Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 140

When Lin Ran was studying at Karma Taj, Mordo thought that Lin Ran was a person from the Divine Spear Bureau, and the two even fought a fight.

After that, Lin Ran also asked Mordo why the Divine Spear Bureau had set its sights on Karma Taj several times.

But Mordo is taboo.

Now that he had met the person from the real Divine Spear Bureau, Lin Ran naturally wanted to ask.

In the face of Lin Ran’s inquiry, Zheng Hai did not taboo Mo Shen like Mordo, he spread his hand and said: “Similar to you, we monitor and even contact the secret masters of Karma Taj to reach cooperation with the secret masters, the Divine Spear Bureau lacks powerful superpowers, you once studied at Karma Taj, you are well aware of the strength of Karma Taj’s secret masters, if there is their help, then the Divine Spear Bureau will be much easier to fight against the demon race, but the first two contacts caused some misunderstandings, This caused Karma Taj to be very unfriendly to us, even very wary, as I said, it was all a misunderstanding. ”

“And where S.H.I.E.L.D.? Why did they put you together with Hydra and call you S.H.I.E.L.D.’s worst enemy? ”

“Perhaps… It’s because of poaching people. ”

So simple?

Lin Ran felt that something was wrong in his heart, but the words had already come to this, if he continued to ask, I was afraid that Zheng Hai would not answer honestly, after thinking about it, Lin Ran finally nodded: “I can join the Divine Spear Bureau to become a peripheral member of the Divine Spear Bureau, and I can also help you fight against the demon race, but I have a few conditions, if you agree, I will agree.” ”

“What conditions, say it.”

“It’s okay to help you fight the demons, but I need to allocate my own time, and I can’t be on standby at any time.”

“This rest assured, with your ability to draw portals at any time, you don’t even need to go to the defense in advance, and most of the time the attacks of the demon race are just temptations, and you will only be summoned when the demon race launches a general attack.”

“That’s good… The second condition is not to spy on Karma Taj from now on. ”


“I think you know the character of the ancient mage better than me, as long as she refuses once, she will not change her choice, continuing to monitor Karma Taj will not make the ancient mage change his mind, and even you will make Kama Taj more hostile to you, so I advise you to better take away the people who monitor Karma Taj, this second condition.”

Zheng Hai thought for a while and replied, “Okay, I promised you.”


A few minutes later.

Lin Ran appeared in his room with a mobile phone given to him by Zheng Hai.

This time to join the Divine Spear Bureau, Lin Ran was really temporary, but Lin Ran did not regret it, if the current ** has really been in the attack of the demon race as Zheng Hai said, then Lin Ran will definitely help.

After all, he still has Yanhuang bloodline in his body.

After that, Lin Ran’s life changed back to an otaku again, staying at home every day when he was fine, occasionally drawing space doors to go to the hive to see the progress.

Have a good little life… The World Origin Fragments accumulated before also made Lin Ran spend a lot on September 1, and Lin Ran, who had drawn 110 attribute points, directly increased his agility to 300, and the rest were all smashed on the strength, and Ran’s strength reached 237 points. On September 2, just as Lin Ran was about to take a nap, his phone rang.

It was not Zheng Hai who gave him his own mobile phone.

Looking at the caller ID on the mobile phone screen, it was Xingjue calling.

Lin Ran picked up the phone and said, “What’s wrong?” Is there something wrong with the hive? ”

“No, I found a jade book!”

“Yushu!” Lin Ran rolled over and jumped off the bed, and he quickly asked, “Are you sure that the jade book you are talking about is a series of jade books with the three jade books in my hand?” Not other jade books? ”

“Sure, come and take a look.”

“Seconds are up.”

Lin Ran hung up the phone, drew circles against the wall, and soon he appeared in the hive base.

In Star Lord’s room, Lin Ran saw the excited Star Lord.

Xingjue, who had long been accustomed to Lin Ran’s ability to “arrive in seconds”, was not surprised, and he handed his mobile phone to Lin Ran.

“Why give me my phone?”

“Just look at it.”

Lin Ran took Xing Jue’s mobile phone and looked at it, and suddenly his eyes burst out.

The webpage opened by the mobile phone is the introduction of the latest auction of a high-end auction house, the most conspicuous and highest place on this webpage is a picture of a jade jade book, and there is accurate data next to it, such as how thick, how wide, how long, weight, etc., in addition to the web page also does not explain how thin the pages of the jade book are, the book is simply a miracle.

It’s just that no one can crack the text above.

Some archaeologists speculate that this book must have been carved by some lost ancient civilization on Earth in a way that modern people cannot understand, and this jade book is the product of the occult like the Demon Bible and the Voynich manuscript.

Finally, there is the low price offered by the auction house.

“One, ten, hundred, thousand, thousand, one hundred thousand, million… 6 million meters? ”

Xingjue nodded: “It’s a little expensive, it’s really not okay you go and steal it back, anyway, you have a space door, no one can find it.”

Lin Ran thought for a while and said, “No, I’m the leader of the secret avengers now, how can I do such a thing as a superhero?” Where Tony was, I went to him to borrow some money. ”

“Tony and Banner in the lab.”

“These two workaholics.”

Since Dr. Banner joined the Alice Project, Tony has never left the hive, whether it is the affairs of Stark Energy Group, Tony is also completely handed over to Pepper, he just remote control, I don’t know whether it is the difficulty of Alice’s project or the cooperation with Banner, the god teammate, that makes Tony rekindle his interest in scientific research.

During this time, Tony ate and lived almost all of his time in the lab.

The devil knows that he has such a spiritual head there.

However, I heard that Tony is planning to return to MIT next month to apply for graduate qualification in genetic engineering.

In Laboratory No. 1, Lin Ran pulled Tony out.

Tony, who originally didn’t want to come out, was completely dragged out by Lin Ran, who had 237 points of strength, which made Tony a little dissatisfied.

“What for? I was just a little bit of a train of thought when you interrupted me. ”

“That… Borrow some money. ”

“Didn’t you just lose 1 million last month? Running out of money so soon? Tony was a little strange, he looked Lin Ran up and down for a while, and said suspiciously: “You won’t be deceived, right?” Did you call the police? ”

Lin Ran rolled his eyes and said, “No, who can fool me if I’m so smart?” Isn’t there a recent auction, there is something I need very much, but the starting price is 6 million meters, I estimate that it takes 20 million to be able to take it, I only have more than 1.2 million in my hand, which is not enough at all, so I want to borrow some money from you to turn around, and when the umbrella company makes a profit, I will return you. ”

“Starting at 6 million? What is so expensive? “_

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