Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 142

“What are you scolding me for?”

“I didn’t scold you, the first word I put together was “roll”. ”

Xingjue blinked his eyes: “No, you still deliberately scold me, before you were not even sure of the world’s lingua franca, how can you now even understand the patchwork symbol language of ancient civilizations?” Surely you are scolding me on purpose? ”

“I really didn’t, I suddenly got the hang of it, and suddenly I understood.”

“I don’t believe it.” Xingjue looked incredulous.

Lin Ran shook his head, not caring about Xingjue, he casually pulled a stool and sat down, and then took a pen and paper and began to piece together the patchwork text on the four jade books, Lin Ran’s spelling speed is very fast, after all, Lin Ran has a Chinese foundation, although the text of this ancient civilization is more complicated, but everything is inseparable from its origin, Lin Ran only took a few minutes to spell out the first page.

However, there are nearly 100 pages left.

Lin Ran sighed, for the next few days, Lin Ran went to the hive every day to spell after the chartered mother and Han Yu went to work, such a time passed for 5 days, and finally a pamphlet of about 80 pages appeared in Lin Ran’s hand, although he got this pamphlet, Lin Ran still faced a problem.

That’s the extra pages.

The number of pages in these jade books is not an integer, but 101 to 104.

And Lin Ran’s spelling is only the first 100 pages of these 4 jade books can be spelled out, and the rest of the extra pages are all independent.

Xingjue, who was idly watching the excitement on the sidelines, asked, “Can’t the extra ones be pieced together?”

“No, although the first 100 pages of these 4 jade books seem to be symbols, in fact, they are completely different from the symbols on these extra pages later, these are real symbols.” Lin Ran flicked the thin jade page with his right hand, and then he pinched the page with one hand, wanting to feel whether there would be any mystery in the middle of this jade book, but with the gentle force of his right hand.


“I lean!” Lin Ran was taken aback, and the last page of the 101-page jade book in his hand was actually broken off by Lin Ran Qigen.

Xing Jue was also taken aback: “Wow, this is more than ten million meters, you can easily break it and it will be gone.”

“That’s not right.” Lin Ran frowned and chattered for a while where the page was broken, and then he said to Xingjue: “Something is wrong… It doesn’t feel right, although I haven’t seen what happens when such a thin jade is broken, but it definitely won’t be so neat, it’s like… It’s like it’s artificial, and I need to experiment with it. ”

After speaking, Lin Ran casually turned to the first page.

His fingers gently ruffled… The pages of the jade book are extremely strong and can be said to be immovable.

Lin Ran’s conjecture has been verified, just like the current strength, but just now he easily broke off the page, but at this time the page did not move, it seems that this Yu Lin Ran thought, the last page was broken off is not an accident, but the maker of the jade book designed it, then if the first one is enough to come down the next few jade books also… Lin Ran’s ninja… Bah, Lin Xiang is a person who thinks and does it

Although his procrastination was a little serious, he was still a doer, so he broke off a total of 9 pages from the remaining 3 jade books in front of Xing Jue, the first one was a total of 10, and put these 10 pages in front of him in order, Lin Ran put on a standard posture, but the bags were almost broken and did not get out.

In the end, Xingjue tilted his head and looked at it for a long time, before he said with some uncertainty: “This seems to be a star map.”

“Star map?”

“Yes, it’s the star map!”

Xing Jue nodded firmly, he reached out and rearranged the pages of several jade books on the table according to a special one, and then a virtual stereoscopic projection rose from the pages and finally solidified in front of Lin Ran.

“I’ll go, Bullsh, man.” Lin Ran reached out and patted Xingjue’s shoulder and asked, “What is this place?”

“I can’t see it.” Xing Jue frowned, he carefully looked at the virtual star map in front of him and said to Lin Ran: “This star map is not complete, you look at these black areas, there should be here, just because the star map fragments are incomplete, the reality is black, but it is certain that this planet marked red is the target planet.”

“Hmm… I now have 10 star map fragments in my hand, but there are 26 star map fragments left. ”

“Almost, if I can complete this star map, I promise to find the red planet in that corner of the galaxy, but now there are too few clues, and the galaxy is too big.”

Lin Ran nodded.

At this time, he only collected 4 of the 8 jade books, and being able to find out the secrets in them was already considered Lin Ran’s luck, as for the remaining 4 jade books, Lin Ran is now completely black in his eyes, no matter where he is or the person he owns, Lin Ran does not know, but now Lin Ran has nothing to be dissatisfied with, casually picked up the book he threw aside just now, Lin Ran was ready to read the records in the jade book, Lin Ran felt that these records were related to the lost civilization that even Odin knew very little.

Lin Ran really didn’t lie to Xingjue, the first word was indeed “roll”

However, this is because the writer of these jade books is called Rolling Newell.

The devil knows what the name is.

This chronicler of an ancient civilization with a strange name describes in detail the origin and development of this civilization in the Jade Book.

In the records of the Jade Book, this civilization called “Starlight Federation” rose from a parent star called Ter, in the record, this “Starlight Federation” took less than 200 years to upgrade from surface humans to a starry sky civilization into the universe, and then in the next thousand years, the Federation quickly conquered, absorbed, and digested planets, and when the “Starlight Federation” left the surface for 1800 years, more than 1/3 of the planets in the galaxy were already occupied by the Starlight Federation.

The main body of the Federation is a group of races that call themselves the “Starlight God Race”.

They are very talented, in addition to the super long standby life that can live to 500 years old casually, they also have powerful superpowers, almost every person of the Starry Sky God Race can absorb the power of the planet, but because of the talent to absorb and transform the energy varies, and because of this the Star God Race has a strong aggressiveness.

By the time the Starlight Federation left the surface for more than 2,600 years, they had already occupied most of the galaxy.

According to time calculations, neither the Skrulls, the Kree nor even the Asgard God Domain appeared at that time.

This is the peak of the Starlight Federation, but it is also the beginning of the demise of the Starlight Protoss.

The race, which occupies most of the galaxy, began to think dangerously.

This is the end of the story.

Lin Ran had a constipated expression.

In other words, this chapter is too, right? It’s actually unduly broken here.

It seems that collecting the remaining 4 jade books must be carried out, whether it is for the treasure left by this Starlight God Race that once controlled most of the galaxy, or because the story of the jade book being interrupted… _

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