Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 148

Draw circles back to the hive base.

As the underground structure continued to be built, the above-ground buildings at the Hive Base began to be expanded.

Here, Lin Ran has his own room.

Killed more than 30 people overnight, although Lin Ran himself could not smell, but Lin Ran still felt that his body was full of blood, he didn’t want to scare the two girls at home, soaking in the bathroom, feeling the comfortable feeling brought by the 39-degree suitable water temperature, Lin Ran closed his eyes, and his consciousness also entered the lottery system.

This night was undoubtedly the night of harvest.

Lin Ran, who had created a half-night slaughter, gained a lot.

More than 70 World Origin Fragments, 30 attribute points, B-level Water Escape: Heavenly Cry and Pit Money Representative Special Draw Blank Draw Prize Removal 3, really if there is no chance to remove this blank, Lin Ran basically doesn’t even look at the special lottery, it’s really too unstable, is it not good to have 10 attribute points added to the power by themselves?

But with this thing, the heart is moved.

It’s like the Akali Mystery Shop.

If you don’t buy with a discount, isn’t that a loss?

However, the loss will only be yourself… But ah, controlling your hands is not something that anyone can do.

After praying in his heart to Pangu Great Venerable, Qi Tian Great Sage, Tongtian Sect Lord, Ruthless Emperor, Yan Emperor and other terrifying powerhouses, Lin Ran took a deep breath, he clicked into the special lottery wheel, today’s special lottery prize pool in the reward is Blood Succession Limit: Explosion, Sealing: Ghoul Seal, and a secret art Thunder: Chakra Mode.

It seems acceptable except for ghoul sealing.

Boom… If it’s hunting, forget it, but if Deidara’s explosion is okay.

As for Lei Dun: Chakra mode, it is the housekeeper secret of the third and fourth generations of Lei Ying across the ninja world.

But I don’t have a thunder attribute.

Do you want to stop smoking first? Let’s draw all attribute points, and you can upgrade if you have about 200 attribute points.


“Special draw blank items are removed from 3 items. (Effective time: half an hour.) ”


Last time, it’s a few days there!

Lin Ran was half dead, but he couldn’t help it, he had really tried to reason with the system before, but it was always him who lost in the end. It seems that now there is no other option, smoke! Smoke TM’s!

How do you get power without a lottery? How do you feel happy without krypton gold!

Lin Ran gritted his teeth and clicked the lottery button.

“Ding! Host evacuation. ”

“Mommy, go on, I don’t believe I can’t smoke!”

Lin Ran, who had a head iron, continued to smoke.

“Ding! Host evacuation. ”

“Ding! Host evacuation. ”

“Ding! Host evacuation. “.

“Ding! The host draws the “Thunder Chakra Mode”. “-.I didn’t feel it when I was crazy just now, but now once I stopped and my mind cleared, Lin Ran felt extremely distressed.

That’s 50 World Origin Fragments! If I have drawn attribute points from all of them, if I am lucky, I can now rise to the level of upper patience, this is a hand owed, how can I not control my hand.

Lin Ran, who secretly cursed his pig’s head in his heart, could only look helplessly at his attribute column.


Water Escape: Water body (level 4 100%).


Sealing: Inside the Four Elephants Seal (Level 1 100%).

Thunder Chakra Mode (Level 0 0%) (Activation requirements: Chakra control level 6, strength 200 points, Thunder attribute level 4.) )

Mommy, I have to change my attributes again.

Lin Ran looked at the gray Lei Dun Chakra pattern and croaked for a while.

I have to say that this Thunder Chakra mode is too strong, you must know that this thing is recognized as one of the three major Chakra modes in Hokage, although it is filmed in the third, but look at what the first two are? The second tailed beast Chakra mode, the first immortal Chakra, that is a famous plug-in, can be comparable to these two modes, I have to say that the Lei Dun Chakra mode is already very strong.

If you change it… It’s not impossible.

After all, Lin Ran didn’t have a single earth ninjutsu now.

In fact, since Lin Ran’s ninjutsu was enough to upgrade the upper ninja, he didn’t smoke ninjutsu much.


What if water and thunder could be transformed into Lan Duan? That’s really developed, although the name is difficult to pronounce, but the power of Lan Dun is very strong, in exchange, isn’t it just a few world origin fragments? Another half a year will be Avengers 1, by then there will definitely be a lot of world origin fragments, up to the upper patience is basically no problem, spent, isn’t it just a few pieces!

Then, Lin Ran spent 9 World Origin Fragment fragments to finally replace the earth attribute with the thunder attribute.

Who can stand this wind, fire, earth, and water.

But fortunately, in the end, he still pumped the thunder attribute into his hand, and Lin Ran then pumped all the remaining world origin fragments attribute points, Lin Ran’s attribute points also increased from the previous 30 points to more than 120 points, raised the strength to 200, and increased the agility to 300, Lin Ran was upgrading the thunder attribute to level 4 with 100% experience, and the remaining attribute points were then upgraded to the thunder chakra mode.

The attribute point took a clean look.

Lin Ran opened his eyes.

“Thunder Chakra mode starts!”


Instantly, the water in the bath immediately turned into a thunder pool after mixing with thunder and lightning, Lin Ran was startled, he hurriedly lifted the thunder chakra mode, but at this time the bathroom was already a mess, although the sound insulation was very good, but there were also restrictions, Lin Ran such a big movement woke up Tony next door, and he rushed to Lin Ran’s room with the arm armor of the MK suit in his hand.

“What’s going on?”

“Well… Do an experiment. ”

“Huh?” Tony said in surprise: “Why did you suddenly lose weight? Still a little shorter? ”


Lin Ran got up from the bathtub, casually wrapped a bath towel around his waist, and then he walked to the floor mirror in the bathroom, sure enough, his current self lost weight to the body that did not suddenly get fat before, even the 7 cm that was taller before was retracted, Lin Ran flicked his long hair, and suddenly he thought of a possibility… Could it be the change brought about by Lei Du Chakra?

Lei Ying has always been a brother.

This is likely to be brought about by the practice of Lei Dun Chakra mode, Lei Dun Chakra can also play a role in training the body while activating the potential of cells, so let the third and fourth generations of Lei Ying’s body strength is inhuman perversion, before he suddenly became taller and fat because of the sudden upgrade of Chakra alchemy, his cells were supported, and now he is suddenly short because the cells are compressed, and even his bones and blood are all compressed, of course, it is stronger.

Lin Ran nodded, he squeezed his fist, and a huge amount of power was transmitted from his hand to his body.

Suddenly Lin Ran sighed.

In the future, I will also become a brother.

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