Hokage’s hypocritical life Chapter 526

Chapter 526: The Speculation of the Mist Shinobi Leader


Watergate looked at the leader of the fog ninja with speechless eyes, not knowing what to say about him, could he really be so confident? Think that your side has no other combat power except yourself?

Didn’t he see that they were in good shape? Where the hell does he get his confidence? Watergate really can’t figure it out, but it doesn’t matter, because it is undeniable that the leader of the fog ninja has successfully provoked Watergate’s anger…

Although he knew that the leader of the Mist Shinobi could not treat Naruto and them, the other party threatened him with his own companions, and there were his own children inside, which made how could Watergate not be angry.

“Hehe, I have to say that you successfully aroused my anger, so how are you going to extinguish it? ……”

After a moment of silence, Watergate chuckled, and then looked at the leader of the Mist Shinobi with flickering cold eyes and said.

“Haha, feeling angry? So what? Even if you know space ninjutsu? As long as you avoid your suffering, you can’t do anything to us, even if I have to deal with your companions, what can you do? ……”

This time, seeing Watergate’s eyes full of chill, the leader of the fog ninja not only did not feel the slightest fear, but laughed and mocked Watergate.

The reason why the leader of the fog ninja is not afraid of Watergate is not because of anything else, but because he thinks that Watergate is just relying on space ninjutsu, and the strength of Watergate itself may not be very strong…

As for the reason why the leader of the fog ninja feels that the strength of the water gate itself is not strong, it is still because of the reason why the water gate was not thrown before, because in the opinion of the leader of the fog ninja, the bitter lack just now of the water gate is too bad, I am afraid that at most it will be at the level of patience.

Although it is said that Watergate’s Ku Wu is only the medium of Flying Thunder God, it is not even the place where they were just now, right? Normally, even if Watergate only uses Kuwu as a medium, then it should be thrown among them, right?

But the water gate did not, after his Ku Wu threw it out, there was still a distance from the direction of Mist Shinobu’s advance, and this distance could not hurt Mist Shinobu, if Mist Shinobu was a little more vigilant, he could directly avoid this distance…

Of course, the leader of the Mist Ninja did not think that the water gate was deliberately thrown into that range, but he quickly denied this possibility, because in his opinion, no one is so stupid under normal circumstances, and the reason why they will be hit is because they are too careless, and under normal circumstances, they cannot be hit.

According to the idea of the leader of the fog ninja, even if the other party wants to hit them by surprise with space ninjutsu, then they should be thrown directly into their team, so that it is easier to eliminate their vigilance, but Watergate does not, why is that?

And this just confirms the conjecture of the leader of the fog ninja, that is, the water gate does not want to throw the kunai into the team they are sprinting, but because the water gate does not have the strength to throw the kunai over, which also makes the misunderstanding of the misunderstanding of the leader of the fog ninja, that is, the strength of the water gate itself may not be strong…

I have to say that the leader of the fog ninja is also fighting hard this time, not only is he using his brain for the first time, but he also guesses that he is reasonable, don’t you see that even the darkness around him looks at him with a surprised look?

It’s just that I don’t know if Dark is admiring his wisdom or speechless, he thinks too much, but the leader of the Mist Ninja does not have this awareness, and firmly believes that his guess must be correct, so he can ignore Watergate’s eyes…

“Hehe, so you think so, then let you see if the situation is as good as you say…”

After listening to the words of the leader of the fog ninja, if the water gate still can’t guess the other party’s thoughts, then it is not a water gate, but the words of the leader of the fog ninja also made the water gate laugh, he didn’t expect that he was simply throwing the kunai to let the other party have so many ideas…

The reason why he threw Ku Wu in front of Mist Shinobu just now was just to test Mist Shinobu’s reaction, and he didn’t intend to use those Ku Wuwei mediums to attack Mist Shinobu, and even the Watergate method was ready for another round of throwing.

Unexpectedly, the final result was unexpected, and the fog ninja actually did not guard against the Ku Wu they threw out, but rushed straight into the location of Ku Wu in a daze, which completely gave Watergate a surprise joy…

But apparently Watergate did this to make the fog ninja leader misunderstood, which made Watergate a little crying and laughing, looking at the fog ninja leader who was still fantasizing, Watergate finally said softly.

“What? ……”

The leader of the fog ninja, who was still immersed in the fantasy, did not hear what Watergate was saying at all, he came back from the fantasy a little, and then looked at Watergate a little strangely, not knowing what Watergate said…

The leader of the fog ninja did not hear clearly, but the dark beside him heard clearly, and suddenly, there was a very bad feeling in the dark heart.

In fact, Dark has long felt that something is wrong, his thoughts are completely different from the leader of the Mist Ninja, Dark does not think that the strength of Watergate itself will be very low, because since Watergate appeared, he has been sensing Watergate’s strength, but the result is another Dark shock…

He clearly felt that the Chakra in Watergate’s body was even stronger than him, you must know that he is a quasi-shadow, and he is always a quasi-shadow with the boundary of ice and blood, and his Chakra is almost comparable to ordinary shadow-level powerhouses, but Watergate’s is even more than him.

What does this say? There are only two possibilities, either Watergate’s strength has reached the shadow level, or he always has a blood succession boundary that is stronger than Ice Bloodstain, and no matter what kind of situation Watergate is, it will be an unfavorable result for them…

Because no matter what kind of situation the water gate is, his strength is not something they can fight against, because the other party always has such a means of cheating as space ninjutsu! Secretly knowing, this time they may really be doomed!

However, Dark still maintains a glimmer of hope, hoping that they can stick to the family and Water Shadow to come to support, as long as the family and Water Shadow come, they may not have to be afraid of each other, thinking of this, Dark can only pray silently…

However, I am afraid that the final result will disappoint Dark, because even if the people of their family and the arrival of Water Shadow will not be able to save them, they may even leave their lives here like them, because their enemy is not only Watergate!

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