Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 123

Need help yourself?

Or come to her room at 11 o’clock?

Lin Ran tilted his head, well… This can’t help but make people think crooked.

Where to go or not?

Gotta go! In case Black Widow really ran into some trouble, although it turned out that Black Widow was still alive at least until “Avengers: Infinity War” and was active on the hidden front of S.H.I.E.L.D., what if because of his appearance, the butterfly finally flapped its wings, so that Black Widow really encountered a task that she couldn’t cope with this time?

Go! What a terrible thing in case it’s a good thing.

On this evening, Lin Ran did not return to New York.

He sent a text message to the charter mother, and asked Xingjue to take his green card and open a room.

Although the expression of the front desk is very strange, it does not seem to be an unacceptable thing for men and men in the United States, after all, there are many stars in Hollywood who come out publicly, Star Lord opened the room, Lin Ran felt that the time was much worse, he took a bath in the room, and then sorted out his hair in a long ponytail in the shadow, and finally Lin Ran smiled and went up to room 6 on the 19th floor.

Lin Ran looked around, and he reached out and knocked on the door.

No one responded, but the door quickly opened.

Suddenly Lin Ran was wary, obviously something was wrong.

After coming to this world, Lin Ran learned the most not all kinds of ninjutsu and skills, but vigilance!

Lin Ran’s right hand formed a “Yin” mark on his chest, and Kagura’s heart eye immediately activated, but what surprised Lin Ran was that there was only one yellow and green point of light on the black disk, Lin Ran knew that this was the black widow’s point of light, but there was no other point of light other than this point of light.

What’s going on?

Lin Ran was confused, and the black widow poked out from the door: “Why don’t you come in.” ”

“Huh? I… Well, nothing, just seems to have forgotten to buy something. ”


“Nothing, no need to buy it, that… What are you looking for me for? ”

“Come in.”

Lin Ran tugged at his collar and followed the black widow into the room with a hot body.

However, in fact, Lin Ran thought too much, although now Black Widow wore very little… In fact, Lin Ran can only see a wide men’s shirt now, the sleeves are rolled up, a set of black two-piece sets in the shirt, which is unusually conspicuous in the white transparent shirt, slender legs are simply impossible to look away, knowing that Lin Ran saw a clothed beast tied to a chair, Lin Ran only fell his gaze on the man, Lin Ran tilted his head and looked at the gagged man: “This is… ”

“The people you need.”

“Someone I need?”

Black Widow walked to the wine cabinet and poured herself a glass, she hugged her arm and walked back to Lin Ran: “Fury said that you want to check a scientist who studies the “desperate virus”, S.H.I.E.L.D. 2 and the little clue you gave found a person, Dr. Aldridge Killian, and then we found Dr. Killian’s funder through the S.H.I.E.L.D. network. ”


“Uh-huh.” Black Widow nodded and said, “Aldridge. Dr. Killian was very well organized, and we didn’t wait to find that person who could give you the information you wanted, but after investigation, this person… The second son of the Indian communications tycoon is the financier of Dr. Killian’s research on the desperate virus, tell you everything you want to know, I have pried his mouth open, you can start at any time. ”

“S.H.I.E.L.D. really impresses me.”

“Trust me, this is just the beginning… I’m going to take a shower, you’d better finish before I come out, you should have 27 minutes and 11 seconds left. After that, the black widow casually took off his shirt and walked to the bathroom wearing only a two-piece suit.

Lin Ran swallowed his saliva: “Is the time so accurate?” ”

“Of course, a second is not bad.”


The bathroom door closes the perfect body inside.

Lin Ran coughed unnaturally twice, and turned his head to look at the rich second generation of India who was “conquered” by the black widow.

Although the black widow said that he would know everything and say everything, Lin Ran still wanted to give him a little deterrence, so Lin Ran pulled out the index finger bone of his left hand in front of the Indian rich second generation, and in the shocked eyes of the Indian rich second generation, Lin Ran smiled and said to him: “Okay, Indian dog household, tell me something about Aldridge. The Killian thing. ”

The rich second generation of India nodded and told the story he knew about Dr. Killian.

Go back in time to the cross-Chinese New Year’s Eve 12 years ago.

Tony Smith, who had been president of Stark Industries for 8 years at the time. Stark is simply an icon for the young people of the world.

It is also Aldridge, who is poor and limp on this foot. Killian’s idol, just on December 31, 199, crossed Chinese New Year’s Eve, Aldridge. Killian met Tony in Bern, Switzerland with his ideas, dreams and visions. Stark, the genius, promised to meet Killian on the rooftop at Night, but Tony, who ended up rolling the sheets with the beautiful woman, did not go.

Dr. Killian pondered his life overnight on the rooftop.

However, the cold wind of this night blew two major events.

The first big thing is that Killian is more determined to develop the desperate virus to take revenge on the arrogant Tony. Stark, and another big thing is that Dr. Killian has found a funder… These two things were told to Lin Ran by the rich second generation of India, but Lin Ran only believed the first one.

Lin Ran asked, “Is the research and development of the desperate virus complete?” ”

“It’s basically done, but it’s not stable.”

“So soon?”

However, Lin Ran didn’t expect Lin Ran to think about it, the story line of Steel 3 took place about half a year after Avengers 1, which means that it is only about 16 months from now, I think it will take time for Dr. Killian to form his own terrorist attack team, and the fake man may still play an unpopular role in a small studio.

Lin Ran continued to ask, “Tell me where Killian is now?” ”

“I don’t know.” The rich second generation of India said: “This white-eyed wolf destroyed all the experimental data after the desperate virus was completed, he left the laboratory we built for him, he disappeared, we don’t know where he went.” ”


“Yes, he’s a bastard!”

This is something a villain does, and Killian in Steel 3 seems to be. .

Wait a minute, Steel 3 inside Killian controls a terrorist organization, it seems to be called… The Ten Commandments Gang, and Killian also used a gunship to bomb Tony’s mansion in the movie, without the funding of Indian tycoons, what did he rely on to get so many good things? Are the big dogs lying to me? Probably not… That’s right, desperate virus!

Although the desperate virus has side effects, that thing can really repair the stump.

But now there was a problem in front of Lin Ran.

What about Killian?

Lin Ran has been pondering, knowing that the black widow who took a bath came out of the bathroom in a casual dress, Lin Ran glanced at the black widow with some pity… The shirt just now was called beautiful, and now this body is a complete waste of figure.


“It’s okay, it would be perfect if I could change my clothes.”

The black widow tilted her head, and she smiled at Lin Ran: “Sure enough, men think about the same things, otherwise I can’t easily let him take away the bodyguards, I asked if the information you got from your mouth is satisfactory?” “_

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