Hokage’s hypocritical life Chapter 525

Chapter 525 The Aftermath

“Huh? ……”

However, although Dark was panicked in his heart, he was also the elite of the Shui Wuyue clan after all, so he quickly discovered this problem, and then secretly recalled the situation just now, and suddenly his eyes lit up and he thought of something!

“Everyone pay attention to the kunai on the ground, all stay away from where the kunai is, the other party will mysterious space ninjutsu, those kunai are the medium through which he uses space ninjutsu, everyone avoids, so that he can’t attack us!” ……”

In order to confirm his conjecture, Dark immediately shouted orders to the remaining Mist Shinobi.

“Huh? Ku Wu? ……”

“Don’t care, get out of the way first! ……”

Hearing the dark order, those fog ninja looked shocked, and then whether it was true or not, they thought that they couldn’t wait for death anyway, so they simply tried it first, with this idea, the rest of the fog ninja quickly moved away from those characteristics of Watergate.

“Sure enough, it was the same as I thought! ……”

Dark has been paying attention to the changes in the Mist Ninja team, and finds that sure enough, as the Mist Ninja move away from those Ku Wu, there are fewer and fewer Mist Shinobi who die, and soon the opponent’s attack stops.


The mist ninjas who escaped the catastrophe suddenly gasped, their eyes all flashed with the joy of the rest of their lives after the disaster, and they finally picked up a life…

“Hehe, haha, really stopped, we’re safe! ……”

A misty ninja immediately giggled after seeing the attack of the water gate stop, with the meaning of anger/venting fear in the laughter, and then directly knelt on the ground and shouted madly!

It can be seen how much of a blow the incident just caused him, not only this fog ninja, but also many of the rest of the fog ninja are crying with joy, as if they are really safe!


Hearing this subtle sound of breaking the air, the ninjas’ faces froze, and then they all looked over with vigilant eyes, this matter they finally found the enemy who had just brought them endless fear, only to see that this was a blond boy, with the same hair as the teenager who taunted them before, wearing a black costume, and a sunny smile on his face…

And at this moment, this teenager was standing in the middle of the mist ninjas, if it weren’t for the three-pronged kunai that was still dripping with blood in his hand, it would really be hard to believe that this teenager was the enemy who had just caused them to lose more than two hundred people.

That’s right, just a few breaths of time, Mist Shinobu lost more than two hundred people, either wiped on the neck, or pierced in the heart, and everyone who died had one thing in common, that is, they were all killed with one blow…

All the Mist Shinobi looked at the smiling water gate not only did not relax, but only felt that they were enveloped in endless fear, the scene just now they could never forget, every light flashed their companions would be reduced by one!

And all this was done by this seemingly harmless teenager in front of them, how could they not be afraid.

“Yo, I didn’t expect you to find out so quickly? It’s really unexpected, it seems that there are good people in the fog ninja! ……”

Watergate didn’t seem to see the fear in the eyes of the Mist Shinobi, but instead greeted them with a smile, and then made a surprised look to praise them.

Although Watergate seemed to be talking to the Mist Shinobi in front of him, in fact, his eyes looked at the place where the darkness was, and Watergate knew that it was this Mist Ninja who told others the cracking method of the Flying Thunder God Technique…

Being able to guess that Ku Wu was the medium for using the Flying Thunder God Technique in just a few breaths, it seemed that the other party was not simple? Watergate thought to himself in his heart.

“Whew, really? Those kunai are the medium through which he uses spatial ninjutsu, so as long as he avoids those kunai, it should be fine, right? ……”

And Dark found that after the fog ninja avoided those bitter nothing, the water gate really stopped, and Dark Dao himself really guessed correctly, and he was unconsciously relieved in his heart, and then thought with some uncertainty.

But then secretly found the eyes of Watergate, and suddenly the dark eyes froze, and a bad premonition suddenly appeared in my heart…

“Damn, is he the one who just caused us to lose more than two hundred subordinates? Sure enough, blonde haired people are so annoying! ……”

Just when he secretly thought about what was wrong, the leader of the fog ninja next to him looked at the water gate and gritted his teeth and said, seeing the hair of the water gate, obviously reminded the fog ninja of the scene of being ridiculed by Naruto before, plus the water gate made the fog ninja lose a lot in an instant, the fog ninja leader all new hatred and old hatred all came out, looking at the water gate with an expression of wanting to eat people and said.

“Hey, ninja of Konoha, what is your relationship with that hateful blonde imp before?! ……”

Thinking of Naruto, the Mist Ninja leader directly opened his mouth and asked loudly to the water gate, but his eyes were full of anger, it seemed that the Mist Ninja leader had forgotten the fear that the water gate brought them just now…

“Huh? I can’t tell you that! ……”

Hearing the inquiry of the leader of the fog ninja, Watergate immediately shifted his gaze to him, and then Watergate’s eyes were cold, and he recognized the identity of the leader of the fog ninja, and then Watergate half-squinted his eyes and said in a light tone.


Seeing the eyes of the water gate, the leader of the fog ninja took a breath of cold air, and was directly startled.

“Hmph, your spatial ninjutsu needs that characteristic of Ku Wu to be launched, right? As long as we avoid these Ku Wu ranges far away, you can’t use this technique to attack us, right? ……”

But immediately the Mist Ninja leader reacted, and being frightened by Watergate’s eyes made him feel ashamed/angry, as if in order to cover up, the Mist Ninja leader said to Watergate with a gloomy face.

“Oh? That’s right, so what? ……”

Hearing the gloomy tone of the Mist Ninja leader, Watergate suddenly became interested, and then asked in a curious tone, not knowing what the Mist Ninja leader wanted to say.

“Hmph, you have your own spatial ninjutsu, we can’t take you, but your other companions are probably not so lucky, I think they should have no combat effectiveness, right?” Since I can’t do anything to you, then I’ll arrest all your companions and torture them well!” ……”

Seeing Watergate’s curious look, the leader of the fog ninja immediately snorted proudly, and then said to Watergate in a threatening tone.

After speaking, the leader of the fog ninja still looked at the water gate with a smug expression, as if to praise his own idea again, this attention of his own is really amazing, the leader of the fog ninja secretly thought…

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