Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 119

Rhode snorted.

Star-Lord’s current armament was upgraded by Tony, and the technology is the fusion of MK suit technology and cosmic technology.

Although it sounds tall, Star-Lord’s palm cannon will not cause much damage to the MK suit and the war machine suit.

“What’s your bet with Lin?”

“A million meters of gold… Face it up, Rhode! ”

“。。。” Rhode glanced at Tony speechlessly and said, “Let me calculate how long it will take you to earn 1 million meters of gold…” Well, a minute or two? If you’re serious, less than a minute, right? ”

“Mijin, I naturally won’t care, if Lin Ran said that they would pay us 1 million cosmic coins!”

“What coins?”

“Forget it, you just need to know to win!”

“So… That’s it! ”

The first round of attack was not the first to start in the steel group, but Lin Ran.

After using the ninjutsu that can be used without sealing, Lin Ran changed from having to seal before being able to attack, often resulting in being the enemy’s first hand to being able to launch an attack first, only to see Lin Ran push forward with both hands, and a constantly rotating waterspout appeared out of thin air, and then a huge stream of water shot towards Tony and Rhode.

The two men immediately controlled their suits, dodged.

A large amount of water shot into the air, stirring up waves in the sky, and Tony and Rhode rushed towards Lin Ran at this time.

However, Lin Ran had long expected the next attack of the two goods.

Lin Ran’s hands quickly froze.

After coming to this world and discovering that the water body can share memories with the body, Lin Ran has never stopped letting the water body train the sealing speed… Muscle memory is also memory. Lin Ran’s current printing speed has reached 1 second and 4 prints from the earliest 1 second and 2 prints to now, and the 5 seals are finished in about a second.

“Water Escape: Cut Water and Break the Wave!”

Lin Ran’s mouth struck, and a column of water like a high-pressure water gun rushed out.

The current Radical Cutting Water Breaking Wave is no longer the water breaking wave that even the MK2 type suit could not break when Lin Ran was still forbearing, and the current Fierce Cutting Water Breaking Wave cut extremely strongly, and it was originally in the face of Ivan. When Vanke operated Black Iron Man, the thing was thicker than the armor of the MK suit, but Lin Ran still cut the Black Iron Man suit instantly with a sharp cutting water breaking wave.

If Lin Ran went all out to output Chakra, if Tony and Rhode hadn’t dodged, then I’m afraid that after a few seconds, Lin Ran could only hold them and beg them to hold on and not die… Therefore, Lin Ran did not output Chakra with all his strength, and the cutting force of the water column was not strong, even if it hit Tony and Rod’s suit, it would only leave a trace at most.

Watching Lin Ran spit out the water column, Tony and Rhode dodged.

The thrusters under his feet burst into flames, and his figure turned and dodged.

As for Star-Lord.

Not to mention that he was paddling next to him, at least he hadn’t heard much about the palm cannon, and fired hard at Tony and Rod, but the energy beam equivalent to the power of Tony’s palm cannon didn’t work at all, and it was like tickling the steel brothers… Several attacks failed to stop Tony and Rhode, and in the blink of an eye, the two of them rushed in front of them.

The steel fist smashed towards Lin Ran.

In other words, why don’t they use the palm of their hands for fear of hurting themselves?

Lin Ran’s heart moved, and Hessen’s wings instantly appeared behind Lin Ran, and then his wings fluttered, and Lin Ran’s figure instantly retreated.

Rhode was stunned for a moment… Not to mention that Rhode was stunned when he even saw Lin Ran’s wings for the first time.

However, Rhode has a military background after all, and after fighting the Destroyer together in New Mexico, it seems that there is nothing in this world that can make Rhode feel the subversion of the three views, and soon Rhode reacted.

The M134 cannon behind him immediately opened fire.

In an instant, the powerful fire that erupted from the machine gun blocked Lin Ran’s upward possibility.

Passing through a hail of bullets? That’s no joke.

Lin Ran faced Tony, who was waving his iron fist, and his hands quickly froze.

“Water Escape: Water Cannonball!”


A series of water balls that seemed to be saliva spat out from Lin Ran’s mouth.

Only a level 3 water cannon shell fell on the MK suit without breaking the defense at all, but Tony felt that the place where the suit was hit by the water cannon shell seemed to be stunned by someone with a rocket, and Jarvis’s voice and timely sound: “6 contusions detected.”

“。。。” Tony didn’t care and kept going.

However, then, the scene that Tony will never forget appeared!

I saw Lin Ran smile evilly at him, and then from his palm and elbow joint, a sharp and barbed Senbai bone actually drilled out.

Although Tony has been to the bloody battlefield, he has never seen such a scene.

Even if Tony has seen more cruel and uncomfortable pictures, it is not incomprehensible, but when something that he cannot understand appears in front of him, no matter who it is, there will be a momentary loss of concentration.

Lin Ran smiled and said to Tony: “This is a new ability I have mastered, how about it?” ”

“Well… It’s scary. ”


The MK suit Tony was wearing collided with the bones in Lin Ran’s hand.

Lin Ran’s empty left hand appeared, and a rubbed spiral pill shot directly towards Tony’s stomach… The spiral pill is very strange, usually speaking, the appearance of ninjutsu is much different when it is high level and low level, but when Spiral Pill Lin Ran first mastered it, it was not as good as a palm-sized pill.

Tony knew that Lin Ran’s skill was very powerful.

He immediately controlled the suit to fly upside down.

After a minute of fighting, both sides finally stopped.

Rhode looked at the sharp bone spur in the palm of Lin Ran’s right hand, and he asked very curiously, “Does it hurt?” ”

“It doesn’t hurt.” In front of Tony, Rhode, and Star-Lord, the bone spurs in the palm of his right hand slowly returned to the palm, and then, Lin Ran’s right hand pulled out an extremely sharp bone knife from the shoulder of his left arm, Lin Ran saw that the eyes of the three of them were about to fall, Lin Ran waved at them with the left arm that had just grown bones, and said: “This is my new ability, in general, my osteoblasts, osteoclasts and calcium concentrations are hundreds of times higher than ordinary people, so my bones can grow indefinitely.” ”

“This is a weird ability.” Tony said, “It’s getting more and more like a demon.” ”

“Whatever you say, anyway, I am very strong now, do you want to continue?”

“Forget it.” Tony waved his hand: “We lost, your ability can not only attack but also attack our spirit.” ”

“This is the legendary soldier who surrenders without a fight.” Lin Ran said, casually handed the bone knife to Xing Jue, and said, “Accept it, even if I give you a gift…” Well, this is my precious left arm bone. ”

Xing Jue had an ugly smile on his face: “I’m afraid you’re not scaring me.” ”

“That’s a little bit of a dare.” Lin Ran clapped his hands and said, “It’s not early, let’s go have a supper, I’ll treat you!” ”

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