Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 133

“Don’t talk about these useless things, where is Dr. Banner?”

“According to a recent report, Bruce . Dr. Banner is now working at a beverage plant in South Carolina. Black Widow looked at the special black watch on her wrist and said, “If you use your circle, I think we can find Dr. Banner before lunch and make an appointment with him for lunch.”

“No problem… I heard you and my friend Quill have a good chat? ”

“Okay, I just think he’s interesting.”

“It’s a good cliché.” Lin Ran said with a smile, and then led the black widow to the back alley of the café.

Black Widow shrugged: “I just know some things that I can’t be formal about, and I can’t even investigate what he said about him being taken off Earth in 1988, I can only be sure that there was indeed a person named Peter in 1988. Quill’s 8-year-old boy disappeared the day his mother died, and as for the rest… Where is this? ”

“South Carolina ah, Coca-Cola production workshop.” Lin Ran casually took a bottle of glass bottle of cola drink from the production line beside him, casually nibbled off the bottle cap, Lin Ran drank it directly dry, and the carbonic acid in the cola seemed to not exist.

Black Widow watched as she took a sip and drank a drink, and she tilted her head: “I know how you are fat.”

“You want to talk to me later…” What exactly is Dr. Banner in that beverage factory? ”

“A beverage company that specializes in orange juice soda, it seems to be called Akar Beverage Company, can you go over?”

“Wait a minute.” Lin Ran took out his mobile phone and searched the information of this beverage company and flipped through it, after that, Lin Ran nodded and said to the black widow: “No problem, but you need to close your eyes, this casting can’t be seen by others.”

The black widow fox looked at Lin Ran suspiciously, her expression a little questioning.

But in the end, Black Widow closed her eyes.

Lin Ran turned his head and drew a space door in the corner, after the space door appeared, Lin Ran walked directly into the space door, pretending to close his eyes behind him, the black widow took two quick steps and also sneaked into the space door, after the black widow stood still, he glanced at Lin Ran without anger, Lin Ran was thick enough, touched his belly, and shrugged his shoulders at the black widow.

Lin Ran never thought that he could deceive Black Widow in this way, he just gave it a try.

This time, Li Randing’s position was very accurate, and now Lin Ran and Black Widow were in front of the gate of the Akar Beverage Company.

Lin Ran put his hand in the pocket of the large trench coat, and Lin Ran said, “This is it, you call Dr. Banner.”

“Okay, where do you want to date?”

“You look at this, the chief of the bureau specially told me to let you lead.”

“Why are you so obedient today?”

Lin Ran smiled, and the fat on his face shook: “I’ve always been so obedient.” Then, Black Widow called, I don’t know what Dr. Banner said, more than 20 minutes is lunch time, Lin Ran and Black Widow met Hulk Hao in a Western restaurant… Or Bruce, who has a PhD in 7 subjects. Dr. Banner, Lin Ran had never seen Hulk before when he had not transformed, and today it seems that Uncle Mark is still very temperamental. –

Tall and well-mannered. Dr. Banner stretched out his hand and shook Lin Ran’s hand, “You are from the inspection team, right?”

“Well…” Lin Ran looked at the black widow, and after the black widow nodded to him, Lin Ran looked at Dr. Banner with a smile, his chubby face squeezed his eyes into a slit, Lin Ran shook his head and said: “It’s not like this, Bruce. Dr. Banner… ”

Banner’s face changed.

He used a pseudonym at the beverage company.

The other party is able to say Bruce. The name Banner means they have ulterior motives!

Dr. Banner did not say anything like “you are looking for the wrong person” to Lin Ran and the two, he knew that the other party was coming for him. The smile on Dr. Banner’s face instantly converged, and he clenched the dinner knife in his right hand, “You’re not looking for me, you’re looking for Hulk, are you?” I don’t care what your intentions are, but you should know the horror of the Hulk, so… ”

“Dr. Banner, I’m here to help you, and it does have something to do with the Hulk, but you don’t need to threaten me.”

“Well… What he said meant… The black widow gave Lin Ran a crazy look.

Obviously, at this time, it has been out of the scope that Black Widow’s heart can control.

Lin Ran gave her a reassuring gesture, and he smiled and said to Banner: “I’m not here to hurt you, so please trust me, but at the same time it’s best to keep a peaceful mind, in fact, I’m not very afraid of the Hulk, because I sent her from the college campus to the desert of New Mexico 8 months ago, I was okay then, and now I’m okay.”

“You…” Banner hesitated, and he seemed to remember Lin Ran: “Why are you so fat?”

“。。。” Lin Ran’s face sank: “Eat your rice!”

“Anyway, you still explain your intentions, you look for me… What’s the matter with looking for it? ”

Lin Ran nodded and shot instantly.

Lin Ran, whose agility reached 253 points, shot when the opponent was caught off guard, ordinary people could not react at all, and even a trained professional agent like Natasha did not react, she lay on the dining table without saying a word, fortunately, the black widow sat inside, and Lin Ran’s strong body just blocked all of Natasha.

Dr. Banner’s eyes were wide open.

Lin Ran waved his hand at him, indicating that he was calm, Lin Ran said: “She is not with me, she is just a leader, now there is no obstacle, I can also express my intentions directly… Bruce. Dr. Banner, don’t you think it’s a bit too humiliating to just be an ordinary worker in a beverage factory with your 7 Ph.D.? ”

“This is the best thing for me, isn’t it?”

“Of course not… Can you tell me what your 7 PhDs are? ”

Banner tilted his head: “Are you sure?”

Lin Ran nodded repeatedly: “Of course I’m sure.”

When he didn’t cross over, Lin Ran had searched for 7 doctoral degrees of the Hulk, but they were all divergent opinions, except for the uncontroversial nuclear physics and genetic engineering, the remaining five said everything, which was also a curious point for Lin Ran.

“Okay.” Banner wrenched his finger and said, “Nuclear physics, genetic engineering, practical powerlessness, organic chemistry, quantum mechanics (gamma rays)… Well, for the time being, I can only think of these 5, the remaining two are too long to use, forgot. ”

“Well, as a college undergraduate, I sincerely extend an invitation to you – I have a project dedicated to the rehabilitation of disabled people, and I hope that your ability in genetic engineering will help us.”

“Forget it, the Hulk will destroy your lab”

“Actually, I have a way to help you solve the Hulk, are you interested in hearing about it?” _

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