Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 113

Bidding farewell to Heimdall, Lin Ran came all the way along the Rainbow Bridge to the Immortal Palace.

In fact, Lin Ran could directly take out the hanging ring and draw a circle and then go to the back garden of the Immortal Palace in one step, but… What if I bumped into the picture of Odin and Ferica making out? How embarrassing it was, so Lin Ran honestly walked into the Immortal Palace step by step, after asking the two guards and declining the idea of the guards leading the way.

Lin Ran saw Odin who was feeding fish in the middle of a pond in the back garden of the Immortal Palace.

Lin Ran walked to Odin’s side, he did not speak, but looked at the pond.

The pond is extremely clear, and many fat and beautiful ornamental fish gather below to eat the fish food that Odin throws down.

Lin Ran couldn’t help but think.

If this is not Marvel, but a fairy or a fantasy world, stealing some fish food that the Immortal Emperor casually sprinkles to feed the fish and puts it in the Nether, it is a genius treasure that is more powerful than any elixir! It’s just a pity that Odin’s fish food is estimated to be really fish food, and there should be little difference from the earth’s fish food… Do you want to steal a little?

Just when Lin Ran was thinking about whether to steal some fish food.

Odin spoke, so frightened that Lin Ran’s hand shook so that he was pulled out a bone spur.

“I’ve seen what you’ve done in the Underworld of Heim, and you’ve done a great job… But you have a grudge against me. ”

Resentment… Yes, there is.

After all, Lin Ran went to the Underworld of Heim at that time and was deceived by Odin.

However, when he thought that Hela would provide himself with a large number of World Origin fragments, the resentment in Lin Ran’s heart had long disappeared, replaced by how to operate to deduct a little more from Odin’s treasure house.

Lin Ran smiled and did not speak.

Odin looked back at Lin Ran’s expression and said, “Well, it’s true that I haven’t done much, but I hope you should be able to understand me, just understand the last wish of a dying old man, there are only two things that can make me worry after Loki fell into the abyss, the first thing is Asgard God Domain, and the other thing is Thor.”

Che, I thought you would say Hela.

King Odin, the father of the gods who did not follow the routine of sensationalism, said, I have lived for more than 4,000 years, and I still need to go through the process of sensationalizing with you?

Odin continued: “Hela is my eldest daughter, and the person I owe the most, I have always been worried about what Hela will do soon when I die and my soul is floating in the boundless universe, after all, Hela is very strong, Thor is far from his opponent, and I am immortal, but when you, the prophesied immortal who can change everything, appear, I want to give it a try, if you can change Hela?” Seriously, I never thought you could do it, but it turns out that you have done it, although you have only succeeded so far, but after 5 years I think you can complete it, and then you will be my son-in-law. ”

Don’t mention this, Lin Ran wanted to run as soon as he mentioned it.

Lin Ran took a deep breath and said, “Old man, I haven’t forgiven yet”

Odin was unhurried, slowly raised his right hand, and then pen out two fingers.

“What do you mean?”

“You can take two pieces from my collection and two barrels of wine from my cellar.”

“Shall I forgive you for two things? Old man, I thought you understood me, but I didn’t expect that in your eyes I was such a superficial person that I misunderstood you, hey… Wait, how do you take back a finger? ”

Odin said slowly: “You can command 1,000 Immortal Palace guards.”

“Go! Go pick something! ”

10 minutes later, Lin Ran stood in front of Odin’s treasure house.

At his feet is a staircase that goes all the way down, and in front of it is a spacious corridor, where the good things that Odin has collected from the Nine Realms and even the distant universe over the past thousands of years are all lined up on both sides, and the sharp-eyed Lin Ran even saw a glove similar to Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet… Lin Ran remembered that in Thor 3, Hela pushed the Infinity Gauntlet in Odin’s treasury, and said falsely.

Lin Ran and Odin walked down the stairs.

He stopped in front of the Infinity Gauntlet and asked, “What is this?”

“A long time ago, when I still had the ambition to dominate the galaxy or even the entire universe, the weapon I created was just a model.” Speaking of this, Odin shook his head: “That was many years ago, don’t mention it.”

Lin Ran had seen a speculation on the Internet in his previous life.

After Odin and Hela swept and unified the Nine Realms, Odin briefly wanted to seek more land, which was when he learned about the power of 6 cosmic gems, and he ordered the dwarves of Watheim to create a weapon that could hold the power of 6 gems, the Infinity Gauntlet… Otherwise, why did Thanos find Watheim and force the dwarves to make the Infinity Gauntlet? The dwarves created an infinity glove belonging to Odin, and Odin also began to collect the infinity stones, according to the clue, the blogger deduced that Odin had collected the remaining four gems except for the soul gem and the power gem.

However, because the soul gem cost too much, it was finally abandoned.

Now it seems that this speculation is reliable.

Just thinking about it, the afterglow of Lin Ran’s eyes saw a treasure that was placed in the corner.

Lin Ran raised his interest.

He walked straight to the showcase.

On the display case is a jade book with it closed.

From the point of view of size, thickness and transparency of jade, it should be the same set as the two books that Lin Ran obtained on Contra Star before.

Lin Ran felt that his heartbeat began to accelerate, he forced his heart to return to its normal heartbeat, but he did not have the resentment of the horned capital, could not control his heart, and finally calmed down, Lin Ran pointed to the jade book in front of him and asked: “Old man, is this a book?” Actually made so exquisitely? How did this come about? ”

Odin did not doubt him, explained: “This is a jade book that I got in Warnerheim, the high priest of Warnerheim personally gave this book to me, he said that this book is earlier than the history of the Nine Kingdoms, when the Nine Kingdoms were just born, a huge country that controlled the entire galaxy perished, and a huge amount of information and wealth were scattered, and later the first generation of Warnerheim High Priest got this book, according to Warnerheim’s secret code that only successive high priests can read, this jade book is called” The Book of Genmisvelt”, which is not complete, there are 8 in total, and it is said that if someone can collect these 8 books of Genmisvelt, they will be able to find the treasures left by the lost kingdom of antiquity. ”

After listening to Odin’s story, an idea suddenly popped up in Lin Ran’s heart:

Isn’t this the Marvel version of the Forty-Two Chapters? _

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