Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 114

According to Odin, there are 8 copies of this jade book.

Lin Ran now has two books in his hand, and here is another one… Well, counting this one, there is still more than half of it missing.

But I have two books in my hand, and if I don’t want to face the third book, it will be a violent thing.

Lin Ran said, “I want this jade book.” ”

“Why, you are interested in the treasures of the Ancient Lost Dynasty?”

“Treasure or something, don’t think about it based on my non-chieftain physique, the things I want when I draw the lottery are generally not drawn, but I like this book very much, you know that jade is a very valuable thing on the earth, and it can be carved so quietly beautiful and creative, this is really rare, it is estimated that only the strong in the universe can do this.”

“And for good reason.” Odin nodded: “But I still think you have other jade books.” ”

“Well… Well, I have the other two, but I really don’t know what this jade book is for, I bought the two jade books I have in my hand really for collection, but listening to the story you told, I really feel a little curious about the lost ancient dynasty. ”

“There are some records in the library in Asgard, if you need it.”

“Wow, that’s great, but choose the second thing first.”

“Whatever you want… I still have something to do with you to hang out in my treasure house, choose something and leave on your own, Thor always mentions you during this time, you better go and say hello to Thor before returning to the atrium. Odin turned his head with his scepter and walked towards the entrance to the treasury.

I don’t know if it’s because of Lin Ran’s illusion or the real thing, Lin Ran suddenly felt that Odin’s figure was actually much older in just a few days.

Maybe… It’s an illusion.

But do the math, it’s 2011, and it’s only 7 years before the Thor 3 story takes place.

It seems that without his own intervention, Odin’s lifespan will only be 7 years at most… Wait a minute, intervene yourself? How to intervene? Odin has lived for more than 4,000 years, normal death is in line with the law of survival, do you really want to use dirt rebirth to reincarnate Odin after Odin’s death, and then use reincarnation to resurrect Odin?

Wait, that’s a really good idea!

Is that what Odin meant when he said that the immortal can change everything?

If you do this, you first need to deal with the situation that you will naturally exchange life for life when you use reincarnation.

Pressing this promising idea for the time being, Lin Ran still wandered in Odin’s treasury, although he lacked Odin’s competent commentator, Lin Ran still walked around Odin’s treasury with relish, extremely sharp and iron-like swords, golden spears with the ability to emit energy, and helmets that could change their appearance at will.

So many good things, just take out a piece can be exchanged for hundreds or tens of millions of cosmic coins, that is hundreds of cosmic origin fragments! It doesn’t take much, it only takes a few pieces of Lin Ran to be able to make up big killers such as Mu Duan, Dust Duan, and Kaleidoscope Writing Wheel Eye, and it would be too good if he could make up a combination of Kaleidoscope and Mu Duan!

If he could, Lin Ran would be able to kill back to the Underworld of Heim now and teach Hela a good lesson.

Let her know why the flowers are so red!

Of course, this is just YY, in case I take too much I am afraid Odin will not. He has walked out of the Immortal Palace.

Therefore, Lin Ran could only choose well.

Stroll around the Odin Treasury for more than one. In the end, Lin Ran stopped.

After shopping for so long, this is what Lin Ran needs the most and at the same time the most practical thing now.

This is a pair of wings.

To be precise, it should be a pair of bat wings, just like the wings of mythical demons, the skin on the wings is shriveled to show skinny bones, and the single wing is only about 30 cm long and looks very small.

Lin Ran noticed that the pair of wings were put on the display case in a row with the fake infinity glove, and next to the wings was an empty display case, Lin Ran guessed that it should be the Frost Giant’s supreme treasure Frost Box, which can be placed in a row with the fake Infinity Gauntlet and the Frost Box, this pair of wings is definitely not an ordinary product, but I don’t know if this pair of wings can make themselves fly like the appearance.

Reach out and hold the wings in your hand.

Lin Ran scanned all Odin’s treasures placed in the same Odin treasure house, and Lin Ran sighed a little reluctantly.

If he swept away all the Odin treasure house, I am afraid that he would be able to jump to the shadow level overnight! Even up to the super shadow level.

One of the redemption columns counts as one, what to buy!

It’s a pity.

Lin Ran took one last look, and then he turned and left the Odin treasury.

Sengu Houyuan.

Odin stood in the small pavilion in the middle of the lake with a faint smile on his face.


With a pair of wings in his hand, Lin Ran learned that Odin had actually gone back to feeding the fish after asking an Immortal Palace guard… The devil knows why a king who rules the nine kingdoms has such free time to stay on the lake and feed the fish, but there are many emperors who have special hobbies in the ancient history of the Celestial Empire, and the large number of emperors with all kinds of strange hobbies at the end of the Ming Dynasty is enough to say.

Lin Ran walked to Odin’s side, and before he spoke, Odin spoke first:


“Chosen.” Lin Ran showed Odin the wings in his hand.

“Didn’t take more, did you?”

“Of course not, can you still believe me? If you don’t believe it, go to the treasury and take inventory. ”

“I believe in you.”

Lin Ran rolled his eyes and showed Odin the wings in his hand again, Lin Ran said: “I think these wings are good, but I’m not sure if this thing can make me fly… What is this for? ”

“Wings naturally make people fly.”

“Can it really make people fly?” Lin Ran was a little unconvinced.

The reason why a bird can fly with its wings is because the ratio of his wings to the bird’s body is large enough, and the lift incited by the wings can make the bird fly, but such a small wing wants to make a person fly… Isn’t that a joke?

However, Lin Ran forgot that this world does not consider the so-called basic laws of physics.

Brother Hammer can make a hammer drive himself to fly… No way, that’s where the world doesn’t make sense.

Odin said: “Of course you can, this pair of wings is the trophies I found when I conquered the Nine Kingdoms when I conquered the local Winged Terrans when I conquered the local Winged Terrans, according to the confessions of the captives of the Winged Terrans at that time, this pair of wings is the wings of the Winged Terrans since the birth of the Winged Terrans, and it ordered the man to take off his wings before he died, whether it is an ordinary human or the Winged Man of Nilfheim, as long as the winged people transplant this pair of wings, the flight speed can increase several times.” ”

PS: Hela was named Lord of the Goddess of Death and Nilfheim by Odin as an adult, and the fief was Nelfheim and the Underworld of Nelsheim.

PPS: After reading this chapter, book friends with girlfriends should have been to 520, but single dogs should not be discouraged, and strive to find a girlfriend before Tanabata! This sentence is also given to the panda himself, and on this special day, the panda made a wish: “Billions of years of starlight set”, “Picturesque set of rivers and mountains”… _

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