Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 122

“It’s enough to touch it once.” Lin Ran waved his hand: “My conditions are very simple, help me find someone.” ”

“Looking for someone? Who? ”

“I don’t know the name of this man, but I know that he has been working on a genetic product called the “desperate virus” for the last 20 years, which can make the severed limb of a disabled person grow back and find him, and then I give me all his information, this is my condition, how about this time it is a discount for you.” ”

“Then I really thank you.” Fury looked at the time on his watch, and he looked up and said to Lin Ran: “I still have business, go first.” ”

“Let’s go, no more sitting down to eat?”

Fury looked at the skinned egg lean porridge on the table and Lin Ran who was slowly eating the 5th drawer of buns, Fury said: “I don’t want you, there are still many things waiting for me to deal with within S.H.I.E.L.D., and I still need to prepare for the follow-up aftermath, as for the list and the information of the follow-up personnel, I will hand it over to you after sorting it out…” Plus, you’ll need a partner. ”

“Huh? Partner? I don’t need a partner. ”

“No, what you need, as for the doctor who developed some kind of “desperate virus” that can make a severed limb grow again… I’ll send someone to find him, but right now I can’t use the power of S.H.I.E.L.D., so I’ll need a while. ”

“It’s okay, as long as it happens before Avengers 1 happens.”

Fury said that he did not understand what Lin Ran meant.

But he didn’t ask, turned and left.

Lin Ran finished eating 6 drawers of buns, and slowly wandered to find Xingjue, who was temporarily staying at Tony’s house.

Star Lord, who has been away from the earth for 22 years, has a very vague understanding of the earth, and Tony and Rhode basically have no time when Lin Ran is away, so he can only learn about the world through the Internet, but when Lin Ran, the big idler, returns, then Lin Ran, as the host, naturally has to take Star Lord to eat, drink and have fun everywhere.

In fact, after coming to the Marvel Universe, Lin Ran himself has not visited New York very well.

The first two months came because there was no money, and then I had money because I was lazy and did not have time.

But now that Lin Ran is idle, he has time to take Xingjue around to play.

Three days passed like this.

August 13, 2011.

Zhenghe Star-Lord threw a lot of money at the Las Vegas casino… Well, when he threw a few meters of yuan, Lin Ran’s mobile phone rang.

It seems that the ID is a string of garbled characters.

Picking up the phone casually, Lin Ran looked at the gambling table without blinking: “Hello.” ”

“Hello, Sorcerer, I think Fury once mentioned me to you, and I am your new partner from today onwards.”

“New partner?” Lin Ran listened to the somewhat familiar and somewhat strange female voice of the electricity, Lin Ran tilted his head, it seemed… 3 days ago Fury told him that he would have a new one to help him complete that simple and rude click, at this time Lin Ran suddenly sounded the owner of this voice, Lin Ran asked: Have you seen it somewhere, for example, in Tony’s mansion, the scene is me and Tony saying, you and his bodyguard are in the ring? ”

“You have a good memory, it’s really me.”

Black Widow.

Lin Ran just wanted to speak, but heard Black Widow say:

“If I were you, I would bet a total of 30 meters of chips in my hand on Xiaoshang.”

“Huh? Are you in a casino? How did you come along? Lin Ran was a little surprised, in order not to let the charter lady worry that Lin Ran went to distant places to directly draw circles to and fro, which led to Lin Ran and Xingjue going to any place are temporary intentions, black widow… How did she know her exact location? Or is there a prophet in S.H.I.E.L.D.?

“Oh, I don’t have your ability to speak, but coincidentally, I’m on other missions at this casino.”

“So is it a violation of the rules for you to contact me?”

“As long as I don’t affect the task… Sorry, I got to hang. ”

Black Widow hung up the phone after speaking.

Lin Ran looked at the total 30-meter yuan chips in his hand, and he casually handed the chips to Xing Jue: “I’ll go to the bathroom.” ”

Xingjue, who was already addicted, just waved his hand and looked down to pay attention to the situation of the sieve cup.

Lin Ran opened Kagura’s Heart Eye.

Although the detection distance of 10 meters is a bit close, it is enough in this crowded casino.

The black disk is basically full of small red photovoltaics, and there are a few small white light spots in addition to the orange small light spots… The small orange light spot should be human, and it should be ordinary people, untrained, according to Marvel’s grading division should be delta-level, as for white photoelectricity… Lin Ran looked up, those white photoelectric lights should be the monitoring in the casino.

Lin Ran wandered around the casino, layer by layer.

Although most of them are small orange light spots, Lin Ran still found some yellow dots on the black disc after strolling for more than 10 minutes, these yellow dots should be more than the Delta level gamma level, should be the security personnel in the casino, these are all former special forces recruited from the army, but Lin Ran finally found a green point of light on the black disc.

This should be Black Widow.

Lin Ran looked at a table that was relatively loose than the other tables, and this round table was playing Texas Hold’em.

Several bodyguards in black suits maintained law and order at the round table.

5 people sitting around the round table are intrigued, the spectators around can only look inside outside the bodyguard, Lin Ran has some understanding of Texas Hold’em, that is when he was in college, he and his roommate in the same bedroom gambled who sold breakfast, the degree of play is only a specific game, Lin Ran squeezed to the front with his physical fitness.

This position is just enough for Black Widow to see him.

But what made Lin Ran a little disappointed was that Black Widow was not surprised after seeing him.

She even took the wine glass in her hand to greet Lin Ran.

At this time, the black widow was not wearing an OL suit when she was an assistant next to Tony, at this time she was wearing a black evening dress, the big V was really impossible to look away, and winked at Lin Ran, almost let Lin Ran hook Lin Ran’s soul, Lin Ran hurriedly recited the Qingxin mantra in his heart several times before he eased his breath.

But seeing that the black widow continued to look at her, her eyes glanced in front of Lin Ran without a trace.

Lin Ran understood that the target of the black widow this time was the man sitting opposite the black widow, Lin Ran had paid attention to the people at the table before coming to this gambling table, and the rest had nothing to pay attention to, only the target of this black widow looked like a well-dressed beast, and the diamond ring on her finger was bigger than a pigeon egg, so rich and showing off her wealth, it must not be a good person.

Although she didn’t know what task Black Widow was performing, Lin Ran estimated that she would be able to handle it no matter what task it was.

Lin Ran nodded to her, and then turned and left.

A few minutes later, Lin Ran’s mobile phone, which had just received a few stinky cats from Xing Jue’s hand, rang.

Lin Ran took it out, and there was a text message on it:

“I need help, go to room 6 on the 19th floor of the casino at 11 o’clock, I’ll wait for you.” _

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