Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 129

Early this morning, Aldridge. Dr. Killian felt something was wrong.

Injected with the desperate virus, he should be invincible, why did he suddenly twist his neck?

And the bread machine also malfunctioned when eating breakfast, although he was able to use his own hands to bake bread, but Dr. Killian still liked to eat the toast baked by the toast driver, but when he baked two pieces of toast with his own hands, just squeezed the salad dressing ready for breakfast, a fly landed accurately on the salad dressing, looking at the flies stuck to the bread by the salad dressing, Dr. Killian put two pieces of baked bread in the trash can full of black lines, repeating the action just now.

Toast bread by hand and squeeze salad dressing.

There were no flies to mess with this time.

Dr. Killian took a bite of the bread with satisfaction, so that the hanging teeth were crushed, and when he broke the inside of the bread, there was actually a stone inside!

I can’t eat this breakfast!

The angry Dr. Killian threw the bread into the trash again, Dr. Killian felt full of anger, he walked out of his room and went straight to the person in charge of purchasing supplies, first scolded his head and face, and then ordered him to immediately purchase a new batch of toasters and toast, the logistics director nodded repeatedly, and then quickly left.

Looking at the back of the logistics director, Killian felt that his mood was better.

In this secret underground base, he Aldridge. Dr. Killian is the master here, all the researchers and spontaneous experimenters living in this underground base are all under the control of Dr. Killian, and many of the researchers are disabled themselves or their families, and they are desperately working for Killian after being “cured” by the desperate virus.

Others were recruited by Dr. Killian.

Now Killian is also a rookie who has made a name for himself in the American medical community.

Externally, he far surpasses the team of scientists in the same research project in the field of finger regeneration, which means that many experts in the field of medicine spontaneously joined Dr. Killian’s research team, in fact, the underground research institute where Killian is now located is sponsored by a medical technology company in Nevada, and those who spontaneously become research experimenters are basically disabled people.

The bad luck early in the morning did not seem to have diminished when new bread machines and bread were procured back.

On the contrary, Dr. Killian was even more unlucky after that.

This kind of such is not smooth.

However, he has not yet encountered the most difficult time.

At 10:34 a.m., Dr. Killian’s worst moment of days happened.

Dr. Killian, who was sitting in his office enjoying the services of a beautiful female assistant, heard a knock on the door of his room.

Dr. Killian, who was originally launched, was instantly blocked back by this feeling, and Dr. Killian, who was angry, pressed the head of the female assistant back, and he said angrily to the door: “Didn’t I say that no one dared to disturb me?” ”

Outside the door.

Lin Ran looked at the researcher who knocked on the door in front of him and asked, “Has he always been so cranky?” ”

“Nothing… No… Witnessing this fat man who grew severed limbs back to their original form with just a slap, the researcher carefully smiled and replied: “Usually Dr. Killian is very gentle, today he may… Maybe something is not very square. ”

“Well, that’s right.” Lin Ran nodded and casually knocked out the palm in front of him.

Then Lin took a few steps back, and kicked directly on the door with the force of the forward charge.

With a “bang”, the solid wood door was kicked open by Lin Ran.

Dr. Killian, who had finally regained his head, was wasted again, and Dr. Killian was so angry that he casually picked up the documents on his desk and threw them towards the door, angrily saying, “Are you deaf?” I said don’t bother me! ”

Lin Ran, who caught the document, saw the blonde beauty who crawled out from under the table and the disgruntled Dr. Killian.

Well… I see.

It turned out to be a good thing that he was ruined.

The chubby Lin Ran casually threw the document aside, and he said: “Dr. Killian, I am the investigator of S.H.I.E.L.D. in charge of the suicide bombing of the Las Vegas casino, and my name is Clinton. Francis. Barton, you can always check my identity with S.H.I.E.L.D., our agents found your research at the scene of the explosion – traces of the desperate virus, you have to come with me. ”

“Impossible!” Dr. Killian forgot to mention his pants, and he stood up sharply.

Lin Ran looked at it and squinted with some disdain.

He said: “There is nothing impossible, you want people to know unless you can’t do anything!” ”

The female assistant was at a loss, after Killian handed him a look, the female assistant wanted to go around from Lin Ran to the door, and then the female assistant walked to Lin Ran’s side, and Lin Ran’s right hand slammed on the female assistant’s abdomen… From Killian’s point of view, Lin Ran slapped it with a palm, but in fact, Lin Ran pushed the female assistant on the other four fingers on his right hand except for his little finger.

Then a scene that surprised Dr. Killian happened.

I saw that the female assistant’s two hands quickly disappeared from her fingertips, and she didn’t stop until all her forearms disappeared.

“I… My hand! What have you done to me? ”

“What did you do to her?”

“Seriously, you look like love.” Lin Ran shook his head: “I didn’t do anything to her, I just made the desperate virus in her body invalid…” Stop looking at her, soon you will also become a cripple like her again. ”

Dr. Killian had wanted to buy his female assistant time.

However, I didn’t expect that before a female assistant who looked at herself, she was subdued.

The corners of Killian’s mouth hooked, “If you can walk here, it means that all the people outside are dead.” ”

“I’m not as cruel as you, I just let the desperate virus in their bodies fail, and then send them to a place where they should exist, that’s all.” Lin Ran tilted his head: “You don’t have to worry about them, soon you will meet them in a brand new place, but before that, you must be the same as your secretary.” ”

“Are you sure you’ll be able to catch me?”

“I’m sure.”

After speaking, Lin Ran stretched out his right hand.

In an instant, four golden Vajra chains extended from Lin Ran’s palm, and the chain extended extremely quickly in front of Killian, Killian did not know the depth of Lin Ran, and all he could know now was this Clinton in front of him. Barton was able to disable the desperate virus in an unknown way, but physical contact seemed necessary.

Dr. Killian reached out and tapped his desk on his desk.

In an instant, the floor flap behind the desk turned, and Killian instantly disappeared into the hollow.

Watching Killian escape with the tunnel, Lin Ran was unhurried.

He first grabbed the female assistant and opened a space door in the corner to throw the female assistant in.

Secret Avengers base.

“Mr. Stark, a new carrier has arrived.”

“Well, grab it and throw it in the detention area.”

Tony, who was eating pork breast, snapped his fingers, and then several robots that could move freely grabbed the female assistant, and then sent them to the prison of Underground 4 and threw them into a prison that already held more than a dozen female researchers and experimental products.

Lin Ran made a move, and he didn’t give up an inch of grass.

Now in Dr. Killian’s underground research institute, everyone who carried the desperate virus was thrown to the secret base by Lin Ran.

Except for Dr. Killian himself. _

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