Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 143

In the blink of an eye, two months had passed since Lin Ran cracked the secret in the jade book.

These two months are very fast for Lin Ran, because in his perception he is just an otaku The time passes quickly, but for Tony and Banner, who have been studying the T virus in the hive, these two months have been extremely fulfilling, and Tony now has a master’s degree in biogenetic engineering, which seems to have little progress for the T virus.

Overall, it is up to Dr. Banner to advance the research process.

But the effort pays off.

On November 9, 2011, it snowed heavily in New York.

Lin Ran, who rarely got up early to show his gentlemanly demeanor and sent the charter mother and Han Yu to the Chinese school, was about to find a place where no one drew a circle and went home, he received a call from Tony, Tony on the other end of the phone was very excited, with irrepressible excitement in his tone, Tony just repeatedly said one word “successful”!

It stands to reason that Tony, who has hundreds of weapons engineering research patents in the world, should not be so gaffed because of the success of the T virus research, but now Lin Ran is more gaffe than Tony, and even the transformation technique has failed, Lin Ran’s fat face trembled, he said to Tony “seconds to”, and then Lin Ran found a hidden place to draw circles and went directly to the hive base.

In the hive base, Lin Ran saw Tony with an excited look and Banner with a “little meaning” expression.


“Hmm.” Banner nodded to Lin Ran and said, “Success, just 12 hours ago a live experiment, the mice were repaired, and there was no T virus side effects, we compared the mice that were injected with different stages of the T virus before, and now it can be said that the T virus is successful, but we still need human experiments.” ”

“So what are you waiting for? Let’s go. ”


A few minutes later.

The mouse No. 1 lying on the experimental bed looked at Lin Ran in horror.

Lin Ran smiled at him and said: “Well, don’t be nervous, now the T virus has been tested in vivo, at least there are no side effects in the mice, you are a crab person… Don’t shake ah, I said don’t be nervous, what if you are nervous and cause the T virus to fail? Calm, calm ha. ”

Mice No. 1 squeezed an ugly smile at Lin Ran: “What if I fail?” ”

“If it fails, then… Try another person. ”

“Well…” Mice No. 1’s face instantly lost its blood color.

Tony on the side said: “Don’t scare him, don’t worry, the T virus is safe, Dr. Banner and I removed the unstable reaction inside the T virus during the research and development process, and the worst result of injecting the T virus is just that it cannot be effective.” ”

“The first human experiment on the T virus.”

The first step of human experiments needs to be carried out by Lin Ran first… First of all, Lin Ran needs to seal the absolute poison in the mouse’s body, so as to avoid the uncontrollable reaction that will occur when the newly injected T virus mixes with the desperate virus, about the sealing Lin Ran has long been proficient, not blowing, the hive base has a total of more than 80 scientific researchers basically everyone has the four elephant seals planted.

Shut the prison door in the belly of Mice One.

Instantly, the stump of Mice No. 1 appeared, obviously the process was very terrifying, but Mice No. 1 gritted his teeth and endured.

“T virus started injecting, Jarvis, facts monitor the vital signs of the subjects… The injection begins! ”

The slender needle was buried in the blood vessel of Mouse One’s arm before the injection, and as Tony pressed a button on the console, the pale green T-virus liquid was slowly injected into the body of Mouse One along the sealed syringe.

After observing for a while, it seems… Nothing happened.

Did it fail?

Lin Ran asked, “Do you feel any discomfort?” Like it hurts there or something? ”

The guinea pig closed his eyes and felt it for a while, and then he shook his head and said: “It seems that there is nothing uncomfortable, just a little hot.” ”


“Shhhhh A little itchy. ”

Lin Ran looked down and saw that the severed limb of Mice No. 1 began to grow slowly.

The mouse No. 1 couldn’t help but snort because of the itch, but fortunately, the speed of rebirth of the severed limbs was getting faster and faster, and in less than a minute, the severed limbs of the mice all grew, everything was fine, but what made Lin Ran feel a little strange was that the color of the newly grown limbs was a little strange, the color was like the way the scars healed, there was no trace at all.

Lin Ran was amazed: “How come it seems that there is a beauty project.” ”

“Hmm… Does whitening still need to cut off the hands and feet? Banner carefully observed the growth of the severed limb of Mice One, and then he pushed the eyes on the bridge of his nose and asked Mice No. 1: “Move your hands and feet, although the severed limbs have indeed grown from the appearance now, but the rebirth of nerves is the difficulty of the T virus.” ”

The mice moved their own severed limbs.

Clenching fists, stretching and even snapping fingers can be done.

“The neural connections are good, there is no delay … You try to blow yourself up again. ”


“It’s how the desperate virus controls its own explosion.”

“。。。 It won’t really explode, will it? ”

“No, with me here, even if you really want to explode, you can only turn into a squib.”

The mouse nodded, he closed his eyes and began to simulate the process of controlling the desperate virus that Killian had taught him before, but after communicating for a while, Mice One could not make the cells in his body manic. Opening his eyes, Mice One shook his head at Lin Ran and Banner: “No, I tried, I can’t make the cells manic.” ”

A reassuring smile appeared on Dr. Banner’s face, and he nodded, “It seems to have succeeded.” ”

“So that means we can open the door for business?”

“One successful case is not enough for an umbrella company to obtain a medical qualification for amputated limb rebirth, and we need more clinical trial data in addition to the researchers inside the hive.” The knowledgeable Dr. Banner is not low in the field of chemistry, he has participated in the development and clinical trials of several Chinese drugs before he was exposed to gamma radiation, and he still knows these processes well. “I think the next one we need to produce T virus in small batches, and then give him a new name and go to major hospitals to find people who have lost some limbs in car accidents or other accidents to experiment.”

Lin Ran asked, “How long does this process take?” _

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