Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 137

On this day, Lin Ran went home.

The process is naturally to first draw a circle to the nearest back alley of the rental house, and then give yourself a change technique, turning the fat self into the original well-proportioned self, and then Lin Ran knocks on the door and goes home… I don’t need a key for Mao, after all, there are two girls in the house, what if I enter the door without saying hello, and I see something I shouldn’t see?

Lin Ran didn’t want to be responsible yet.

Soon, the door was opened, and it was Han Yu who opened the door.

The girl was stunned after seeing Lin Ran, and then said to him with a smile: “You are back.” ”

Forehead… This is a bit like a little daughter-in-law waiting for her husband to leave work at home, Lin Ran’s relationship with Han Yu can generally only be regarded as ordinary friends, if it is a chartered mother, Lin Ran will definitely laugh and joke. Nodded to Han Yu, Lin Ran entered the house to change his shoes, the time was a little late, when Lin Ran entered the door, the two girls had already eaten a night, Lin Ran was really ready to go back to the room but was stopped by the chartered mother.


“Rent.” The charter woman said reasonably: “Isn’t it time to pay next year’s rent.” ”

“Next year… Big sister, it’s only September. ”

“The rent is paid in advance, get the money quickly!” The charter woman stretched out her hand and looked like she would not give money and would not let go.

Lin Ran shook his head helplessly, since he met the chartered mother, the chartered woman has been like this… However, it seems that the early collection of next year’s rent this time is not that the charter mother lacks money, but that she is afraid that Lin Ran, the middle class, will suddenly stop renting. Lin Ran took out a dozen bills from his pocket and handed them to the charter lady without counting, and now Lin Ran has already broken away from the low-level fun of liking rice yuan.

What he likes is Cosmos coins.

Countless times, he lamented why Mi Yuan could not connect with the cosmic coin.

If it can be connected, relying on Tony’s financial resources, Lin Ran can hang Thanos’ purple sweet potato essence in minutes.

Even if Tony’s money is not enough, Lin Ran can use a small circle to move the bank!

But it’s a pity that the system didn’t give Lin Ran the opportunity to cheat, and he wanted the world origin fragments to either obediently witness or change the story line of the Marvel Universe, or obediently exchange cosmic coins for it.

Looking at the little money that shone in the charter mother’s eyes, Lin Ran quipped:

“If someone pays for you and the price is so high that you can’t refuse… Will you sell? ”

“Of course not!” The chartered woman also replied reasonably: “Then we have to see if the person who wants to buy me is handsome.” ”

“yes, you’re really helpless.”

“Hey, you give more, next year’s rent and living expenses will be a total of 4823.44 gold, why do you give me 6700?”

“The extra food for next week… By the way, from tomorrow onwards, I will make double portions for three meals a day… Well, 3 portions, I have been consuming a lot of physical strength recently, eating a lot, try to make some high-calorie food. Looking at Lin Ran, who would go to his own room, he chartered and looked at the money in his hand: “Can you eat so much now?” ”

Back in his room, Lin Ran directly laid himself flat.

Just as the so-called golden nest and silver nest are not as good as his own kennel, Lin Ran has lived in this small room of not too much 5 square meters since he came to this world, and this place has spent the first two months of confusion and no hope in this world with him, knowing that the system starts. Li has become a kind of sustenance in Lin Ran’s heart.


Lin Ran made a “Yin” seal on his right hand, obviously his rental house was monitored by Fury, Lin Ran wanted to use Kagura Heart Eye to see who was monitoring him, but just after Lin Ran used Kagura Heart Eye, the next moment Lin Ran’s face changed abruptly, and then became extremely ugly, he jumped up sharply, and then grabbed his mobile phone and dialed a number.

Soon, the call was connected.

Lin Ran directly turned on the small-mouthed thief sweet mode, and the words and sentences were more professional than the ADC who greeted the troop grabber assistant.

“Fury, NMSL, it doesn’t matter if you arrange surveillance outside my house, I know you have to determine our location and protect my friend, but why did you put surveillance probes in my room?” Are you interested in me or do you have some intentions for S.H.I.E.L.D. on me? Even if you don’t feel at ease with me, you don’t need to use this method, right? ”

Fury, who was scolded by Lin Ran for a bloody squirt, looked confused in his own home.

A few minutes ago, he received a report from agents who were monitoring Lin Ran’s house that Lin Ran had returned home and had become thinner.

But… What’s going on now?

Fury was not angry, but he caught the point that made Lin Ran angry.

Fury said: “You calm down, I understand what you mean, I did send agents near your house to monitor and protect you and your friends, but I never installed surveillance equipment in your room, this is not what I did, I can swear!” ”

“Who else is not you? Wait a minute! Lin Ran suddenly thought of a possibility.

He hung up the communication directly.

On the other side, Fury looked at the communication that had been hung up with a confused expression.

Lin Ran thought of something, Lin Ran threw the mobile phone on the table, Lin Ran opened Kagura heart eyes and found a full 15 pinhole cameras from his room one by one, if it were not for Lin Ran once looking for Black Widow in the Las Vegas casino, knowing that the monitoring equipment was a white point of light in the detection of Kagura’s heart eye, I am afraid that Lin Ran did not know that his room was frustrated by someone with ulterior motives, and actually installed 15 pinhole cameras, that is really all-round without dead ends.

After removing all the pinhole cameras, Lin Ran compared the middle finger to the camera, and then said word by word:

“Don’t let me know who you are, or you’ll die!”

After speaking, Lin Ran directly crushed the 15 pinhole cameras in his hand.

New York, an unassuming sanitation and cleaning company.

In the main control room on the 2nd basement floor, an Asian man wearing a black trench coat, temperament and 3 points similar to Fury looked at the 15 split screens in front of him and turned into snowflakes, he did not speak, just drank the tea in the cup he was holding.

Surrounded by him, a young and beautiful Asian woman with short hair said: “It seems that he has found out, do you want to evacuate… ”

“Who? Gray cat? The man pondered for a moment and said, “No need, he hasn’t had doubts about the gray cat for the time being, just now he and Nick from S.H.I.E.L.D. . Fury contacted him, and he knew that it wasn’t S.H.I.E.L.D. who was watching him closely, and he would put his suspicions on us… Arrange it, I’ll meet him as soon as possible. ”

“Now? Now is the time… ”

“Enough.” After the man finished speaking, he pulled on his trench coat, and he turned and left.


Lin Ran’s IQ is not as high as Tony and Banner.

But Lin Ran is still a little able to ponder people’s hearts, he knows that no matter who puts the 15 pinhole cameras in his room, then the other party must be monitoring him in real time, so as long as he destroys these pinhole cameras, no matter who places those cameras, they will panic! Maybe someone will take the initiative to come to the door to contact themselves.

Lin Ran took a deep breath.

Now wait for the people who hide behind the scenes and secretly observe to find the door themselves. _

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