Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 147

The arrow had to be fired on the string, and if you retreat now, then you really lost your achievements!

Lin Ran extended his wings behind him, his wings flapped up, and the howling wind rolled up the bedroom into a mess, and then he put his hands together in front of his chest, and then pushed forward sharply, and instantly a large amount of seawater rose from under his feet, and then the continuous flying waterspout smashed on the body of the winter soldier, and the impact of the water rush wave upgraded to level 3 was very powerful, and it can be said that the high-pressure water gun used by the fire brigade was not too much. Although the Winter Soldier is strong, his dead weight has not reached the point where even a high-pressure water gun cannot shake.

A large amount of seawater directly pushed the Winter Soldier against the wall and smashed a large circular hole.

Lin Ran fluttered his wings and chased out. “Pierce handed it over to you, don’t tell me you can’t even handle a bad old man.”

After saying that, Lin Ran rushed out of Pierce’s house.

Black Widow took a deep breath and opened fire on Pierce, who was hiding on the edge of the bed.

The impact of the water directly pushed the Winter Soldier to the middle of the road, and it was not easy to stand up, and the Winter Soldier saw that the person who used strange power to blast himself out of the house just now gave birth to wings, and he floated in mid-air and watched him.

The Winter Soldier is not a man waiting to die.

He pulled out his right hand behind him, and in an instant a small submachine pistol appeared in his hand.

Finger pulled the trigger, a series of bullets shot towards Lin Ran in mid-air, Lin Ran’s wings behind him fluttered, his figure suddenly rose a lot, while dodging the bullets from the winter soldier, Lin Ran quickly sealed the seal with both hands, and in less than a second 5 knot marks were completed, Lin Ran’s mouth bulged, and he flew towards the winter soldier with a slender water column from one mouth.

At this time, the winter soldier has not yet been whitewashed, and the combat effectiveness is just now.

Rolling on the spot, he dodged Lin Ran’s attack.

The water break, which had long been a level 7 water break, cut a deep mark on the asphalt ground.

At this moment, the sound of police lights sounded in the distance, and colorful police lights were also lit up in the distance, listening to the sound, I knew that this battle was definitely not small, and there were official people coming… Although Lin Ran was not afraid of these policemen, he did not want to deal with them, and he was ready to quickly take down the Winter Soldier… And officially at this time, Black Widow walked out of the big hole that the Winter Soldier knocked out.

She nodded at Lin Ran in the sky.

It seems that Alexander in the house . Pierce is dead.

Mortals will die.

Lin Ran took a deep breath, he didn’t have time to lament the humble end of a big man who once called for wind and rain in the political arena of the United States, and now reconciled the World Security Council to keep the world peaceful and unattacked.

The Winter Soldier saw Black Widow come out, and he also knew that his boss was not saved.

Without saying a word, he turned around and ran.

Run? Can you run on two legs, can you still run past me with wings?

With both wings, Lin Ran suddenly accelerated in mid-air, chasing the winter soldier and flew over. Black Widow also saw the dazzling police lights sounding in the distance of the road, she looked at Lin Ran’s back as she flew away, this time she didn’t react, she knew that the priority now was to catch the enemy, she thought about it, turned around and ran towards the woods not far away… Regardless of the Black Widow who is hiding herself.

On Lin Ran’s side, he had already caught up with the Winter Soldier.

A heavenly justice, Lin Ran Dongbing kicked to the ground.

With a faint green energy in his right hand, Lin Ran just wanted to slap the palm cactus on the Winter Soldier, but the Winter Soldier still did not give up resistance, he completely ignored Lin Ran’s palm, and the right hand holding the knife directly stabbed towards the neck, he wanted to exchange injuries for life!

Lean, what a chicken is strong!

Lin Ran didn’t want to exchange lives with the winter soldier, looking at the dagger that was about to come, Lin Ran could only flutter his wings and retreat, and then quickly completed two simple gestures with both hands, another water rush, a huge amount of water suppressed the winter soldier to the ground, Lin Ran fell from the sky, this time his hand fell lightly on the winter soldier’s body without hindrance, and the winter soldier did not feel pain.

He wanted to resist, but in an instant he felt like he couldn’t move.

One palm cactus is not enough insurance.

Lin Ran thought about it, and with a shake of his hand, several Vajra chains appeared from his palm, and then tied the winter soldier into a rice dumpling.

Another superhero became my subordinate.


Lin Ran did not have the slightest feeling of bullying people with the ability to fly, he felt good about himself, he saw that no one directly drew the door on the spot, as soon as he raised his legs, he came to the prison on the 4th floor underground of the hive base, with the successful development of the T virus, those desperate virus infections who were originally locked up by Lin Ran in prison were basically injected, and the overcrowded prison is now left with Killian alone every day, but today he welcomed a new friend.

Right next door to Killian, the Winter Soldier, whose metal prosthetic leg had been removed by Tony and Banner, was locked up here.

Look at that bun face, and then look at Tony.

Three barrages floated through Lin Ran’s eyes, but he was not in the mood to check them at all.

Although the story line of “Captain America 3” is because of the heroic civil war caused by the “Sokovia Agreement”, it is better to talk about the core or because the Winter Soldier assassinated Tony’s parents, which led to Tony breaking with the American team, and even in the end, Tony took back Captain America’s Star Shield, don’t think about if you tell him that the Winter Soldier killed his parents now.

The Winter Soldier does not survive.

“What’s wrong? An expression of constipation. ”

“Nothing, just suddenly thought that Agent Natasha is still under siege, I went to rescue her.”

After contacting Black Widow to determine her location, Lin Ran drew the door and brought Black Widow directly back to New York.

In this dim back alley, Black Widow took off her leather jacket with a cool air, and then took off the close-fitting black shirt, and the white back was fully qualified to be a model, that is, a few dark red scars and a large bruise dotted on it made the perfection become a little flawed, Lin Ran took the anti-inflammatory and traumatic medicine he just bought to apply it to Black Widow.

The black widow, who put her clothes back on, asked, “What happened to that man?” ”

“Dead.” Lin Ran said nonsense without closing his eyes.

“Dead…” Black Widow whispered, and then she looked up and said to Lin Ran, “That’s it for today.” ”

“Wait, isn’t there a crossover… Eh, Bullock. Rumlow? ”

“Latest intelligence, Bullock. Rumlow got off the track, and now no one knows where he is, so the assassination of him is over, anyway, he is just an ordinary action team member, and whether he dies or not does not hinder the overall situation. ”

“That’s good… Do you need me to send you back? ”

“When did you become such a gentleman?”

“I’ve always been such a gentleman, it’s just that you lack a pair of eyes that can be detected.”

“Huh.” Black Widow smiled meaningfully, and then she waved her hand and said, “No need, I have other things to do, the big fish have all been cleaned up, and there are still many small fish to deal with.” ”

Looking at the back of the black widow in the distance, Lin Ran shrugged his shoulders.

Today he gained a lot, and it’s time to go back and count his gains to improve his strength. _

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