Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 135

Not to mention the furious Agent Natasha.

Let’s turn our attention to Lin Ran in New York, at this time Lin Ran who hung up the phone has completed the final preparations before sealing the Hulk, Dr. Banner is lying on the test bed, unlike those mice before, Dr. Banner’s limbs are not bound, he is still very free, and before the start, Lin Ran and Tony told Banner that if he is uncomfortable, he can stop immediately.

Lin Ran asked, “Are you ready?” ”

“Whew… Ready, in fact I was ready from the moment I was irradiated 6 years ago. ”

“Then I’ll start.”


Lin Ran’s right hand was raised, and then slammed into Banner’s abdomen.

“Four Elephant Seal!”

“Seal the Evil Law Seal!”

To be on the safe side, Lin Ran directly applied two sealing techniques to Banner this time.

After all the two seals were shot, Lin Ran breathed a sigh of relief and asked Banner, “What do you think?” Is there anything uncomfortable? ”

“No, nothing feels.”

“That’s good… Come, be angry, think about scenes that make you feel very angry, such as… ”

“No guidance is needed, I have been training myself to control my emotions!” After speaking, the original polite Banner suddenly roared at Lin Ran, and then his face twisted, he roared and struggled, and his hands also pinched towards Lin Ran.

However, Lin Ran did not move.

He had confidence in the double seal, in fact, if even the two seals of the Four Elephants Seal and the Evil Law Seal could not seal the Hulk, then Lin Ran could only wait until he drew the Bagua Seal in the future before thinking about sealing the Hulk.

Dr. Banner’s hands had already pinched Lin Ran’s neck, but Banner was still Banner.

Tony, who had been watching from the sidelines and ready to rescue at any time, sighed with relief at the same time.

Xingjue said, “It seems that it has succeeded.” ”

“yes.” Banner let go of his hand: “I didn’t turn into a Hulk, it seems to have really succeeded.” ”

“No, that’s only 1 in 10 successes.” Lin Ran waved his hand and said, “I just cast two seals on you, in fact, before I experimented with those infected with the desperate virus, I only imposed one seal, now I will lift one of the seals from you, you don’t resist, get ready…” Seal the evil law seal, solve! ”


The complex sealing technique on Dr. Banner’s stomach disappeared instantly.

Lin Ran said, “Hurry up and be angry, let us know the power of the Hulk!” ”

However, Dr. Banner, who had been dancing for a long time, was only Dr. Banner and did not become the green big man.

“It really worked!”

“Well, it seems that the prison built by the sealing technique is extremely stable, and now the problem comes.” Lin Ran hugged his arms, a trace of hesitation flashed on his chubby face, and he said, “Do you want to be an ordinary scientist with 7 doctoral degrees in the future, Bruce. Banner still wants to control the Hulk himself to become a usual Bruce. Banner, but being able to become a Hulk and still have a sane powerful warrior for as long as you want is up to you to make your own decisions, but what I need to tell you before you make a decision is that I’ve never done it, so it’s bound to be risky. ”

“Can you tell me the principle?”

Seriously, Banner’s request is indeed understandable, but embarrassingly, Lin Ran can’t explain it.

Lin Ran could only say to Banner: “It’s true that even I, the user, can’t explain the sealing technique, but I’ve already experienced it myself, right?” The seal is very strong, the Hulk can’t break free, those people they can control the desperate virus to make the severed limb grow and will not have the side effects of the desperate virus The reason is that the desperate virus has no thought, but the Hulk has a mind, they open the prison door without problems, because the desperate virus will not come out on its own, but the Hulk is different, once you open the prison door a gap, then the Hulk is likely to take the opportunity to rush out, and even “escape”! That’s where the danger lies. ”

Dr. Banner is engaged in scientific research, and if he is given a scientific question, he will be able to answer it quickly, but Lin Ran now feels a little powerless about everything he has obtained that he cannot understand with scientific knowledge.

He lay on the test bed for a while before asking Lin Ran, “What is your method?” ”

“You are not qualified to negotiate terms with the Hulk until you are not sealed by the Hulk… Sorry, although saying this hurts your self-esteem, but it is true, but now with the seal, the Hulk is locked up in a dark prison by you, and he must ask for your approval if he wants to come out, so now that you are anti-guest, you can talk to him. ”

“Talk?” Banner was a little confused: “Talk about what?” ”

“Talk about the conditions, I can’t help you with this, so I still need your communication with the Hulk, in fact, opening the door of the prison is very simple for me, I only need to untie the seal a gap, but in the end, it depends on how you get along with the Hulk, so you can’t rush it.” Lin Ran reached out and patted Banner’s shoulder: “So, you take your time about communication, now your most important job is to work with Tony to get out the desperate virus without side effects, this is the old line.” ”

Banner slowly exhaled a turbid breath: “That’s right, you helped me, I’m going to work for you now.” ”

“Don’t, don’t say that, I actually prefer to spend time with you like a friend than an employment relationship.”

“Oh, since I had that accident, you were the first to call me friends… Just by virtue of the word friend, I also helped you, say, where is your current problem? ”

Lin Ran looked at Tony, Lin Ran really didn’t know anything about professional knowledge.

Of course, Star-Lord was the same, when Tony and Banner were having a lively conversation, Lin Ran and Star-Lord walked to the lounge next to them.

The two people drank coffee and watched the paid American drama on TV in the lounge, and after watching almost one episode, Tony and Banner came out, and the two people were enthusiastic and wanted to go to the laboratory to solve the problem, but the two people just walked in front of Lin Ran and were stopped by Lin Ran.

“This problem of overcoming the desperate virus is important, but I think there are three more things that are more important.”

“Such as?”

“Like the secret Avengers thing.”

“What secret Avenger?” Dr. Banner, who had never heard this name, looked at Lin Ran and Tony a little blankly.

Tony muttered and said, “Are you sure?” ”


“Okay then, I trust you.”

Lin Ran nodded to Tony, and then he got up from his chair and walked to Banner… If it weren’t for the sudden height of 7 centimeters, Lin Ran would really be shorter than Dr. Banner, but now… Lin Ran could see Dr. Banner’s scalp. Lin Ran solemnly said to Banner: “Bruce. Banner, as the temporary leader of the Secret Avengers, I extend my most sincere invitation to you, hoping that you can take the life of the world as your duty and become one of us with the ideal of world security and peace! “_

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