Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 132

The research of the desperate virus human pillar force was successful.

Now mice can freely control the repair of their limbs by the desperate virus, but the side effects of the desperate virus are still there.

But that’s enough.

This means that the Hulk column force is feasible.

On the 4th day that Lin Ran lived in the secret Avengers base, Director Fury finally called Lin Ran.

Nick. Fury is an old-school person, he doesn’t like to talk about things on his phone, which may be related to his knowledge that mobile phones are easy to be monitored, but in fact, S.H.I.E.L.D. is the second agency to comprehensively monitor the public besides the CIA, and the two people made an appointment to meet and hung up, and Lin Ran found Tony who was nibbling on a tome.

Tony sighed and said, “My CEO of Stark New Energy Group is actually hiding more than 20 meters underground to watch the advancement of genetic engineering… Seriously, if you don’t find a decent genetic engineer, I’m afraid in two days I’ll be ready to write a theory of genetic engineering, go to college for graduate school, and make it my third PhD. ”

Tony now has two PhDs, one in physics and one in engineering.

None of his degrees matched genetic engineering.

In fact, Lin Ran has also flipped through books on genetic engineering in the past few days.

However, after the column “genetic engineering” appeared in the special skills column, Lin Ran stopped watching it, but Lin Ran did not want to add points, just as the so-called art industry has a specialty, Lin Ran is not a scientist material, he is very accurate in his positioning cognition, he is a strong attacker, what scientific logistics and so on in this life he does not need to worry.

Well… It’s okay to be a doctor.

Palm cactus cures everything!

“That will soon change.” Lin Ran reached out and patted Tony’s shoulder: “Nick. Fury had just made an appointment with me to meet at the café, and if nothing else, he would have told me where Dr. Banner was. ”

“It better be so.”

Finding a corner, Lin Ran directly drew a circle and left the base.

The next moment he appeared in the back alley of the café, walked into the café through the back door, Lin Ran looked around and did not find Director Fury with very obvious characteristics, Lin Ran found a more remote position to sit down, and after ordering a caramel macchiato and a large number of snacks to the waiter, Lin Ran began to wait, bored as soon as he waited, cranky when he was bored.

If the desperate virus can restore a severed limb, is it possible that it can make Fury’s eyes grow back?

Thinking of this, Lin Ran took out his mobile phone and edited a text message to Tony and sent it.

Before Lin Ran could receive a reply, Fury sat down in front of him.

Fury looked Lin Ran up and down with some surprise, and then asked, “How did you gain weight several times after not seeing you in a few days?”

“Didn’t I help you plan the removal operation recently, I overeat as soon as I use my brain, and I don’t eat in moderation.” Lin Ran spread out his hands and casually picked up a piece of loose mouth: “Say, what’s the matter with me?”

“Where have you been these days?” Lin Ran lowered his hand, his expression became serious: “You monitor my home?”

“It’s your rental house, and don’t say surveillance, it’s protection.”

“Huh.” Lin Ran sneered: “I think it should be Agent Natasha who protects me, right?” Okay, I won’t talk nonsense with you anymore, I’ve been somewhere these days, even if I don’t say I think you should guess it, Aldridge. Killian… Not in my hands! ”

“Is it? 4 years ago, someone in the small town of Manhattan, Nevada, called the police, saying that a research institute dedicated to medical research, from the administrator of the institute to the researchers below, and even the research materials and equipment were all missing, and within ten minutes! According to witnesses, it was done by a fat man… Who else besides you can empty the entire institute in more than ten minutes? ”

“Maybe some strong people.”

Fury snorted, he didn’t continue to dwell on the matter.

He knew that without evidence, he wanted Lin Ran to admit even Aldridge. It is impossible for Killian and those experimental data to be handed over, and Fury still needs to give Lin Ran the aftermath.

How did you come across something that doesn’t play cards according to the routine?

Fury collected his mood and said, “I agree with what you said last time, I can send Bruce. Dr. Banner’s location tells you that you can also contact him, but you need Agent Natasha to accompany him, and you must follow Agent Natasha’s command, you can’t act without permission, and you can leave at any time if you agree. ”

“No problem.” Lin Ran agreed very happily.

But at that time, how Lin Ran will do it may not be.

Fury said, “I didn’t know you had to touch Bruce. Banner has no intentions but I hope you’re in contact with Bruce. Dr. Banner then devoted himself to the “elimination plan”, and the specific list will be submitted to you within 1 month. ”

“I want to see Dr. Banner today.”

“No problem.” Director Fury nodded, and he pointed to a spot near the door of the café.

Lin Ran turned his head and saw the black widow wearing a well-fitting neutral dress sitting on the booth and drinking coffee slowly, seeing Lin Ran look over, she also took the coffee and nodded to Lin Ran, Lin Ran turned back to Fury and said: “I see, obviously Agent Natasha knows the location of Dr. Banner, you… I don’t know, right? ”

“This is a necessary measure.” Fury said, “At least one-third of S.H.I.E.L.D. members have become Hydra’s spies now, and after I knew all this, I broke down all the secrets to people I trusted.”

Lin Ran gave a thumbs up: “Niu Cha, I’ll go first, hurry.” By the way, you can buy it for me. ”

After speaking, Lin Ran walked straight out of the café.

Black Widow followed.

Only Fury looked at the table of plates in silence.


When he went out, Lin Ran’s mobile phone rang.

Lin Ran took out his mobile phone and saw that it was Tony’s text message.

“Yes, there were three blind people in the test specimen whose vision was restored after receiving the desperate virus.”

“Bull fork…”

“What did you say?” Black Widow asked behind Lin Ran.

“Nothing.” Lin Ran shook his head, he looked at the black widow: “It’s more beautiful if I haven’t seen it in a few days.”

Black Widow smiled formulaically: “You too, I haven’t seen a lot fat in a few days.”

Lin Ran: “…

After getting fat, everyone will say about their body shape? Isn’t it just suddenly gaining 30 pounds, what’s wrong?

Aren’t men going to have to be fatter?

After I draw the secret technique of the Autumn Daoist family, you will envy me as a man who can freely control fat and thin!” _

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