Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 146

That night, Natasha. Agent Romanov really felt the convenience of superpowers.

She doesn’t need to venture in.

Even hundreds of kilometers apart, it didn’t matter to Lin Ran, as long as the space door was in hand, as long as he didn’t leave this planet, Lin Ran could appear at any time. As the names on the list were crossed out one by one, there were not many names left, and at first, well… To be precise, Lin Ran did not get the World Origin Fragment when Lin Ran assassinated the first 20 people, but the more he assassinated the target, the more World Origin Fragment Fragment he obtained, and now Lin Ran’s World Origin Fragment has 49, and there are two names on the list, one is Crossbone Rumlo, and the other is Pierce.

This person is the main character.

One is the villain of “Captain America 2”, and the other is the story cause of “Captain America 3”.

If the two of them were also killed, it was estimated that they would have to give themselves 20 or even 30 World Origin Fragments.

Lin Ran said, “There are two left, do you want to toss a coin or order one at random?”

“Just…” Black Widow didn’t finish speaking, her phone vibrate, usually don’t talk about the mobile phone when performing assassination missions, all the certificates that can reveal their identity can not be worn, but this assassination mission requires the most timely intelligence support, Black Widow must have a mobile phone, pick up the mobile phone, Black Widow answered a few times, after hanging up, she said to Lin Ran: “It seems that there is no need to choose, according to reliable intelligence Bullock. Rumlow went to the club. ”

“Going to a nightclub in the evening… That can only move Alexander first. Pierce, are you nervous? ”

“What am I nervous about?”

“This is the former director of S.H.I.E.L.D., the current secretary general of the World Security Council, aren’t you nervous?”

“In my eyes, the list is full of dead people.”

“Well, the two of us are similar, except that in my eyes they are comic book characters.”

“Let’s go… Alexander. Pierce’s home is in Washington, he lives alone without a wife or girlfriend or the like, he has a nanny, but the nanny leaves at 6 p.m. every day, and he has no bodyguard… To be honest, it’s amazing to me that he has survived to this point, but it can’t be ruled out that he has other defensive forces. ”


Lin Ran drew circles against the wall in the corner of the bedroom, and the two people who had just committed murder walked into the space door very plainly, and on the bed in the bedroom, a corpse that was cut by Lin Ran in his sleep had not yet cooled down.

One step in the foot.

Lin Ran and Black Widow came from Chicago to Washington, D.C., Alexandria. Pierce’s home.

The positioning is very accurate and exactly Alexander . Pierce’s bedroom.

In the dark room, a human figure rose on the bed, and Lin Ran pulled out a beautiful and gorgeous elf knife and walked to the bed, looking at Alexander. Lin Ran of Pierce’s photo quickly recognized the old man sleeping on the bed at this time as Alexander Alexander, former director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and now secretary general of the World Security Council. Pierce, Lin Ran dropped the knife directly without any hesitation.

All he had in mind was the World Origin Fragment!

However, at the same time that the sharp knife in Lin Ran’s hand fell, there was an exclamation.

Then, the black woman who turned into a black shadow slammed into the wall, Lin Ran, in an instant an arm with a bright silver light smashed towards Lin Ran, Lin Ran was out of sight, a large number of bones immediately grew on his body, with a “bang”, Lin Ran’s body stumbled back two steps, and a figure quickly stood between Lin Ran and the bed.

Just now the voice had woken up Alexander. Pierce.

He turned on the lamp in a daze.

He saw two people facing each other at his bedside.

And what Lin Ran saw was a person wearing a black mask, wearing a black combat uniform, and a bright silver metal prosthetic leg on his left hand, this person Lin Ran was very familiar with, and Lin Ran knew who this person was from these characteristics.

Captain America Steve. Rogers’ good friend, the future Wakanda White Wolf.

Winter Warrior.

James. Buchanan. Barnes.

At the same time, a barrage floated through Lin Ran’s right eye:

Release mission “Winter Warrior” Mission Completion Condition 1: Defeat the Winter Soldier and force him to flee, Mission Completion Condition 2: Defeat the Winter Soldier and capture the Winter Soldier alive. Mission 1 Completion Rewards: Attribute Points× 30, B-level Ninjutsu Water Escape: Heavenly Cry. Mission 2 Completion Rewards: World Origin Fragment × 5, Attribute Point × 30, B-level Ninjutsu Water Escape: Sky Cry, Special Draw to remove 3 blank options. Penalty for task failure: If Task 1 and Task 2 are not completed, the system is permanently shut down. ”

It’s still a familiar taste.

The reward is as perverted as ever, and the punishment is as perverted as ever.

But since the system gave the task, then today Lin Ran must have the winter soldier to fight hard!

In the movie, the Winter Soldier is very combative… Of course, before the whitewashing, the Winter Soldier singled out Tony, Black Widow, and Black Panther in a row in the Berlin Base Battle of “American Captain 3”, and then fled smoothly, which shows that the Winter Soldier’s fighting ability and fighting skills are very strong, and the light point of the Winter Soldier in the detection of Kagura’s heart eye is green with blue.

It’s very strong.

“Pierce will leave it to you, and I’ll deal with him.”

“Hmm… “Black Widow, who had just gotten up from the ground, pulled out a silenced pistol from reaching out.

Obviously, the Winter Soldier also knew that he was not able to make Black Widow lose the ability to attack while dragging Lin Ran, but he knew what he needed to do most, and the moment Black Widow took out his pistol, he grabbed the quilt on the bed and threw it towards Black Widow, and then his metal left arm slammed towards Lin Ran.


The metal arm connected with the short knife in Lin Ran’s hand, making a sound of metal impact.

The Winter Soldier has a lot of power.

Although he was just an ordinary person when he froze with Team America, he was discovered by Dr. Zola many years in advance and injected him with the super soldier serum that Captain America had been injected with, and although the current Winter Soldier’s strength is not as good as Lin Ran, it is at least about 150, and a trace of surprise flashed in the eyes of the Winter Soldier when he saw Lin Ran able to block his attack.

But then, as soon as he flipped his right hand, a sharp dagger appeared on his right hand.


The sharp dagger slashed at Lin Ran’s wrist.

It doesn’t feel right!

It seems that only the clothes were scratched.

Lin Ran sneered, flew up and kicked the Winter Soldier’s body.

At this time, the black widow, who got rid of the quilt, changed her face and said, “It’s not good, he activated the alarm!” ”

Taking advantage of the Winter Soldier’s delay, Alexander. Pierce pressed the alarm button hidden behind the bedside, and then the shrill alarm sounded in the house, many of these single-family houses in the United States have networked alarms, once the nearest patrol or police station is activated, someone will be sent to check, if it is an ordinary policeman, but Pierce is not an ordinary American citizen, once his security alarm is activated, then the fastest to arrive will definitely not be ordinary police, maybe it will be the nearest garrison!

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