Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 124

Being teased by the black widow, Lin Ran’s face did not blush.

Lin Ran, who pretended that nothing had happened just now, coughed lightly twice and said, “No, he is indeed the sponsor of Dr. Killian, but after the desperate virus studied by Dr. Killian was perfected, he Killian ran away, they don’t know where Killian is, I need to find him…” One note is that the desperate virus can regenerate amputated limbs, and you can pay attention to the sudden mass recovery of disabled limbs in that area. ”

“We have already thought of this and have already begun to investigate.”

Lin Ran nodded.

For finding someone S.H.I.E.L.D. is definitely professional, this layman himself or don’t command the insider.

Lin Ran pointed to the rich second generation of India: “What about this person?”

“Throw it here, trust me, he won’t talk nonsense.” Black Widow waved the SD card on the Indian rich second generation, and then naturally held Lin Ran’s arm, Lin Ran froze instantly, just like that, the two people walked out of the room naturally and unnaturally, Black Widow said: “Where is your room?” I haven’t slept in 48 hours. ”

“On the 12th floor… That, the memory card in your hand is… ”

“I forced him to insult his father and threatened him that if he told him about today’s events, I would mail this SD card to his father, I investigated his relationship with his father, and if his father knew that he had abused him, then he would probably be deprived of his inheritance.” Black Widow said softly, “Which Indian communications tycoon has four sons.”

Lin Ran laughed twice.

He also thought that the SD card would be some photos that could not be seen by India’s rich second-generation wife.

All the way back to Lin Ran and Xing Jue’s room.

In the room has not slept, is pinching the gamepad to play video games with the computer Star-Lord surprised to look at Lin Ran who went out to wander around and brought back a big beauty, Star-Lord has never seen Black Widow, when he followed Tony to New York, Black Widow no longer used the identity of Tony’s assistant, so he thought that this flower-like beauty was Lin Ran’s newly fishing girl.

Xing Jue showed a clear expression on his face, and then he said to Lin Ran: “I understand, I will make room for you.”

“Make a fart.” Lin Ran glared at him, and then introduced to both sides: “This is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Natasha. Agent Romanov, this is Peter . Quill, my friend, intergalactic predator, Agent Natasha is here on a mission, just happened to meet me by chance, go to our room to rest for the night, what do you have in your head? ”

“Well… Hello, Agent Natasha. ”

“Hello…” Black Widow greeted Star-Lord, and she turned her head to look at Lin Ran: “How do you know that my name is Natasha. Romanov’s? It seems that I never introduced myself to you? ”

“You know, I have special abilities.”

“Okay.” Black Widow casually undressed and shoes, and then got directly into the bed: “Don’t bother me.” After that, Black Widow closed her eyes, and after a while she breathed evenly.

Lin Ran suddenly thought of something-

For Mao Xingjue and Black Widow met in advance, why didn’t he give himself a fragment of the origin of the world?.. It seems that Black Widow and Star-Lord have not met in “Avengers 3”, but in “Avengers 4” they have not met either?

It seems so.

Looking at the black widow who fell asleep quickly, Star-Lord, who had originally pressed the crackling of the handle, also stopped moving. Lin Ran looked at his eyebrows and eyebrows and knew what this orange was thinking, Lin Ran spread his hand indifferently, sharp bone spurs penetrated his palm, Xing Jue would care, turned his head to focus on playing the game, and Lin Ran took another bed to rest.

Lin Ran felt that he hadn’t been asleep for a long time, and his mouth was covered.

Lin Ran, who was not breathing smoothly, immediately woke up, and his left hand protruded out a bone spur and stabbed him sharply.

Fortunately, Lin Ran’s reaction was fast enough, otherwise the black widow’s head in front of him would be penetrated. Black Widow was startled, but she still shook her head slightly at Lin Ran, and then made a silencing gesture.

What for?

Lin Ran frowned, he rolled over and got out of bed, looked at Xingjue who was lying on the sofa and dressed, he tiptoed to the door, and then knotted the “Yin” seal with his right hand, and in an instant everyone within a radius of ten meters turned into the light on the black disk, Lin Ran found the green black widow, the dim cyan light point Star Lord on the disk.

However, what made Lin Ran pay more attention were the two green-pink light spots outside the door.

What the hell is this pink dot of light?

Lin Ran looked out through the cat’s eyes. Outside the door, two people in waiter clothes stood at the door, they were very close to the door, Lin Ran could even see the whites of a person’s eyes, just when Lin Ran wanted to turn back to ask the black widow, Lin Ran suddenly felt a hot belly, Lin Ran took a step back and looked down, it turned out that a small piece of the metal room door had been burned red!

Lin Ran was stunned.

Immediately he reacted, this is one of the abilities of the desperate virus! Rhode wearing the Steel Patriot in Steel 3 was once tortured by the high temperature of Killian using the desperate virus, because of design flaws, the Steel Patriot using MK6 as the prototype was not strong in heat resistance, and finally Killian controlled the Steel Patriot and almost wiped out all the high-ranking officials of the American government.

Lin Ran took a few steps back.

At this time, Star-Lord had been woken up by Black Widow, Star-Lord looked blankly at the doorknob that had been turned red, and seemed to understand something, he quickly put on his wrist and ankle ring, and then the half-Iron Man version of Star-Lord appeared in the room.

Black Widow took out a pistol from behind him, and he nodded to Lin Ran.

Well… This should be a signal to start first.

Lin Ran clasped his hands together, and then pushed forward.

“Water Rush: Water Rush!”


The door handle was scalded red and about to melt the door was washed open by a large amount of water, and the two people outside the door were even washed into the opposite room by the water, Lin Ran habitually pulled out the bone knife from his left shoulder, and he rushed out of the room in two steps. However, he soon rushed back, and at the same time, he quickly used a water dungeon spell to envelop himself, Star-Lord and Black Widow.

Then, there was an earth-shattering noise.

Lin Ran, who was shrouded in water dungeon, was pushed out of the floor-to-ceiling window of the room by the shock wave at the moment of the explosion.

Lin Ran, who was pushed into the air, saw that the glass of all the rooms on the entire 12th floor was shattered in the explosion, and in an instant, the entire 12th floor was shrouded in flames. Lin Ran, who was in mid-air, canceled the water dungeon technique, and the wings of Hessen Iser instantly appeared behind him, Lin Ran grabbed Black Widow and put her to the ground, as for Star-Lord he had thrusters.

Then Lin Ran fluttered his wings: “I’ll go find another person!” “_

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