Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 126

Back in the garage, Lin Ran directly shot a four-elephant seal on the desperate virus carrier.

Then a scene that surprised Lin Ran and the others appeared.

I saw that the man’s left arm quickly disappeared from the finger, and this phenomenon did not end until the person’s left arm completely disappeared.

The man looked at his left arm in disbelief, and then rushed towards Lin Ran, after being kicked by Lin Ran, his back slammed into the wall before stopping, the man still struggled to stand up and charge towards Lin Ran, and finally Star-Lord pressed him to the ground, and the man roared and said angrily to Lin Ran: “What did you do to me!” My hand… What’s wrong with my hands! ”

“That’s what I want to ask too, man, what did you do to him?”

Lin Ran thought for a while and said: “I used a sealing technique on him, if I guessed correctly, it should be that the sealing technique I just used sealed all the desperate viruses in his body, and his severed limbs were restored by the desperate virus, so as soon as the desperate virus was sealed, his severed hand disappeared, it seems that now he has lost the way to control his own explosion.”

“You return my hand!”

“Brother, that’s not your hand.” Lin Ran said, “That’s a virus, Aldridge. Although Dr. Killian regenerates your severed hand with the Desperate Virus, he will also turn you into a human bomb, just like your companion. ”

“No, Dr. Killian gave me everything! You don’t understand! ”

“Hey.” Lin Ran sighed, and he said to Tony: “Now that he is safe, you can move him casually.”

“Okay, give me a few days… Seriously, genetics is really not my specialty. ”

Speaking of genetics, Lin Ran sounded a person.

To say that the Marvel universe is a big student, it is really much, but to say that the smartest superhero on the planet with the most doctorates is probably except for Bruce who became the Hulk in a fit of anger. There would be no one else outside Dr. Banner if Bruce . If Banner finds it, research on desperate viruses may progress rapidly… Why study desperate viruses?

Lin Ran scratched his chin and thought about it.

In fact, desperate viruses are inherently good, but they are just uncontrollable.

Once the side effects of the desperate virus can become a human bomb are eliminated, the desperate virus may really benefit mankind.

However, Lin Ran did not only want to benefit mankind.

If there is really a company that can make people’s severed limbs grow back, it will definitely make a lot of money.

Just how to find Bruce. Banner and convince him where?


Yes, the sealing technique can seal the desperate virus, and it is possible to seal Bruce. The Hulk in Banner’s body, Lin Ran can completely let Bruce. Banner has become a Hulk human pillar force, as long as Banner wants him to be able to turn into Hulk at any time, Banner will not refuse such conditions, with Banner, I believe that the problem of the side effects of the desperate virus can be solved soon.

So with Tony, Banner… Doesn’t Mao build a team of secret avengers?

If Fury’s elimination plan starts to be executed, then the world origin fragments of Team America 2 and Team America 3 can’t get by themselves, so why not earn some origin fragments from the secret Avengers? And if you want a secret Avenger, now is a good opportunity, through the desperate virus and the new group no one will pay attention.

And at this time, S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn’t have the energy to manage this.

This matter will be discussed later, now Lin Ran needs to get the location of Dr. Killian from the mouth of this desperate virus carrier.

The desperate virus in his body has been completely sealed by the Four Elephants Seal, and at this time, he is an ordinary disabled person.

Lin Ran squatted down, looked into his eyes, and asked, “Tell me, Aldridge. Where is Dr. Killian now? ”

“In your mother’s bed!”

“Huh.” Lin Ran smiled, and he nodded: “Well said, I like such hard bones, but I have never seen bones that are harder than me, see?” I can pull my bones out of your skin, and I can pull your bones out of your skin, but I won’t hurt, but you don’t know, I know why you’re Aldridge. Killian works because he can regenerate your severed limb, but I can make your right hand look like your left hand, I’ll give you 3 seconds! 3。。。 ”

“You don’t understand the white eyes that a disabled person receives!”

“I really don’t know!” Lin Ran nodded: “2…”

“You kill me!”

Lin Ran sighed: “Your answers are not correct, so I think I will recover some interest from you!”

The next scene is a little unsuitable.

It’s a pity that Lin Ran didn’t draw illusions, otherwise Lin Ran wouldn’t have needed to make it so bloody.

After Lin Ran personally pulled out the second finger of his thumb, he finally couldn’t stand Lin Ran’s forced confession and spat.

“Killian in America?” Lin Ran blinked, he reached out and pulled out a knuckle on the man’s hand, and Lin Ran sneered in the howl of pain: “Want to lie to me? Aldridge. How could Killian be in the US? ”

The man cried in pain, “Dr. Killian is really in America.”

“Well, it seems that what you said is true, Tony, this person will be handed over to you later.”

Tony nodded wordlessly.

Fortunately, Tony and Star-Lord present were both characters with blood on their hands, and neither of them felt any discomfort.

Knocking the man unconscious casually, Lin Ran said to Tony: “Dude, I have an idea, do you want to hear it?”

“Talk about it.”

“I want to build a so-called secret avenger!”

“Secret Avengers!” Tony’s eyes lit up, he grabbed Lin Ran’s hand, and said excitedly: “Brother, you still understand me, in fact, when I signed that Avengers plan, I established a group independent outside S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“。。。” Something is wrong, how could Tony have such an idea?

Lin Ran tilted his head and asked, “How can you have the idea of establishing a secret avenger?”

Tony said softly to Lin Ran: “Do you remember the days when I took the antidote?” That’s because I was severely poisoned by palladium in the Ark reactor, and then Fury gave me the materials my father left in S.H.I.E.L.D., and I saw a letter left by my father in addition to the new Ark reactor, S.H.I.E.L.D. has been severely infiltrate! ”

Lin Ran’s eyes narrowed, how could even Tony know about this.

It’s not mentioned in the movie.

But since Tony has this idea, things are much easier.

Although it will take time to finalize the future events and details, the formation of the secret Avengers has already been decided.

After that, Lin Ran left Tony’s house with Star-Lord, as for the carrier of the desperate virus, he had been tied up and did not even have the ability to resist at all, and the next day, Tony sent the carrier of the desperate virus to a secret research institute that had been closed for a year and was originally affiliated with Stark Arms Industries, and no one knew that Tony had enabled it.

Because all the operators here are robots controlled by Jarvis. _

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