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This panda wrote manga and manga fandom for the first time, and there were indeed problems in the setting and plot advancement.

In addition, in fact, the panda does not want to write the upgrade flow, what enemies appear to suppress the panda with one hand also likes, but can not directly let the protagonist open six modes, a ground explosion stars seconds everything, now the protagonist is still changing the plot, but still want to correct back the confusion period, after the Avengers 1 plot, the protagonist’s pace is set, that is the real beginning.

As for the enemies that the protagonist encounters, he can’t deal with them… This is indeed a problem.

But it’s either the water attribute or the earth attribute, that lethal hit.

。。。 The following text.

In the end, Lin Ran, who had the most right to speak, negated the rather unreliable proposals of Tony, Rhode and Star-Lord and finalized that his combat uniform did not need those useless things, Lin Ran’s combat uniform did not have other messy other equipment, only two 20 cm oblique folding armor openings were made at the base of the shoulder blade behind the combat uniform, and there were also round folding openings throughout the body.

This was no different from Lin Ran’s original idea, and the only function Lin Ran added was a folding parachute.

Adding a parachute is still Rhode’s idea for Lin Ran.

At that moment, Rhode felt that Lin Ran’s gaze was very wrong, but what was wrong Rhode couldn’t say.

“That’s what it means, how long will it take?”

“Soon, probably… 8 hours bar. ”

“So soon?” Lin Ran tilted his head: “After absorbing the space technology, I have made a lot of progress.”

“It has nothing to do with space technology, who am I, Tony. Stark, the most talented playboy in the whole world! ”

“Well, see you in those eight hours.”

Tony waved his hand and quickly disappeared into the garage.

8 hours is not a long time for Rhode and Star-Lord, after the 3 people watched Tony leave in the garage, they went upstairs to the living room of the mansion with nothing to do, Lin Ran slapped himself on the sofa and collapsed directly, and then took the remote control to turn on the huge projection TV, and the huge projection TV with the water screen as the background actually had paid channels… It would be strange if not.

Lin Ran, who watched “Survival in the Wilderness”, also instructed Rhode to get a drink in the refrigerator.

Rhode glanced at Lin Ran and actually did not refuse.

Apparently he was also curious about what’s in Tony’s fridge.

8 hours later, when Tony came to the living room with a 40-pound vest, he saw this scene: Lin Ran collapsed on the sofa, his stomach bulged slightly, Chaplin’s silent movie was playing on the water screen projection TV, Rhode was sitting at the dining table with a pizza box with a suspected takeaway video, at this time he was taking a sip of a bottle of limited strawberry beer of more than $30, as for Quill… Seriously, Tony didn’t even want to look at him because he was distressed.

This product actually fell asleep with a bottle of collectible champagne in his hand.

What’s more, the bottle of collectible champagne was not plugged, and Tony seemed to see the dense bubbles disappearing.

“Oh, are you done?”

“Are you guys having a picnic?”

Lin Ran casually turned off the TV, he stood up, walked to Tony and took the combat uniform, gently squeezed it, and said: “Well, a little weight, probably…” About 40 pounds, but it looks relatively thin, well, a little hard, and… In other words, this thing can’t be folded, how do I wear it? ”

Tony said: “There are several folding buckles on the side of the clothes, you can put them on after opening, when the clothes are closed, the front concealed buckle will be locked, and the folded buckle will be hidden after locking.” Well, one thing I need to remind you is that I made this combat uniform according to your body shape a year ago, if you are fat… Then lose weight. ”

“Don’t worry, I’ve always kept my figure.” Lin Ran put on the combat uniform, the hidden button on the front of the clothes was buttoned, Lin Ran jumped twice, not to mention that the things Tony made were very good, this combat suit was really an unexpected fit, although it was made of metal, but Tony added a leather lining inside, which was extremely comfortable, and there were two dark compartments that could be opened and closed on the back side of the combat suit, which could prevent sealing scrolls and short weapons. After a little activity, Lin Ran nodded to Tony: “Very good, your kung fu in building things is still at a first-class level.”

“That is, but… What do the two folding openings you need in the back for? ”

Lin Ran’s heart moved, and in an instant, two wings passed through the two openings behind the battle suit and spread out in the living room.

The wings with a total wingspan of up to 7 meters made Tony’s mouth grow in surprise.

Tony stared at the wings behind Lin Ran for a long time, he even reached out and pinched Lin Ran’s wings similar to demon wings, Tony said: “You went to heaven to become a demon, right?”

“I didn’t go to heaven, I lived there was Zeus, the main god of Norse mythology, not God.” Lin Ran controlled his wings to shake twice, and said: “With this pair of wings, I can fly without relying on external forces, isn’t it very cool?” I’m going to get some metal edges on top of it later. ”

“I can’t get this aesthetic of yours… Is this true, though? ”

“Of course it’s true.” As he spoke, Lin Ran suddenly flapped his wings, and suddenly the wings flapped and brought up the wind, blowing the entire living room into a mess, and the sudden wind woke up the confused Rhode and the drunken Star-Lord, Lin Ran turned to Tony and said: “Or let’s have a friendly match, just test this combat suit.”

“How to test?”

“You and Rhode are in a group, I am in a group with Quille, just bet… How about $1 million? ”

Tony collapsed on both shoulders: “Feelings, you are short of money, right?”

Lin Ran smiled: “Hehe, I was actually discovered by you, and I deserve to be my good brother.”

“In other words, if Rhode and I win, what are you going to pay for the gambling?”

“Hmm… I just ran out of money the other day. Lin Ran smiled and pointed to the hazy-looking Star-Lord: “Quill has, but it’s not Mijin, but the universal currency of the universe, can the cosmic coin?”



20 minutes later, the sobered Rhodes and Star-Lord appeared in the training ground dedicated to MK suits.

2 against 2 is fair.

It’s just that Xingjue looked at Lin Ran with a confused expression, obviously he still hasn’t figured out what he wants to do.

Lin Ran said to him: “Listen, Quill, you are the greatest Star Lord in the universe, and they don’t like your title, so they want to use the battle to deprive you of the title, we have to fight them, if you win, we will get 1 million meters of gambling capital, if you lose, you have to pay Tony 1 million cosmic coins, be serious!”

“Wait, why did I give it?”

“Because I don’t have any money.” Lin Ran spread his hands, with a face that I have no money and I am reasonable.

Star-Lord was speechless.

Over here, Lin Ran and Xingjue were communicating.

Not far away, Tony and Rhode were also communicating.

The steel brothers had already changed into their combat suits at this time, and the two iron cans were communicating through an internal communication channel.

Rhode said: “I don’t know much about Lin, what is his ability?”

“Lin Ran is a mage… At least that’s what I think, he was able to spit water out of his mouth to attack. Tony, who was very familiar with Lin Ran, said: “Compared to his mid-range strike ability, his hand-to-hand combat ability is not strong, but he now has a pair of wings that can fly, close and then dragged into the trembling stage, as for Quill… You know. ”

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