Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 117

In the underground garage of Tony’s mansion.

Those luxury cars have all been moved elsewhere by Tony.

At this time, this underground garage, which was dozens of times larger than Lin Ran’s rental house, had completely become a research laboratory, with a huge part placed on the operating table in the distance, and some sandwiches and coffee on this small table, Tony looked at Lin Ran who suddenly appeared with a beard, knowing that Lin Ran had this ability, Xingjue did not react, he was nibbling on a sandwich and waving to Lin Ran.

As for Rhodes.

He wasn’t even as good as Tony, and his mouth was big enough to stuff an entire sandwich.

Lin Ran very unceremoniously walked to the table and picked up a sandwich and sent it to his mouth, the taste of the chicken sandwich was very good, Lin Ran walked to the far counter while eating the sandwich, Lin Ran looked down at the huge part lying on the operating table, Lin Ran asked: “If I’m not mistaken, this should be a part of the destroyer, right?” ”

“Yes.” Tony, who reacted, replied, “Fury took the entire Destroyer away after the Battle of Hale Town, but under my argument, S.H.I.E.L.D. sent me some of the fragments for me to study. ”

The destroyer was ordered by Odin to suppress the other eight kingdoms and ordered the dwarves of Watheim to use the core of the dying star as a material to create it, and also attached Odin’s divine power, its power is quite terrifying, although it was destroyed by Thor with a rebound skill outside the town of Hale, but its sturdiness is not something that technology on Earth can handle.

Lin Ran asked, “Can you get it?” ”

“Nope.” Tony shook his head: “This thing is so hard, and the density and melting point are amazingly high, I once experimented with a magnetic field fire of 100,000 degrees Celsius, but it failed.” ”

“Of course, I told you before that the Destroyer is built with the core of dying perseverance, in other words, this thing is built with the core of the sun, and you should know what the surface temperature of the sun is.” Lin Ran thought about the plot of the storm tomahawk in Avengers III, and Lin Ran said: “If you want to melt this thing, you must have the dwarves of Watheim activate the stellar forge to melt. ”

Tony took out a bag of small blueberries out of nowhere, and said while eating: “No wonder Fury would so happily agree to give me the fragments of the destroyer, it turns out that S.H.I.E.L.D. is helpless…” ”

“By the way, I have something to give you.” After speaking, Lin Ran took out two relatively large sealing scrolls and spread the sealing scrolls to the ground, Lin Ran pinched his handprint, and suddenly a sci-fi standard model car suspended about thirty centimeters from the ground appeared in front of Tony’s eyes, Lin Ran said: “This is the car I bought in the universe, I gave it to you.” ”

“Cosmic technology?” Tony spun around and walked around, “It’s a good thing, it’s good, I stayed…” By the way, which of your friends’ equipment I studied and inspired me a lot, and in return I improved his equipment, and also learned some things about you in the universe from him. ”

Changed the equipment of Star-Lord?

Lin Ran looked at Xing Jue, who smiled triumphantly at Lin Ran, and then took out a pair of something similar to a watch from his arms, put the thing on his wrist, and instantly put the half-finger glove on Xing Jue’s hand, and Xing Jue raised his hand to Lin Ran, and a dazzling ark reactor shone in his palm.

This… Isn’t it Tony’s technique against the Winter Soldier in Captain America: Civil War?

Could it be that Tony has now conquered the Warframe Micro-folding Technology?

“Not only that!”

As soon as Star-Lord raised his leg, an ankle ring seemed to quickly attach to his leg, and his face was also attached to his helmet.

Soon, a person who had merged with Star-Lord and Iron Man appeared in front of Lin Ran.

Xingjue was triumphant: “How is it?” Not bad. ”

“It’s very good.” Lin Ran nodded, Star Jue has this simplified version of Star Jue Type 1 combat uniform, both combat effectiveness and light form are much stronger than before, it seems that bringing Star Jue to Earth is a good thing, Lin Ran looked at Tony: “I originally only wanted to trouble you with one thing, but now I may need to ask you for two things.” ”

“You want one too?”

“No, Quill’s way of fighting is not suitable for me.” Lin Ran took out another sealing scroll, and he put the box of Chakra conduction metal he got from the Star Pirate Planet in front of Tony, Lin Ran said: “Help me melt these metals, and then create me a light combat suit, preferably a sleeveless jacket-style one, with two 20 cm long folding openings at the base of the shoulder blades, and the body also needs to pay attention to it, and the rest help me fight a knife.” ”

“It’s not a big deal, but… Why are there so many openings? ”

“Useful… I’m afraid that the opening you left is wrong, so be it, I’ll get it with you, I ask for it, and you help me get it out. ”

“No problem.”

With the relationship between Lin Ran and Tony, even if Lin Ran asked Tony for a little pepper.

Then Tony will definitely wear the newly baked MK7 suit and fight hard with Lin Ran! (The MK-type suit in the movie was officially used in the Avengers, at this time, because Tony studied the universe on the Star-Lord weapon, he could come up with an MK7-type suit that could be worn without the need for a mounting table, and the Mark 7 suit also had the function of folding the helmet completely.) )

But if Lin Ran needed Tony to help with something else, Tony would definitely not refuse.

About the creation of Chakra’s combat uniform was put on the agenda on this day, this project could not help but make Tony pay attention, even Xingjue, who watched Lin Ran collect star stone iron, was very interested, and in the end, even Rhode was involved, and the four people in the underground garage completely turned into four technology houses, and began to reverie about Lin Ran’s new combat uniform.

“You can install a miniature rocket on your shoulder, I think the ex-wife series of Hammer Industries is good…”

“Are you serious?”

“Just kidding.” Rhode pointed to the design drawing drawn by Lin Ranxin and said: “You can install a propulsion device under the combat uniform, and then you can fly, although it is slightly dangerous to spray fireworks, but you can install a partition.” And in the back, an M134 cannon can be installed to enhance the fire strike capability… ”

This… Isn’t it the way the war machine is modified?

“No, no.” Star-Lord shook his head and said.

Lin Ran was overjoyed in his heart, or Xingjue knows me!

Xing Jue said positively: “This set of combat uniforms can be out of the collar or even fold the metal mechanism, if necessary, a mask like the one I used can appear to cover Lin Ran’s face, and the machine gun behind is not used, Lin Ran has many other offensive means, but the propulsion device below can still be retained, which I think Rhode is right.” ”

“。。。” Lin Ran looked at Tony speechlessly, brother is the most reliable for you.

Tony said, “Actually, I mean to install an ark reactor on my chest… Hey, don’t go… “_

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