be faster than the flight speed of the kunai, some upper ninja are okay, they can use the instantaneous body technique to avoid it at the moment of the kunai’s arrival, but the other subordinate ninja and everyone can only use the substitute technique, but how can the substitute technique completely avoid the kunai of the water gate…

You must know that every time the water gate throws out is not a kunai, but a large piece of kunai, which makes them unable to dodge the next watergate attack even if they barely dodge the attack of kunai, coupled with the skill of watergate throwing kunai, the fog ninja quickly found that they could only be helplessly killed by Watergate’s various forcies!

In less than ten breaths, the fog ninja have all been solved by the water gate, whether it is the lower ninja, the middle ninja, or the upper ninja, except for the fog ninja leader and the dark two quasi-shadows, the others already know that there is no left, all died under the flying thunder god of the water gate…

This scene not only shocked the leader of the fog ninja and the dark one, but even True Red was shocked, although it seems that the enemies solved by Watergate are not as many enemies as True Red solved, but the effect seems to be much stronger than the effect of True Red using illusion to kill the enemy before.

When they saw the water gate performing the Flying Thunder God Technique, everyone seemed to see a light flickering in the enemy, and then the enemy all fell to the ground, the dashing of killing the enemy at will, no matter who saw it, they would feel shocked…

The scene of a bright red bloom in the flash of light makes people feel even more shocking, and the illusion of true red is essentially different, and the name of space ninjutsu also makes people feel very mysterious, so after seeing the results caused by Watergate, everyone fell into a short silence!

Especially the leader of the fog ninja, directly opened his mouth / looked at the water gate stupidly, and then blinked his eyes vigorously, as if he couldn’t believe that what he saw was real…

“Dark, we’ve been caught in illusion, right? ……”

I don’t know how long it took, the leader of the fog ninja asked the dark opening beside him in a low voice.

“This, Young Patriarch, seems to be true…”

Hearing the words of the leader of the mist ninja, he replied with some bitterness, how he also hoped that everything in front of him was an illusion, but unfortunately it was obviously not, everything in front of him was real.

“How is that possible? How could he be so strong? I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it’s true, it must be an illusion, yes, I must have fallen for an illusion…”

However, hearing the dark words, the speed of the Mist Ninja leader instantly collapsed, he couldn’t believe that this was true, and he didn’t want to believe that it was true, the Mist Ninja leader looked completely collapsed, and his expression was a little crazy and roared!

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