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Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 136

Lin Ran’s tone was very solemn.

However, this did not allow Banner to devote himself to Lin Ran’s incomparably just and bright cause without hesitation.

Banner tilted his head: “What exactly is the secret Avenger?” ”

Tony replied: “In the United States there is a secret department that ordinary people cannot know called S.H.I.E.L.D., which is directly under the leadership of the World Security Council, and its mission is to maintain world peace, and within this organization there is a secret organization whose members are superheroes with super powers, called the “Avengers”, and now Lin Ran and I are both members of the Avengers, but because S.H.I.E.L.D. is infiltrated by an evil organization, sooner or later the Avengers will be controlled by the organization or the state, So I organized the secret Avengers with Lin Ran, and like the Avengers, our goal is to maintain world peace and protect the world from foreign forces, we are freer than the Avengers, because we will not be controlled by an organization or country… ”

“Wait… You just said that foreign forces… What does this refer to? ”

Tony pointed at Star-Lord and said, “The one sitting in front of you is someone who thinks he is from the universe.” ”

Banner looked at Star-Lord in surprise, but there was more disbelief in his eyes.

Lin Ran said: “Quill was born on Earth, but was taken away from Earth by a group of marauders wandering the galaxy in 1988, and he just returned to Earth a few months ago, in addition to this, you should have heard about what happened in Hale Town, New Mexico some time ago, right?” Unlike the gas explosion caused by a thunderstorm on the news, but a Thor from God Domain fought an enemy from outer space there, Tony also collected some parts of that enemy, if you want to visit, you can check it out. ”

Dr. Banner muttered, “I know that humans are not alone on Earth… ”

“It’s not lonely, but it’s also uncomforting, although there are some civilizations in outer space that are friendly to the earth, they are more evil civilizations that want to enslave the earth or have the psychology of destroying the earth.” Lin Ran hugged his arm… I don’t know why, after suddenly gaining weight, I like to stand with my arms folded. “In the face of civilizations that are much more technologically advanced than Earth, we can only gather more superheroes with superpowers, and when Earth is attacked or even destroyed, we are the avengers who avenge Earth!”

Dr. Banner thought for a moment: “Do I have any benefits after joining?” ”

“Of course there is, for example… In the future, we will have missions to outer space. ”

“Is that a benefit?”

“Let’s put it this way, now the secret Avengers are just built, temporarily in the point of starting from scratch, but when there are more members of the secret Avengers in the future, the welfare benefits are naturally available, and the current Desperate Virus Research Institute is also one of the industries of the Secret Avengers, and when the Desperate Virus is really researched, all the Secret Avengers will own the shares here.”

After thinking about it, Dr. Banner finally nodded: “Okay, I’ll join.” ”

“Welcome, Bruce. Dr. Banner. ”

At the same time that Lin Ran shook hands with Banner, a barrage floated in front of Lin Ran’s eyes:

“Ding”, “The Secret Avengers established in advance”, the host led and established the Secret Avengers in advance, and the current members are the host, Iron Man Tony. Stark, Hulk Bruce. Banner, Star-Lord Peter. Quill, the host obtains 12 World Origin Fragments. ”

The smile on Lin Ran’s face became even brighter.

Looking at the members of the 3 secret avengers in front of him, Lin Ran said: “Since the secret avengers have new members, and there will be more members in the future, then there must be a new name here, and it can’t be called the secret Avengers base in the future… Although he is the base of our secret Avengers, we need a name that is hidden from our ears. ”

“How about calling Starport?” Star-Lord said.

“When you have your own port in the future, you can call it that, but not here.”

“Seems like you already have an idea?” Tony, who knew Lin Ran best, said.

Lin Ran smiled and nodded.

In fact, Lin Ranxin had an idea for a long time, and he said to Tony and Banner: “If the research on the desperate virus is completed, then we need a regular company, I think this company can be called an umbrella!” ”


“Yes, umbrella.” Lin Ran said, “It means the umbrella of the earth!” ”

“That’s a good name.” Banner nodded repeatedly: “Very allegorical.” ”

Tony also said: “I also think that calling an umbrella company is a good choice. ”

Xingjue said weakly on the side: “I still think it’s better to call it Starport…” Forehead… ”

Looking at Lin Ran’s fist displayed to him, Xingjue closed his mouth very knowingly.

Lin Ran immediately clapped: “Okay, then the name of the company used to cover the secret avengers and earn activity funds for the secret avengers in the future is the umbrella, since our company is called the umbrella, then this place is called the hive.” ”


All three were a little puzzled.

Why is the company called umbrella, here is called the hive? Is there any necessary connection between this?

Ignoring the curious eyes of the three of them, Lin Ran continued: “The umbrella has… The hive has… Well, from now on, the research and development and improvement of the desperate virus will be officially renamed “Alice Project”, and the desperate virus will also be renamed the T virus. ”


Is there a necessary contact?

Regardless of whether there is any connection or not, in the end, the development path of the secret avengers for a period of time in the future has been finalized by Lin Ran.

Early the next morning, Mice One.

That is, the first desperate virus… No, T virus man Zhu Li went to the New York Bureau of Industry and Commerce to register a medical drug company called the umbrella company, in fact, no matter in that country, drugs must be extremely strictly controlled, umbrella companies are the same, and they also need to check what the operating qualifications are, but this is not a difficult thing for Tony.

And the factory of the umbrella company is the above-ground building of the hive.

The hive is now one level above ground and consists of a walled workshop with perfect workshops and several warehouses.

As for the underground area, it is now 4 for the time being, but according to Lin Ran’s plan, it takes at least 8 floors to match the name of the hive.

After Banner joined, with the help of this professional doctor of genetic engineering, Alice Project is on the right track, in the blink of an eye, Dr. Banner has joined the secret Avengers and Alice Project for 5 days, and Lin Ran has also achieved the small achievement of not meeting a family for 10 days, although he has always contacted the chartered woman by text message, and will make a phone call every three or five.

But Lin Ran felt that if he didn’t go back to show his face, he was afraid that his nest would not be safe.

However, how to explain your body size if you go back?

Unless it is a rubber person, it is impossible to get fat like this in just half a month.

After thinking about it, Lin Ran finally came up with a good method – transformation technique! _

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