Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 128

After knowing that the sealing technique could seal the desperate virus, Lin Ran was determined to change his career to become a master in the sealing technique.

The sealing technique in the Hokage manga has always been the patent of the Uzumaki family, although the original Hokage Senjukuma, the fourth generation of the Hokage Wave Feng Shui Gate and the sixth generation of the Hokage Banner will have some sealing techniques, but their sealing techniques are taught by the Uzumaki Mito, Uzumaki Jiu Shinai and other Uzumaki tribesmen, in other words, if you want to become a sealing master, you must have the special physique of the Uzumaki family.

Although Lin Ran can avoid the problem of physique with his system.

But he didn’t have the terrifying chakra of the Vortex clan, Qimu Wuwu said.

Naruto before Shippuden was his 4 without resorting to the Nine Tails, and counting the Nine Tails it was 400 times.

It’s really incomparable.

Lin Ran’s current Chakra is missing 1/3 when he uses a four-elephant seal, this is still the case that he has a level 7 Chakra control, if he does not upgrade the Chakra control to level 7, or level 4, it is estimated that a four-elephant seal Lin Ran’s Chakra will have to be less than half, so Lin Ran still needs to improve his Chakra amount before becoming a sealing master.

Leaving 8 World Origin Fragments, Lin Ran only smashed all 40 World Origin Fragments on the Attribute Extraction Point.

A total of 302 attribute points were drawn from the 40 blocks, plus the remaining ones before, and there were 308 points.

Lin Ran dragged the Chakra refining to the enhancement skill, and then directly pointed to level 7.

Then an embarrassing scene happened.

Lin Ran found that his clothes were a little strangled, and looked down… I actually gained a lot of weight.

“。。。” Lin Ran was silent for a moment and said, “System, I regret it, can you cancel it for me?”

Barrage: “Can’t.”

Lin Ran sighed.

Okay, the hero does not ask the source, the good man does not ask about fat and thin, although he has gained a big circle, but his height has also swooped online, now he can have a 1.85 meter, retracting his gaze from the pant leg of his bare neck, Lin Ran thought about it, this phenomenon of suddenly becoming fat after adding a point should be that his cells cannot store too much Chakra is supported.

Lin Ran closed his eyes and felt it.

Now his Chakra ratio has increased by a full 10 times compared to when Chakra refined Level 3!

Now Lin Ran’s chakra amount is about 450… (The previous 1500 is a joke, the Hokage formula book says that Kakashi’s chakra quantization is 150, and the previous one cannot be modified.) )

Almost 3 times as much as Kakashi, Naruto didn’t use 3 of 4 of the Nine Tails.

Now Lin Ran’s Chakra amount and Chakra recovery speed can fully support him to release 4 rounds of all his ninjutsu.

For the remaining 8 World Origin fragments, Lin Ran pumped 5 sealing techniques and 3 illusion techniques with a wave of his hand.

“Ding, the host draws the sealing technique: the sealing method seal.”

“Ding, the host draws the sealing technique: the four elephant seals.”

“Ding, the host draws the sealing technique: the sealing method seal.”

“Ding, the host draws the sealing technique: Vajra Chain (Sealing Technique Level 4, Chakra Refining Level 6, Chakra Control Level 6).”

“Ding, the host draws the sealing technique: the four-elephant seal.”

“Ding, the host draws illusions: Narakumi no Jutsu.”

“Ding, the host draws illusion: this is not the magic.”

“Ding, the host draws illusions: Narakumi no Jutsu.”

After the draw, Lin Ran pinched his fist that was a lot fatter than before.

I feel incredibly strong now

In fact, after adding the sealing technique and illusion art, Lin Ranzheng’s comprehensive development, the physical art has corpse bone vein, qimu knife method, ninjutsu himself is proficient in water system ninjutsu below grade B, sealing art is enough, even if he puts himself in the fire shadow world, he is also a powerful master of sealing art, although the illusion is weak, but it is enough.

After increasing the sealing technique to level 4, Lin Ran then added several newly obtained sealing techniques to the template limit. -.Illusions have all been added to level 2.

No way, Lin Ran’s current soul only has 75 points, while the Illusion Department needs 150 points if it wants to upgrade to level 3.

In addition to these, Lin Ran raised the commonly used ninjutsu such as water breaking waves, medical ninjutsu, water body, water double, and water array wall to the limit of the template, and spent more than 300 attribute points to the point where only 50 points remained.

Hokage lottery system (special upper ninja template).

Force: 150.

Min: 253.

Soul: 75.

Surgery: 150 (+20%).


Water (4 level 100%).

Soil (level 4 100%).

Sealing (Level 4 100%).

Medical ninjutsu (level 4 100%).

Bone veins (level 4 100%).

Foundation Skills:

Uchiha Blade Throwing (Level 4 100%).

Transfiguration (Level 1 28%).


Water Escape: Water body (level 4 100%).

Water Escape: Water array wall (level 4 100%).

Water Double: Water Avatar (Level 4 100%).

Water Escape: Water cannon shells (level 4 100%).

Water Escape: Water Prison (Level 4 100%).

Water Escape: Water Blade Slash (Level 4 100%).

Water Rush: Water Flush (Level 4 100%).

Occult Ninjutsu: Needle Jizo (Level 4 100%).

Occult Ninjutsu: The Art of Chaotic Lion Hair (Level 4 100%).

Occult Ninjutsu: Needle Hell (Level 4 100%).

Sealing: Fire Sealing (Level 4 100%).

Sealing: Evil Seal (Level 4 100%).

Sealing: Four Elephant Seal (Level 4 100%).

Sealing: Vajra Chains (Level 4 100%).

Sealing: Seal of the Four Elephants (Level 4 100%).

Illusion: Narakami no Jutsu (Level 2 100%).

Illusion: This is not the art (level 2 100%).

Secret Method: Kagura Heart Eye (Level 4 100%).

Medical Ninjutsu: Palm Cactus (Level 4 100%).

Enhanced Ninjutsu:

Water escape: water break wave (level 7 100%).

Occult Ninjutsu: Spiral Pill (Level 7 100%).

Basic: Chakra control (level 7 100%).

Physical skills: Qimu knife method (level 7 100%).

Basic: Chakra Refinement (Level 7 100%).

Special Skills:

Secret Script (Level 3 0%).

Wings of Hessenisser (Level 1 59%).

Secret Space Gate (Level 2 11%).

Well, good and powerful!

The fat version of Lin Ran nodded in satisfaction… In addition to the stature.

Clenching his chubby fist, Lin Ran was full of confidence.

Isn’t it just a desperate doctor? Do him! Don’t call me Sorcerer Lin Ran now, you should call me Genius Sealing Technique Lin Ran!”

No matter what kind of enemy, as long as they are hit by my King Kong chain, they can’t escape the fate of being dragged directly into the garbage truck by me! _

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