Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 134

“。。。 In general, I didn’t get rid of the Hulk without hurting you, and I think you know that even if someone tries to kill you when you’re not angry, the Hulk will appear instantly, right? ”

Banner nodded: “I once tried to kill myself, I shot me in the mouth with a pistol, but the Hulk spat out a bullet. ”

“So my approach is not to try to wipe out the Hulk completely, but to seal it.”


“Yes, in fact, although the Hulk is very terrifying when it is out of control, if the Hulk can be controlled by you, then the Hulk will become your greatest help, and it is also the guardian of the whole world and even all mankind!” So if you can join our research on the desperate virus, I can seal the Hulk in your body and make it controllable. ”

“This… All right? Banner was a little impressed, but apparently he didn’t think it was very likely.

“Yes.” Lin Ran nodded very seriously: “I have tested the possibility, and it has been proved that it is completely feasible, but follow-up research is needed, so I will try this only after you have promised me…” You don’t have to answer me now, I can give you a star… Well, a week that’s impossible, 3 minutes to consider. ”

Bruce. Banner fell into deep thought.

Ever since the Hulk became part of his body, he has become an unreasonable monster.

He has always regarded the green monster in his body as a disease, and for 6 years Dr. Banner has been using his expertise to find a cure for the Hulk, but it turns out that he has failed all of them, and even after 7 years he has not found a way, and if he can really make the Hulk controllable.

I have to say that Banner was moved.

If the Hulk’s power can really be controlled, then Banner has changed from a saboteur to a useful person for people.

It’s just that… Can the fat man in front of him, who once defeated the Hulk, really be able to “seal” the Hulk?

Soon 3 minutes passed, Dr. Banner finally looked at Lin Ran and nodded slowly: “Although this is only the second time to meet, I choose to believe you, not because I have ever had any contact with you, but because you are the only new net I can catch now, but if one day I find out that you lied to me, I swear, Hulk will not let you go!” ”

“I know that the reason why you can still sit here is because of your absolute trust in the Hulk, you believe that it can put everything in order, and it just so happens that I can sit here because I believe in my strength… Let’s go, Dr. Banner. ”

“I need to resign…”

“Dr. Banner, can the pattern be a little bigger?”

Lin Ran took Banner to the men’s bathroom.

Banner blinked, and then he thought of a very terrifying thing, he gasped and then leaned against the wall, Lin Ran was also stunned, but he quickly understood what Banner was afraid of, Lin Ran’s face was dark, he held the suspension ring in his hand and drew a circular space door in the corner of the bathroom, Lin Ran made a gesture of invitation to the stunned Banner:

“Please come in.”

He has always been a pioneer in the scientific community. Dr. Banner looked at the space door curiously: “How did you do it?” “.“ It is… It’s just a painting, this door is me… And my friend’s institute, he has been looking forward to your joining, welcome you to visit, I think it is not a bad thing that you will join after the visit. “-With a worried Banner into the secret Avengers base Lin Ran smiled as a guide, he took Banner to a total of 5 floors of research institute to wander around, at this time the research institute is not only Jarvis controlled robots, and in the past 4 days, Lin Ran and Tony selected 0 desperate virus infectors, and after using various methods to coerce and lure them into becoming desperate human pillar forces, the desperate people pillar forces became the first researchers of this research base.

Banner, who holds seven PhDs, is pleased with the institute.

Basically all the equipment is professional, and the researchers are also very competent.

At first glance, this is a research institute with a strong academic atmosphere.

Originally a tech nerd, Banner likes this range the most, that is, there are too few people.

In Tony’s office, Lin Ran, Tony, Star-Lord, and Banner meet.

Before they could speak, Lin Ran took the lead in introducing, “This is Bruce. Dr. Banner, this is Tony. Stark I think Banner should have seen it on TV, yes, that famous Iron Man is him, this is Peter. Quill. The nickname Star-Lord is not very important… Then you mainly need to know Iron Man. ”

After the introduction, Lin Ran waited for the barrage of the World Origin Fragment to arrive.

However, the barrage did not appear.

Lin Ran tilted his head… What the heck? Could it be that Tony and Banner had known each other before?

Looking back, sure enough, Tony and Banner two people are very familiar handshake, and then the voice of “long admire the daimyo, long look up to the daimyo” filled Lin Ran’s ears, Lin Ran patted his head, “Avengers” when Tony and Banner first met on the space carrier, although the two people met for the first time, but they are the most well-known scientists in the United States, I am afraid that the two of them understand each other.

Yes, this time the World Origin Fragment is considered wasted.

Turn to look at Star-Lord.

Your sister, don’t you know Banner either?

Seeing Lin Ran’s gaze, Xing Jue spread his hands blankly.


South Carolina.

In the western restaurant outside the Akar Beverage Factory, poor Agent Natasha was woken up by a passing waiter, and the black widow who rubbed the back of her sore neck for a few minutes before she reacted to what happened before… First he was knocked unconscious, and then… Then there was no then, and Black Widow hurried to the beverage factory.

The answer, however, was that Dr. Banner did not come to work in the afternoon.

Gritting her teeth and paying the bill, Black Widow went out and dialed Lin Ran’s phone.

Seriously, Agent Natasha didn’t expect Lin Ran to actually take it, and after hearing Lin Ran’s “Hi”, Black Widow threw away all her originally calm traits, and Black Widow said angrily: “You are a bastard!” You know, you are the whole country, no, the biggest bastard in the whole world! I knew you by mistake, and I’ll tell Fury everything you’ve done! ”

“Agent Natasha, this is your freedom wow.”

Black Widow took a deep breath: “Tell me, you bastard, where did Dr. Banner take you?” ”

“New York, of course.”

“And then you left me here alone?”

“Well, I said how I seem to have forgotten something, it turned out that I forgot you in South Carolina, sorry, or else, next time, after the next meeting, I will invite you to dinner, how about it?”

“Get out!”

Leaving only one word, Black Widow angrily hung up the communication.

What is the distance between South Carolina and New York? Although they are on the east coast of the United States, one is in the south and one is in the north.

It’s a bit unspecific, if you quantify… Let’s fly at full speed for 3 hours.

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