Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 138

When he returned home, Lin Ran really ate well and slept well.

In addition to texting each other every day with Tony to learn about the progress of Alice’s plan over there in the hive, in addition to eating and sleeping every day, occasionally when the weather is cool, Lin Ran also went out with the charter mother and Hanyu to press the road, meeting the provocative gaze of pedestrians, Lin Ran’s expression was triumphant, although the two girls around him were ordinary friends with themselves, but this brought out also had face.

In this way, three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Right on the morning of week 3.

The chartered mother and Han Yu went out to work, and when Lin Ran went to the refrigerator to get yogurt, he found a note in the refrigerator.

“Hello Mr. Lin Ran, I am the one who installed the pinhole camera in your room, if you want to know why, please go to Sun Zhong Restaurant in Chinatown, we will wait for you in room 888 on the second floor, if you want to bring people from S.H.I.E.L.D. to come with you, I have no opinion.”

The note is written in standard hard-pen calligraphy, and it can be seen that the writer is very powerful.

Chinese text strips, Chinese towns, Chinese restaurants.

It seems that he didn’t guess wrong, Lin Ran’s mouth hooked, he took the mobile phone to find Sun Zhong Restaurant, then he put on the Chakra metal combat suit and then drew a portal in the corner of his room, and with a step, Lin Ran appeared in the Sun Zhong Restaurant in New York’s Chinatown a few kilometers away, Lin Ran walked to the lobby from the back door, he did not go directly to room 888 on the 2nd floor, but found a place to sit on the first floor, ordered some pastries and tea, and he opened Kagura’s eyes.

Kagura’s range radius, which had risen to level 3, had reached about 30 meters, and everyone in the entire Sun Chinese Restaurant was under Lin Ran’s monitoring, and soon, Lin Ran found several yellow and green points of light in the pitch-black disc.

There’s even a cyan one in it!

After the Kagura Heart Eye was upgraded to level 3, Lin Ran could control the height range of the Kagura Heart Eye.

He controlled the height on the 2nd floor, and it was precisely because of this that he was able to accurately find the 5 people, otherwise there were 80 people in this building, even if their 5 light points were more obvious, it was enough for Lin Ran to find.

2 yellow, 2 green, 1 purple, a total of 5 people.

Gee, in addition to Xingjue’s dim cyan point of light, Lin Ran saw someone with a cyan point of light for the first time… What color of light is you now? It’s a pity that I can’t find myself on the black disc.

Wait, one of the green dots of light walked around and was leaning towards him.

Lin Ran didn’t move, he watched the man walk straight in front of him.

This is to a Chinese, a national character face, wearing a black simple suit, without a smile on his face, he looked Lin Ran up and down, and then said: “Are you Mr. Lin Ran?” ”

The man spoke in Chinese, and although his tone was not inquiring, he couldn’t hear his attitude towards Lin Ran.

It’s kind of… Lin Ran did not deny it, he nodded, wrong, I am Lin Ran, you… And those 4 people upstairs are the ones who stuffed notes in my fridge? Say, who are you and why are you spying on me? ”

Perhaps it was Lin Ran who said that he personally surprised the man, he turned sideways slightly, and his hands were raised slightly, which was a very standard precaution and a gesture of making a move at any time: “My chief is upstairs, he will talk to you.”


Lin Ran got up, casually took out two pieces of paper and pen from his pocket and pressed them under the plate, and then he followed the man upstairs.

This Chinese restaurant is very famous, but because it is not a meal yet, there are not many people eating, the upstairs box is basically empty, the man took Lin Ran all the way to the 2nd floor room 888, the man knocked gently at the door, after getting the doctor’s response, the man pushed the door open and then made a gesture of invitation to Lin Ran. Lin Ran did not hesitate and walked directly in.

Just as seen with Kagura’s eyes, there were four people inside: two yellow, one green, and one green.

These four people only have a cyan light spot sitting on the edge of the round table, the remaining three people are standing behind him, on the table are some Hong Kong-style breakfast and Cantonese pastries and a pot of tea brewed tea, the cyan light spot is a middle-aged man, wearing a trench coat, and a gray woolen hat on his head, ordinary looking, visual height is about 1.75 meters, obviously he is the commander of these people.

The man made an inviting gesture to Lin Ran: “Sit down, Mr. Lin Ran.” ”

Lin Ran was also not polite, walked directly to the position opposite the man and sat down, and then picked up the chopsticks and took a piece of pastry and sent it to his mouth.

The man put his hands together at the dining table, and he said with a smile: “The current Mr. Lin Ran is the Mr. Lin Ran in my impression, and the Mr. Lin Ran a few days ago is a little big… Plump, but now I’m afraid that Mr. Lin Ran is not a real body, right? ”

“Hmm… How to say which? I don’t think it’s fair. ”

“What’s unfair?”

“You know my name, but I don’t know yours, that’s not fair.”

“It’s easy.” The man said: “My name is Zheng Hai, I work for the ** Divine Spear Bureau, and they are my colleagues. ”

“The Divine Spear Bureau… Sure enough, it’s you. Lin Ran took a sip of tea… He is not worried that the other party will poison the tea, the pastry he ate just now is missing two pieces, someone has eaten it before him, as for the tea because Zheng Hai poured two cups together and Zheng Hai also drank a cup of Lin Ran, this is Lin Ran’s defensive psychology cultivated after coming to this world, he smiled and said: “Then the current situation is very clear, in a word, tell me here why you put a pinhole camera in my room, and then explain your intentions, otherwise… None of you can leave today! ”

“You!” Green Dot wanted to speak, but was stopped by Zheng Hai.

The cyan light spot is more recuperative than the green light spot.

Zheng Hai was not angry: “I apologize to you about the camera, I think the next conversation between you and me can make you get a satisfactory explanation… Do you know the Divine Spear Bureau? Or the predecessor of the Divine Spear Bureau, the Divine Gun Society, and the predecessor of the Divine Spear Society… Dragon group! ”

Dragon group… Lin Ran had heard it, and the novel really made Lin Ran chase so bitter at that time.

However, in this world, Lin Ran didn’t even know much about the Divine Spear Bureau, so he was with the Don’t mention the Dragon Group.

Lin Ran shook his head: “But what is the bitterness of the Divine Spear Bureau, you have all violated my personal rights and interests…” ”

“Listen to me.” Zheng Hai interrupted Lin Ran for the first time, his ordinary face was a little serious, he said: “The establishment time of the Divine Spear Bureau is similar to S.H.I.E.L.D., in order to protect high-level leaders during the Anti-Japanese War, some capable people in the people were formed into an organization called “Dragon Head Defense Group”, referred to as the Dragon Group, after the war, the Divine Spear Society was established, and later became the Divine Spear Bureau… Unlike S.H.I.E.L.D., they protect world peace, while the Spear Bureau is not, externally we are an intelligence organization, but in fact, we also have our mission, our task is to absorb as many Chinese with superpowers as possible to join the Spear Bureau. ”

“What are your enemies?”

Zheng Hai took out a few photos and handed them to Lin Ran: “S.H.I.E.L.D. has their troubles, we have ours… “_

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