Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 115

“Port? Is Asgard OK? ”

“Of course you can, it’s very simple for Asgard.”

“Then you…” Lin Ran pointed to Odin’s right eye.

His right eye was blinded during a battle with the Frost Giant in Norway more than 1,000 years ago.

Odin didn’t care that Lin Ran prompted his wound, Odin smiled with relief and said: “The reason why I didn’t transplant my eye to my right eye is because I need my current image to deter the other eight powers, and secondly, because I also need my right eye to remind me to always be vigilant against the enemy, once you slacken you will lose what you are important…” Have you figured it out? ”

“Hmm… Does it hurt? ”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Odin shook his head: “It doesn’t hurt at all… ”

Immortal Palace.

“Ah, it hurts… Tap, big sister tap! ”

“A dignified man, as a guardian of the Immortal Palace, commanding 1,000 Immortal Palace guards can’t even stand the slightest pain?”

Brother Hammer, who was watching from the sidelines, was very disdainful of Lin Ran’s crying father and mother.

Lin Ran rolled his eyes and responded, “To put it lightly, or will you come?”

“I’m not coming.” Brother Hammer shook his head repeatedly, although he mocked Lin Ran on his mouth, but watching Lin Ran’s back being cut by two immortal palace maids with sharp knives with two openings about 5 centimeters wide, and then a court warlock who could skillfully use magic used spells to make the nerves in Lin Ran’s back extend out of his body… Gee, Rao is Brother Hammer also feels miserable.

Seeing that Brother Hammer was dead, Lin Ran turned his head slightly and said, “No…” Do we have anesthetics? ”

“Nope.” The warlock who controlled the nerves in Lin Ran’s back answered casually.

Then, the two maids brought the pair of wings that Odin called the “Wings of Hesenisser” to Lin Ran’s body.

Under the control of the warlock, several white nerves also extended from the wing segment.

In the end, the nerves in Lin Ran’s back and the nerves at the base of the wings came into contact with each other, but at this moment, Lin Ran seemed to be hit by lightning, and his whole body began to distort, and the next piece of bone on his body began to drill out of the skin, which is a brain self-protection mechanism that is not controlled by Lin Ran’s autonomous consciousness, but Lin Ran’s bones have not all drilled out, the warlock just gently pressed his hand, and the bones that were about to form bone spurs seemed to be suppressed by some force and could not continue to grow.

The sorceress whispered, “Don’t resist, you need to try to control him.” ”

Lin Ran gritted his teeth, cold sweat dripping on his forehead.

After Lin Ran came to this world, he mastered a lot of abilities, and he felt that his ability to withstand the sky had reached a point that was incomparable to ordinary people, but when your nerves seemed to be pricked by needles like the pain of ten thousand swords, it is estimated that no one can withstand it except for the king of force who can tie his broken hand tendons.

His temples jumped and jumped.

He closed his eyes and began to feel the pair of wings that were connected to himself.

This feeling is even more sour.

Feel the presence of wings… Feel the presence of wings.

Sorry, Lin Ran didn’t feel anything wrong with his body, and the pair of wings seemed to have never appeared.

The sorceress frowned and asked, “Can’t you feel it?” ”

“Nothing… Nothing feels anything. ”

“No, the nerves are connected, and there is no rejection, why is there no feeling?” The sorceress pondered for a moment, and said with some uncertainty: “You try to put your wings… Wait a minute! ”

The sorceress pulled the two maids back a step.

I saw that the wings behind Lin Ran that had been closely connected to Lin Ran’s skin suddenly grew, and the wings that originally seemed small and cute suddenly grew at this time, and its area grew three times in the blink of an eye, and the originally withered wings also became full at this time, not at all like the skinny and boneless feeling when Lin Ran found this pair of wings.

“It worked, how do you feel now?”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore, I feel like there’s something on my back, and I can control it.”

“Yes, that’s it.” The sorceress nodded, and with a wave of her hand, a Pizza and a quill flew out from behind her, and Pizza opened in mid-air, and the quill immediately flew to Pizza to quickly write the next line of text.

Well… The picture is a bit contradictory, a bit like Harry Potter’s style.

The quill quickly recorded, and the sorceress continued to ask, “Can you control it?” ”

“I didn’t… Wait, okay, I know. ”

Lin Ran looked at the special skill in his skill column in addition to the secret text: “Hesen’s Wings”

Experience is naturally level 1 0% experience.

But Lin Ran can use it, he jumped down from the operating table, walked to the bed naked, and then raised his legs on the windowsill and jumped out, the wingspan of more than two meters of wings shook in mid-air, the whistling wind formed an air flow under the wings, and Lin Ran, who successfully used his wings to levitate in mid-air, clapped his hands excitedly.

Flying, this is the ability that human beings have yearned for since their birth.

Even in this Marvel Universe full of superheroes and supervillains, there are probably few people who can fly freely in the air without the help of external forces, and even Lin Ran, who has the Hokage System, feels that he can only fly if he has the Sharingan, the art of super light and heavy rock, or is proficient in the immortal mode and uses Dao Seeking Jade.

Unexpectedly, the Hokage system did not fulfill the dream, but the Marvel world let the dream come true.

Looking at Sol, who came to the window to watch, Lin Ran hooked his finger at him and said, “Here, let’s see who can get to the Rainbow Bridge first, if you win, I will forgive your debt, but if I win, you have to find me 100 barrels of good wine.” ”

Thor’s eyes lit up: “A word is a decision.” ”

“Of course… Here we go! ”

After speaking, Lin Ran’s wings shook, and in an instant, Lin Ran flew away quickly in the air like a big bird.

Sol didn’t care about condemning Lin Ran for playing tricks, he turned the meow hammer, and then used the centrifugal force of the meow hammer to throw himself out, and his body turned into a streamer and flew towards Lin Ran in the direction of the Rainbow Bridge.

In the end, Lin Ran was one step faster.

The wings quickly become smaller behind him, and eventually they actually burrow into their own skin and become part of their own body.

Lin Ran looked at the belated Sol with satisfaction, and said, “You lose, the debt is inevitable, and you still owe me 100 barrels of good wine.” ”

“It’s you who is playing tricks!”

“Hehe, or else, I don’t want the debt, but you have to get me 100 barrels of good wine.”

“This is simple, isn’t it wine, I can still make up 100 barrels in my wine warehouse.” As the son of Odin, Thor’s wealth in Asgard is very large, and as a person who likes wine, he has a lot of wine in his private cellar, all of which are good wine, after all, as Thor, ordinary wine will not interest Thor.

“Hmm… Aren’t you curious why I need alcohol? “_

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