Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 149

Hive Base No. 1 Training Ground.

Tony, who was frightened by Lin Ran in the middle of the night, temporarily acted as an operator.

He yawned, tightened his sleepiness, and said: “This training ground is equipped with speed tests, strength tests, if you want to hit a target and there are also targets that can withstand 100 tons of power, I think it should be enough for you.”

“How can it be called?” Lin Ran’s body fell slightly: “I have gained new strength and am ready to test it.”

“New power?” Tony was a little envious: “It’s better for you to be a magician who relies on inheritance, as long as the teacher is reliable, you can get new abilities anytime and anywhere, look at me everything depends on myself, how to upgrade the MK suit that I spent a lot of effort to get out of the shackles of mechanical and basic energy weapons.”

“Didn’t you add cosmic science fiction to it?”

“There is improvement, but in the auxiliary aspect, after all, what Quill can give me is only some ideas, there is no physical object to study, but this has allowed me to see the gap between earth and space technology, but because of your car, I have made a lot of progress in energy and circuit integration… Start not? ”

“Well, here we go.”

Tony tapped the start button.

Lin Ran took a deep breath, the thunder chakra mode turned on, and in an instant Lin Ran was surrounded by thunder and lightning, with a croaking explosion, Lin Ran suddenly became a person who mastered thunder and lightning, Tony was also not surprised, compared to the first time he saw Lin Ran open his mouth and spit water, now he is full of thunder and lightning… Can this be understood as Lin Ran’s new ability.

“First a speed test.”

“No problem, you stand behind the red line, and then rush to the wall in front of you as fast as you can, and it will end after your hand falls.”


Lin Ran excited the Lei Dun Chakra mode to the maximum.

His left foot kicked on the ground, and in an instant, the whole person turned into a sharp arrow that was launched, and the whole person was like a black shadow.


The prompter made a beep, and Tony’s mouth grew in surprise.

Lin Ran, who was standing by the wall, asked, “How is it?”

“Well… I look at ha, your speed in 100 meters is 3.9 seconds, brother if you go to the Olympics you can definitely break the human limit and set a new world record, and I swear that before the genetic modification matures, no one can break your record! In other words, I am discovering your magic more and more now. ”

“That’s nothing.” Lin Ran shrugged.

This is really nothing, although in Tony’s opinion, 100 meters only takes 3.9 seconds, which is already beyond the limit of human beings, but it is too much worse for the three generations of Thunder Shadow and the fourth generation of Thunder Shadow in the original work of Hokage. In the original work, Braza, who was not yet the fourth generation of Thunder Shadow at that time, and his partner Kirabi encountered Wave Feng Shuimen, who was not yet the fourth generation of Hokage.

The then 23-year-old Bofeng Shuimen fought with 28 Braza. That time, the four generations of Lei Ying and Chirabi were almost killed by the door alone, if it were not for the end of the war, Bofeng Shuimen did not want to deepen the hatred excessively, I am afraid that there would be no later four generations of Lei’s rap Chirabi. -At that time, the speed of the fourth generation of Thunder Shadow’s Thunder Chakra mode was very terrifying, only one loss than Watergate’s Flying Thunder God 2 paragraph, Lin Ran, who watched the anime at that time, only had two words in his heart – Niu Cha, and now that he has mastered the Thunder Chakra mode, he knows how fast the fourth generation of Thunder was at that time.

If it is not a wave feng shui gate.

According to Lin Ran’s calculations, the level of the Thunder Chakra mode of the fourth generation of Thunder Shadow at that time should be around level 6.

During the Fourth Ninja World War, the level of the Thunder Chakra Mode of the fourth generation of Thunder Shadow reached at least level 8!

As for the three generations of Thunder Shadow… It is very likely that he has reached level nine.

It’s too far behind.

At this time, Lin Ran suddenly had the feeling that he wanted to wash one of the skills in the enhancement skill and replace it with the Lei Dun Chakra mode.

However, after thinking for a short time, Lin Ran gave up.

Since the system was updated, skill upgrades are no longer casually added as long as there are attribute points, and now ninjutsu upgrades also have preconditions, such as Lin Ran’s most commonly used water escape: water flushing, this is a C-level ninjutsu, the growth is not high, so the conditions for upgrading are relatively low, even if it reaches level 7, it only needs level 4 Chakra control, level 3 water attributes and 100 ninja attributes.

As for the spiral pill, this thing can be regarded as Lin Ran’s own self-created ninjutsu, so upgrading only requires Chakra to control a limit.

Let’s talk about Lin Ran’s newly obtained B-grade Water Escape Sky Cry and Thunder Dun Chakra mode.

The precondition for Heavenly Cry to rise to level 2 alone is that the level 3 Chakra control, level 2 water attribute, and ninja attribute reach 50.

You must know that this is already a precondition for a level 5 water break.

As for the Lei Dun Chakra mode, it is even more perverted, if you want to upgrade to level 5, in addition to the template needs to be promoted to upper ninja, you also need level 5 Chakra control, ninja attributes reach 200 points, and strength 300 points, so even if you wash off an enhanced ninjutsu, Lin Ran will not be able to upgrade the level of the Lei Dun Chakra mode to level 7.

It seems that these evil ways are not to be thought of.

“Do you want to test your strength?”

“Forget about the strength.” Lin Ran shook his head.

Now his strength has not increased much, compared to the agility that has reached the promotion conditions, the strength of only 206 points now has become Lin Ran’s short board, and as for the “soul” attribute that is only 75 points now, it is no longer Lin Ran’s short board but a black hole… However, at present, Lin Ran does not need to have too high soul attributes, and there are still 4 years before the appearance of the Avengers Two Scarlet Witch.

“Then I’ll go to sleep.”

After saving the data, Tony turned to sleep.


Just when Lin Ran was testing at the hive base.

Nick. Fury’s phone has been completely exploded, and the phone rings non-stop.

Basically all of them are inquiries and questions within the World Security Council and the US government, and Natasha is more concerned than the anger of these politicians. Agent Romanov gave him two reports, the first of which was Alexander . Pierce is dead, and the second report is Bullock. Rumlow sensed something and slipped away early.

Although he ran a rumlow, it didn’t hurt.

For the big picture has not changed.

Nick Fury let out a long sigh of relief, but then felt a faint pain in his brain.

He could imagine how busy he would be in the coming period.

Almost all the pressure will be concentrated on you alone, not only inside S.H.I.E.L.D. but also externally.

In fact, as Nick imagined, the middle and high-level personnel of S.H.I.E.L.D. were premeditated and planned, among which nearly 40 people were killed in the night known as “Bloody Night”, and more than 100 people were assassinated on this evening as the bottom personnel and peripheral informants were assassinated! The US Government and the World Security Council were outraged.

While ordering the news to be blocked, it also ordered S.H.I.E.L.D. to stop working and begin self-inspection.

Suddenly, S.H.I.E.L.D. became the center of this whirlpool… _

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