Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 125

Why was Lin Ran sure that there was another person?

The black widow lowered her head and groaned, but when she turned her head, she saw that Xingjue was breathing fire under her feet and chasing Lin Ran, who suddenly grew wings, and left.

Seriously, since she entered the Red House in 1997 to start her studies, she has rarely had this kind of unsorted situation, and she still doesn’t know how these two suicide attackers used to melt the doorknob, and why break the door if they just wanted to launch a suicide attack? Is it bad to detonate a bomb directly outside the door?

And why did Lin Ran suddenly grow wings just now?

It seems that everything today is unacceptable.

The black widow, who pondered for a while without success, finally gave up thinking, because a group of police cars and fire vehicles with police lights were coming towards this side in the distance, Lin Ran black widow sighed, she took out her mobile phone and called Chief Fury.

Fury, who received Agent Natasha’s report, was also confused.

Let’s not mention how S.H.I.E.L.D. portrayed the Las Vegas casino bombing as a despicable terrorist bomb attack.

At this time, Lin Ran was chasing someone.

Just now, when Lin Ran rushed into the opposite room with a bone knife, he saw that one of the carriers of the desperate virus had lit up with an orange light, and Lin Ran, who had seen steel 3, knew that the desperate virus had an ability to become a human bomb that no one could detect, and its explosive power was even more terrifying than the power of explosives such as TNT and black gold cable.

Looking at the desperate virus carrier who seemed to be holding back in pain, Lin Ran returned directly to the room without saying a word.

And at that time, Lin Ran saw another desperate virus carrier jump down the window.

Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps, even if it is more than 2 o’clock in the morning, the streets are bustling with people, and the crowds on the streets are moving like ants, but Lin Ran used Kagura Heart Eye in his hand, he only had the pink point of light in his eyes, flew twice, Lin Ran did not find the pink point of light, gritted his teeth, Lin Ran directly lit 10 points on Kagura Heart Eye.

The detection range of Kagura’s Heart Eye that had risen to level 2 instantly increased to a radius of 20 meters.

Kagura’s heart eye, which expanded the range of 4 (it’s 4), instantly found the pink dot.

“Grandma’s, I can still run you!”

Lin Ran found the right direction, Hessen Iser’s wings brought a gust of wind, he dived directly towards the ground, and soon caught up with another desperate virus carrier, in the surprised eyes of many pedestrians, Lin Ran never descended, a pair of wings stretched out, and then he kicked the desperate virus carrier to the ground… In a crowded place, Lin Ran did not dare to give him a chance to let him hold himself up, Lin Ran directly slapped a palm cactus on him, and then five fingers parted and poked him in the abdomen.

“Sealing Technique: Sealing Fire Seal!”

The devil knows if the sealing method seal can be useful.

However, this was already the only sealing technique that Lin Ran had mastered.

If it weren’t for the fact that there were no World Origin Fragments at this time, Lin Ran really wanted to immediately draw a few sealing techniques to deal with emergencies.

I don’t know if it was the palm cactus technique that destroyed his body mechanism and caused his skill disorder to make him unable to activate the desperate virus explosion, or the sealing method seal was good to use, in short, this goods twisted on the ground for a long time and turned red, Lin Ran gave him a set of seals and two sets, and then dragged him to take off, and in the sky Lin Ran met the Star Lord who chased over. He and Star-Lord descended on the roof of a building.

Lin Ran drew circles and went directly to Tony’s mansion.

At the moment when Lin Ran and Star-Lord appeared, Jarvis gently woke up Tony.

Sleepy-eyed in his pajamas, Tony walked to the underground garage.

“Well… When did you start kidnapping people? ”

“Not for you yet.”

“Huh? For me? Tony looked dazed.

Lin Ran gave the man a sealed two-piece set again, and then Lin Ran said to Tony: “Have you made any achievements in genetics?”

Tony shook his head, “I took nuclear physics in college, but give me 12 hours to get into the master’s degree in genetic engineering.”

“Enough.” Lin Ran gently mentioned the desperate virus carrier at his feet, and he said to Tony: “12 years ago, you put a person named Aldridge in Switzerland. The pigeon of Killian’s people, he is already a genius in genetic engineering, he has come up with a genetic product that can regenerate amputated limbs, called the desperate virus, this person is the carrier of the desperate virus, but the desperate virus can not only regenerate amputated limbs but also make people become the most defenseless human bomb, help me study him. ”

“12 years in Switzerland…” Tony thought for a moment, “I’m not impressed, but to be able to work on something like this, I think I should be able to talk to him.” Back to the point, if this person is an unstable human bomb, how can we restrain him from exploding? Do you want to deal with ducks? ”

“You don’t have to worry about it.” While speaking, Lin Ran was another sealed two-piece set, and then he beckoned to Xing Jue, looked at Xing Jue seriously, and said, “Brother, now is the time for you to pay, come, give me the bracelet.”

“Bracelet? What for? ”

“Borrow millions of cosmic coins… Hey, don’t run, I’m really useful. ”

“。。。 I have more than 5 million, which is the money for the modification of the Milano. Also, why do you want cosmic coins on Earth? ”

“Useful, useful, that… You look for Tony, and I’ll ask him to give it to you in a 1-to-2 ratio. ”

Tony, who was standing on the side, was speechless: “My money is not blown by the wind, you can pull it down.”

Giving the desperate virus carrier a two-piece set again, Lin Ran hurriedly walked to the bathroom with Star Lord’s bracelet, and said to Tony and Star Lord while walking Lin Ran: “Give me 3 minutes, you guys are optimistic that he will not move.”

Walking into the bathroom, Lin Ran directly exchanged the 5 million cosmic coins in the bracelet into 50 World Origin Fragments.

Entering the lottery selection column, nothing else could attract Lin Ran, and he directly entered the sealing turntable.

Smoke TM’s!

“Ding, the host draws “Sealing: Sealing the Evil Law Seal”. ”

“Hmm… Is this OK? ”

After Sasuke was hit by the spell seal by Orochimaru in the original work of Hokage, Kakashi used the Evil Seal to seal the spell on Sasuke’s body, although the specific role of the Evil Seal was not explained in the original work, but it should always be possible.

However, for the sake of safety, Lin Ran smoked again.

“Ding, the host draws “Sealing: Four Elephant Seals”. ”

“Well, that’s pretty much it.”

The four-elephant seal is famous in the Hokage, and the seal that left Naruto to seal the nine-tailed chakra is the four-elephant seal left by the storm water gate, this thing can even be sealed by the nine-tails, let alone a small desperate virus! Do him!

The remaining World Origin Fragment Lin Ran only drew attribute points 8 times, and then upgraded the sealing technique to level 4, and the Four Elephant Seal also rose to level 4, spending the newly drawn attribute points to only 6 points, at this time Lin Ran’s system balance was World Origin Fragment × 40, attribute points × 6. The priority now is to seal the desperate virus carrier first.

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