Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 131

For the study of desperate viruses, Tony alone did it slowly.

After all, the line is like a mountain, Tony’s main business is weapons manufacturing and new energy, and now it will definitely take a while to study and study for him to study genetic engineering, so ah, turning Dr. Banner into a “Hulk pillar force” needs to be put on the agenda, although now Fury did not tell Lin Ran where Dr. Banner was, but Lin Ran had already begun to prepare.

In a way, the Hulk and the desperate virus should be similar, right?

“Bad… Isn’t it much? Tony tilted his head: “Although I don’t know much about gamma rays, I also know that gamma rays are irreversible mutations at the genetic level, and the desperate virus, he rewrote the gene sequence through the virus and added it, both of which changed genes but are essentially different.”

“Is it? Or experiment. ”

Lin Ran and Tony are both activists, and a few minutes later, a desperate virus infected person who had lost an arm and a foot in a car accident was tied to the experimental bed, and the male infected person took off his shirt, and the mark of occult runes around his abdomen was clearly visible, and he seemed to feel that he was going to become a guinea pig, constantly struggling.

Lin Ran looked at Tony in a white coat: “This is the sealing technique I sealed on him, it is this technique that seals the desperate virus in his body, you can use this seal as a prison, the one who is locked up in the prison is the desperate virus, if we compare the desperate virus to the Hulk now, I need to give it to him…” A key. ”

“So what if you need to close the door?”

“So, I need to do some experimentation.” Lin Ran said to Tony: “I’ll unlock his seal later, and then reseal it, the previous seal is too dead, he doesn’t seem to be able to use the key to open the prison door.”

Tony was holding a small blueberry in his hand, and although he was wearing a white coat, he paid no attention to the hygiene of the laboratory.

Looking at Tony who wanted to watch a good show, Lin Ran shook his head.

Then the five fingertips of his right hand were on the body of the test specimen.

“Four Elephant Seal, Solution!”

In an instant, the severed arms and feet of the test specimen grew rapidly, and while growing, there was an inexplicable force growing under his skin, and then this person’s whole body was filled with this energy.

Lin Ran didn’t say a word, and directly slapped the test specimen’s stomach.

“Sealing: Four Elephant Seal!”

In another instant, the energy in that test specimen’s body quickly faded, and as the energy subsided, his stump also returned to its original state.

The test specimen howled heartbreakingly.

“I give him the key now, I left some holes in the seal this time.”

“For this… Magic, I don’t want to comment. ”

“You should try to accept, if you have a child named Morgan with Pepper in the future, I am also ready to take him as an apprentice and pass on all the magic cells in my body.” Lin Ran said with a shrug.

“Thanks brother, but if that’s the case, then your child will become the second Iron Man!” Not bad… Lin Ran nodded: In this way, if our children happen to be a man and a woman, we will consciously match them, and if they are all girls or boys, let them become best friends, how?” We Americans don’t want to live as our own children. ”

“Think about it, if they had children and inherited my magic and your technology…”

Tony’s eyes lit up, “That’s a good idea.”

Although Lin Ran and Tony have unreliably enjoyed the future to the third generation, they still keep a close eye on the “guinea pig”, really making this kind of thing Lin Ran is really the first time, after all, the Marvel world does not have a tailed beast for Lin Ran to try, and there are very few shots about making human pillar force in the original work of Hokage.

In the 48th year of Konoha, Obito attacked Konoha with the Sharingan to control the Nine Tails.

Wave Feng Shui Gate sealed the Nine Tails in the body of the protagonist Naruto, when the Water Gate used a ghoul to seal it, and at that time the Shinigami tried to connect the chain through the body of the Water Gate to the Nine Tails, and then the soul of the Nine Tails was brought out, the Yang attribute Nine Tails was sealed on the Water Gate, and how the Yin attribute Nine Tails were sealed in Naruto’s body was only a shot of the four-elephant seal.

As for the manufacture of the human pillar force of the other tailed beasts, it did not give the camera at all.

There is no way, it seems that you can only experiment on your own.

The mouse looked painful, but his stump grew very slowly, and when his limbs were sound, his body was filled with that unstable energy, but it was enough.

Lin Ran directly shot a four-elephant seal.

The key that just arrived is gone.

The guinea pig’s eyes were full of tears: “If you want to kill me, hurry up, if you don’t want to kill me, let me go back, so it will be good and bad for a while, you are making me feel hopeful and then feel hopeless, right?”

Lin Ran said, “I know why you are loyal to Aldridge. Dr. Killian, it’s nothing more than that he made you recover from a disabled person to a normal person, but at the same time you also know the side effects of the desperate virus, and I think that’s why you didn’t return to your family after recovery, and you don’t want to suddenly one day your home and your family are all destroyed in an explosion, right? ”

The guinea pig nodded.

Lin Ran pointed to Tony: “Do you know who he is?”

“Iron Man, Dr. Killian’s enemy…”

“That’s right, but he’s also Killian’s favorite Wash at least until he gets released from the pigeons, so you should trust that we can complete the transformation of the desperate virus into a good thing that can restore your severed limb without side effects, and you should really want to return to your family, right?” But if you want to return to your loved ones and enjoy the happiness of nature, you better cooperate with us, don’t think about a sudden attack and die with us… You know I’m able to control the desperate virus in your body! ”

“I know… Know. ”

“Just know, now I will seal incompletely on you like just now, but you must cooperate!”

“Well, I understand.”

“If you cooperate, we won’t hurt you, in fact, the desperate virus is not a bad thing in nature, it’s just that the people who use it have bad intentions.” After Lin Ran finished speaking, he pressed another handful on the mouse’s stomach.

A small part of the Four Elephant Seal was unlocked.

The mice were at a loss.

Lin Ran said: “You have to control the desperate virus in your body, so that it can recover your limbs without losing control and causing an explosion, I have already handed over the key to you, you must learn to control it!” You can, guinea pig. ”

“Little… Mice? ”

“Ahem, sorry, I accidentally said what I was saying.”

Mice: “…

I really want to explode. _

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