Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 130

Dr. Killian is very crisis-conscious.

This tunnel that allows quick escapes is proof of this.

The tunnel is not very deep, but it is very long, Dr. Killian fell into a few seconds after he got into a small electric car, driving the electric car, Dr. Killian walked along the dark tunnel for more than 20 minutes before reaching the end, Dr. Killian pushed the trap door above his head… This is a toilet room in a drive-in restaurant.

Fortunately, the men’s toilet, which has only three partitions, does not use urinals.

So no one saw Dr. Killian open the tile and drill out, he looked back at the tunnel, and there was no sound inside.

That Clinton . Patton did not show up.

Dr. Killian breathed a sigh of relief, he sorted out the suit he was wearing, and then walked out of the bathroom gracefully, he also pretended to wash his hands, and then walked to the lobby of the restaurant, just as he had just washed his hands and walked towards the lobby, a man with black short sleeves and a T-shirt with a round logo of black eagle on a white background on his left chest walked over.

Dr. Killian also nodded kindly to him.

However, I didn’t expect that the man would slap his stomach without saying a word.

Instantly, Dr. Killian felt that his left foot was empty, and he unconsciously stumbled backwards, but his left foot landed weakly.

“You… You are… ”

“Oh, why are you so careless, come on, go to the bathroom and deal with it…”

Become real with transfiguration. Clinton. Barton’s Lin Ran smiled and helped Dr. Killian into the bathroom, and then Lin Ran pinched the suspension ring in his right hand and drew a secret space door in a corner, Lin Ran helped Killian in, and the space door closed. Two big white men pushed open the bathroom door and walked in, and they pushed open the partition door one by one.

Eventually, they discover that Killian and the man have all magically disappeared.

A big man slammed the wall, and he said hatefully: “Remember the face of that person just now?”


“Go report the chief.”


The leading man tugged at his collar a little impatiently.

Under the neck behind him, a tattoo consisting of ten circles surrounding two crossed curves was revealed.

After 15 minutes.

Central Pacific, United States, Hawaii.

A man with a ring on all ten fingers was lying under an umbrella in beach pants, he casually put his phone aside, sighed faintly, and said, “Tell Shaw, Trevor . Slatter’s side doesn’t need to be lifted, Killian is finished. ”

“Yes.” A beautiful woman with a good figure and dressed at three points replied.


Suburbs of New York.

Secret Avengers base.

Dr. Killian, who lost everything in just half an hour, was thrown into the prison of Underground 4. -.“ Ding, “the disintegration of the desperate virus”, the host destroys Aldridge. Dr. Killian’s plan to take revenge on Iron Man severely changes the plot, and the host obtains 15 World Origin Fragments. ”

In the future, more powerful and perverted enemies will be held in the prison, so a new prison with stronger defense and more complete functions is being built, and Lin Ran’s water body temporarily acts as a supervisor, directing more than a dozen robots to widen the space of the 5 underground floors.

At this time, Dr. Killian, who had lost everything, completely lost the mentality to take revenge on Tony.

He grabbed the 2-centimeter diameter steel bar with both hands and said to Lin Ran, who turned to leave: “I cooperate with you, I know what you are arresting me for, don’t you want to study the desperate virus yourself?” No problem, I can give you all the experimental data, and I can even join you unconditionally, as long as you don’t kill me! ”

Lin Ran stopped, he turned his head and shook his head at Killian: “Whether to kill you or not will talk later, as for you wanting to join our research… Sorry, it’s the same without you, don’t hide from you, now I will go to your underground research institute and move all your experimental data and research machinery over… Don’t look at me like that, isn’t the meaning of scientific and technological progress about sharing? ”

Lin Ran really didn’t tease Killian.

He doesn’t have that skill.

He really went to empty the Manhattan Underground Institute.

The normal person who was knocked unconscious by Lin Ran in the institute has not yet woken up, Lin Ran took advantage of this time to move Dr. Killian for 12 years like an ant to the secret Avengers base, it was already more than 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Lin Ran went out to buy dozens of buns, and then while eating the buns, listening to Xingjue Meizhi tell about his leisurely noon time with the beautiful Agent Natasha, when Lin Ran ate the 19th bun, Tony finally tapped the equipment and information.

Seeing Lin Ran’s first glance, Tony rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

Then he said in surprise: “Why haven’t you seen it for a few hours, and you suddenly gained a lot of weight?”

“I wanted to ask just now…”

“Don’t care about the details.” Lin Ran smiled and ate the 20th bun.

“I said earlier that you can eat less, overeating is the easiest to gain weight overnight.”

Lin Ran didn’t think so, it doesn’t matter if it’s fat or not, whether it’s high or not is the key!

Originally, Lin Ran, who was 1.78 meters, was only 3 centimeters taller than Tony, which was the same height as Xingjue, but now Lin Ran can already be the top of the mountain with a height of 1.85 meters! Of course, provided in the absence of Sol.

Lin Ran beckoned: “Come, let’s listen together, Quill and Agent Natasha’s beautiful lunch time.”

“Agent Natasha… Which of my former assistants? ”


Star Jue continued to tell, and after Lin Ran finished eating a bag of 28 buns, Star Jue also finished speaking.

Then Lin Ran and Tony looked at each other.

Lin Ran said, “Quil, do you know anything other than Agent Natasha’s name and that he is Russian?”

“Something else… I don’t know. ”

“So what do you think Agent Natasha doesn’t know about you?”

“Well… It should be gone. ”

Tony shook his head helplessly: “Obviously, you have been stereotyped, maybe all the information about you is already on Fury’s desk now, but this is also a good thing, at least after again you can gain more trust from Fury.”

Xingjue didn’t care: “It doesn’t matter, I went back to Earth this time completely because of Lin Ran, I will return to the universe in a short time, the earth is too small, the wide galaxy is the stage that really belongs to me, in addition, when I broke up with Natasha, I found that she secretly pasted something on my clothes, and I casually pasted that thing on a taxi.”

“Well done!” Lin Ran gave a thumbs up to Xingjue.

Lower Manhattan, New York.

Black Widow looked at the taxi in the empty state with a helpless expression.

PS: On January 3, 2012, Killian selected Hollywood third-rate actor Trevor . Slattery became the face of his terror. On May 1, 2012, Loki descended on Earth. On December 22, 2012, Tony’s mansion was bombed. On December 25, 2012, Tony blew up the Iron Legion. The above is all from the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. _

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