Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 116

Thor shook his head: “Father will only pass me, he doesn’t want me to know what you do.” ”

“Well, that’s a good thing for you.”

“Want to drink? Am I treated? ”

“Hmm… You know I can’t drink much. ”

“It’s okay, you can drink water.”


After getting the wings, Lin Ran spent more than a week hanging out with Sol in Asgard.

Finally, on August 8, the good day to get rich, Lin Ran said goodbye to Odin, Felica and Sol and returned to Earth… Odin did not stop Lin Ran, the attitude of the father of the gods to Lin Ran is very interesting, although he knows the importance of Lin Ran, but he has never thought of controlling Lin Ran, maybe Odin knows that Lin Ran is special, he needs enough time to grow up when he is still weak, although he is now a prophesied immortal, Lin Ran is not yet able to achieve immortality.

Odin just instructed Lin Ran when he turned his head and left the throne room: “Don’t forget your 5-year contract with Hela, and Asgard welcomes you back at any time, if you need it, you can always call Heimdall, no matter where you are, he can see and hear you, remember, compared to the atrium Asgard is more like your home.” ”

Lin Ran listened to a chill.

If you deduct the paragraph from Heimdall, what Odin said is still very touching.

But Heimdall’s voyeur will keep staring at himself… Why is there a creepy feeling?

Bidding farewell to Odin, Thor took Lin Ran all the way to his wine cellar, and Sol reluctantly watched Lin Ran use the sealing scroll to empty his wine cellar, Thor waved his hand against his will and said to Lin Ran:

“Remember to come to me next time you come back…”

“It will!” Lin Ran nodded solemnly, and then his wings shook, and he soared into the sky.

Heimdall, who was holding a two-handed sword, stood on the Rainbow Bridge altar with a serious face, and when he saw Lin Ran flying over, Heimdall took the initiative to say to Lin Ran: “I understand what you mean by a single dog, I’m sorry, although I don’t understand the girl’s mind, but my mother has asked someone to introduce me to a girl, we fell in love at first sight and prepared to get married in half a year, I hope you can be there then, after all, you and I are friends… ”

“Hmm… Did she know that your daily job is to stand on the altar of the Rainbow Bridge and peep? ”

“I’m not voyeur, but spy on all enemies who have the potential to pose a threat to Asgard!”

“Yes, that’s right, your work is great, okay, send me to the atrium, trouble this time, I don’t want to use the space door to adjust the position after I get to Earth… Wait, I’m not done yet! ”

Looking at Lin Ran, who was thrown into the Rainbow Bridge, Heimdall said lightly: “If there is anything to say next time, I will talk about it.” ”


Earth, New York.

The storm gathers, under a colorful light.

Soon, Lin Ran, who was sent back to the earth, looked around blankly, after determining his location, Lin Ran tilted his head, how could Heimdall send himself directly to the door of Tony’s mansion? Fortunately, this place is sparsely populated, otherwise I am afraid that one or two will be scared to death if people see it.

It’s all here anyway, or go and say hello to Tony.

Pull out your phone… There has been no electricity for a long time.

Let’s go home first, and tell Tony about his return when he is charged.

Speaking of August, the American team should have been discovered from the ice of the Arctic, but it will take another 9 months to awaken, and the idea of letting him know Star-Lord in advance to earn some World Origin Fragments is estimated to be delayed… No, does Team America really know Star-Lord? Don’t seem to know, right? Then can you still earn the World Origin Fragment?

With such a question, Lin Ran drew a circle and walked to an unoccupied back alley in Queens.

Unlike every time he returned to New York before, Lin Ran loudly announced to the mood of “my big tube wood Lin Ran is back”, this time Lin Ran didn’t want to tell anyone, now he just wants to hide in his nest and sleep well, no matter what he will say after he wakes up naturally. Wearing an ordinary sportswear, Lin Ran returned to his rental house.

The chartered mother and Han Yu are not at home, so they should go to pay the foreigners to learn Chinese.

The room is very tidy, even his own room is spotless, it is estimated that usually the chartered mother and Han Yu cleaned their rooms and went to take a bath, Lin Ran plunged into the bed that had been separated from him for more than 8 months and fell asleep.

The natural awakening achievement that Lin Ran had hoped for had not been achieved.

At lunchtime, he was woken up by his chartered mother.

The sleepy-eyed Lin Ran listened to the question that the charter mother continued to listen, and while nodding perfunctorily, he walked to the dining table and sat down, half a bowl of rice and half a plate of shredded potatoes, Lin Ran only then came to his senses, and Lin Ran gave a comprehensive answer to the question of the charter mother and Han Yu: “Suddenly there is a performance task, it is too rushed, I forgot to leave a note for a while… During this time, I performed with the troupe in Africa and South America, where there was no signal… I brought you a gift, but it’s still in check-in, and I should be there in two days… Don’t leave me food tomorrow, I’m going to report. ”

I finally coped with all kinds of problems with the charter wife and Han Yu.

Lin Ran charged his mobile phone after eating a meal and went to sleep.

The next morning, Lin Ran got up early, and the charter mother was surprised to see that Lin Ran, who was abnormal today, had breakfast with them, and even took the initiative to brush it, the charter mother felt that the sun in the sky came out from the west, and in return, the charter mother helped Lin Ran wash her hair… Lin Ran’s current hair is really hard to wash again, and it took more than 40 minutes to wash it.

The chartered woman and Han Yu hurriedly packed up their things and went to work.

Lin Ran took back the fully charged mobile phone.

During the time when the good guy was out of power, he actually received hundreds of text messages, but most of them were sent to Lin Ran by the chartered mother, and there were some things Tony, and Lin Ran even found two Fosters. Jane and Pepper’s text messages were just asking where Lin Ran was now, when he would come back, etc., only Jane’s text messages did not mention Lin Ran at all.

She asked how Thor was doing.

Looking at the date, Lin Ran didn’t reply to any of them.

Tony’s phone was dialed and it was connected in less than two seconds.

Then Tony’s hearty voice rang on the other end of the phone: “Hey, bro, you’re finally back.” ”

“Well, I just got home yesterday, how are you doing?”

“It’s okay, busy dating Pepper every day… Oh, by the way, your friend who was taken away by UFOs is interesting, except for the usual chatter, or you come and find me, I am at home, and your friend and Rhode are there. ”

“Well, seconds up.”

Hanging up the phone, Lin Ran drew circles directly in front of him, and then stepped out.

Looking at the circle that suddenly appeared in the corner, and Lin Ran who came out of the circle, Tony, who had never seen Lin Ran show this ability, suddenly looked at his eyes and muttered, “It’s really a second…” “_

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