Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 151

Umbrella 2012B pure electric sedan.

Charging electric vehicles, this is no longer high-tech.

However, as an umbrella with countless black technologies in hand, although the technology group will not only withdraw from an ordinary pure electric vehicle, in fact, this 2012B electric car with a very local name uses many unimaginable black technologies that Banner and Tony got on the cosmic general sedan, this streamlined sports car-like pure point car not only has the energy saving and environmental protection of ordinary electric cars, but has greater capabilities than ordinary cars, but it is not much better than ordinary cars that use gasoline as energy.

In fact, the problems that plagued electric cars before were basically the three problems of power, failure rate, and charging.

Umbrella 2012B is completely perfectly solved.

In terms of power, this electric car uses the engine of space technology, the conversion rate of electric energy is very large, the failure rate, according to the experiment of the vehicle department of Umbrella Technology Group, its failure rate is far lower than that of ordinary vehicles that use gasoline as energy, as for charging… The reason why electric cars were not popular before was because there were too few places to charge.

But this electric sedan is different.

Compared to transmission electric cars that require fixed charging piles.

The charging mode of the 2012B is similar to that of a flashlight.

If the battery is out of power, you only need to pump out the battery near the engine to replace it with a new battery, according to the field test, without considering the terrain, a fully charged battery can continue to drive the electric car for about 500 kilometers, and the battery can be charged at home, even if it is broken, it can be sent back to the umbrella company to add some money to trade in the old one.

Although the 2012B is picturesque both in terms of performance and other rooms.

But unlike the T agent, the necessary electric car does not have many people to pay for.

However, Lin Ran was not in a hurry.

After all, a 2012B costs 100,000 meters, which is not a small number for many families.

Since entering 2012 and turning into a rich man, the past otaku life has never returned, although Lin Ran went home to live when he was fine, but he has developed the habit of getting up with his chartered wife and Han Yu in recent months, eating breakfast at the same time, and then they go to class, Lin Ran goes to the umbrella group.

The excuse for the charterer is “I found a new job, right in the umbrella rehabilitation center that I just opened.”

The charter lady has no doubt about him.

Recently, the Umbrella Rehabilitation Center has been a frequent visitor on TV.

That magical T potion has also become the number one hot topic on the Internet.

The chartered woman told Lin Ran to go to work well, and said that he was happy for Lin Ran.

Seriously, if it weren’t for Lin Ran’s fear of scaring the charter lady and Han Yu, he really wanted to say that 51% of the Umbrella Technology Group was actually his own, and now he is also a dog worth more than 100 million… However, Lin Ran didn’t say it in the end, he didn’t want to lose the friend of the chartered mother, and the chartered woman was his only friend who was an ordinary person.

Early in the morning on March 12th. Lin Ran just drew a circle to come to the hive with his mobile phone. Looking at the remarks, it was Director Fury.

Speaking of which, Fury hadn’t called him for more than three months since the last scrubbing plan.

Why do you think about calling yourself today? Shouldn’t the matter of assassination be exposed?

Lin Ran picked up the phone a little nervously: “Director Fury, what’s the matter with me?” ”

“。。。 Is it inconvenient for you to speak? ”


“How do you feel that your tone is so strange?”

“Strange?” Lin Ran smiled: “It’s not strange.” ”

“Speaking of business, the joint investigation team appointed by the World Security Council has taken a special plane to Zurich an hour ago to resume its life, which means that the aftermath of the cleansing plan has been completely eliminated, speaking of which, I have not officially thanked you for the cleansing plan, and if you need to help next time, I hope you can continue to help.”

“They are all old partners, I will do things when you talk.” Hearing that the investigation team was gone, Lin Ran smiled even happier than Lin Yaodong.

“Well, it’s nothing.”

Hanging up the phone, Lin Ran breathed a long sigh of relief.

He sat in his boss’s chair and began to pinch his fingers to count the time.

It seems that there is only more than a month before “Avengers 1”, and it seems that the American team should wake up in another month.

Do you want to take this opportunity to take Tony and them to meet the American team, and earn a wave of world fragments first? It’s just that Fury’s side is not very easy to do, in this case Nick. Fury will never let Lin Ran contact the American team, but Lin Ran doesn’t want to dismiss this idea because of Fury’s resistance, you must know that Lin Ran’s strength has not improved for more than 3 months since the last time he understood the Lei Dun Chakra mode, although he always went to the gym in recent times, but only 1 point of strength in 3 months is it too grinding? Therefore, the World Origin Fragment cannot be given up!

But… A method is needed.

In the blink of an eye, the time entered April.

Lin Ran began to act.

“Hey, Fury? Do you want that eye to be treated? Yes, it is the umbrella rehabilitation center, you can rest assured that I will treat you, there are no side effects at all, my umbrella rehabilitation center, not only can the disabled be revived with severed limbs, blind eyes can rebuild light, we can also wake up people who have been sleeping for decades. ”

Fury on the other end of the phone was silent for a moment and said, “Say, what do you see?”

“Hehe, I saw a person, the representative of the United States…”

“So what?”

“So, ah, I want to transfer him to my umbrella rehabilitation center for treatment, you should know the ability of the umbrella rehabilitation center, give me half a month I guarantee that he can wake up naturally?” And I’m free! ”

“Nope!” Fury refused.

“It’s not Director Fury, you shouldn’t refuse, that man is a legend, but I grew up watching his story, you don’t think I’ll be bad for him, right?” I tell you that you are living in the belly of a king with the heart of a villain, I only have respect for him, there is no bad heart, he has only seen the light of day for so many years, you can’t just let him lie down like that, right? How long has he been in bed? Half? Or a year? Just hand it over to me for half a month to ensure that you will wake up! ”

“I don’t know why you are so obsessed with Rogers, but it’s definitely not a good thing.”

“。。。 Pierced the old iron. ”

Fury was silent for a moment and said, “Can you wake up in half a month?”

Lin Ran replied categorically: “Yes!” I promise with my honor that as long as I hand it over for half a month, I will definitely wake up! ”

“Okay, I can give you someone, but I’ll send someone to follow.”

“No problem, you can send a few!”

Lin Ran laughed unusually chicken thief.

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