Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 111

Different from the last time.

This time Hela’s expression was very serious.

Although she was smiling on her face, Lin Ran could tell that Hela was not joking.

Really, in an instant, Lin Ran was very much like refusing, but looking at Hela’s deep eyes, Lin Ran did not refuse in the end.

He nodded: “Okay, a word is a decision!” ”

“In a word.” After Hela finished speaking, he raised his finger and pointed to the sky, and then said: “It seems that you have to go, obviously Odin is very interested in how you are getting along with me, but can you leave the wine before you leave.” ”

Lin Ran looked at the sky.

Lin Ran didn’t see anything except for being able to see a patch of red.

But the next moment, Lin Ran saw the storm gathering in the sky, and then a seven-colored rainbow bridge landed in the center of the storm.

Although I don’t know how Hela can do it, Lin Ran is not surprised.

In the 2000 years of the Heim Underworld, Hela has become a god here, she knows everything in this world, everything, Lin Ran sometimes even guesses that Hela controls everything in the Heim Underworld, and the movement made by the Rainbow Bridge is too big. Lin Ran shrugged his shoulders and said, “No problem, I don’t usually drink much anyway.” ”

Saying that, Lin Ran took out all the wine in the sealing scroll.

“Next time you come, I hope you’ll bring some good wine, not this kind of wine that even my pets don’t like.”

“Well, provided I can sneak into Odin’s cellar.”

Hela raised the wine bottle in his hand to Lin Ran: “See you next time.” ”

“See you next time.”

Hela did not send Lin Ran out, he kept sitting on the stone, watching Lin Ran leave the temple and enter the rainbow pillar of light.

A black shadow rose rapidly in the rainbow light column.

Hela put down the wine bottle in her hand, and she sighed as she looked in the direction where Lin Ran disappeared.

For Lin Ran’s feelings, Hela herself was a little confused.

Do you like it? One point, although Hela is a god, she is essentially just a strong person, she has feelings and thoughts, and as a normal person and a non-annoying person have been thinking of it for more than a month, and the other party will make some simple food, no matter who will have a good impression of her, right?

But it’s just good feelings.

For Hela, now over 2,500 years old, all hormones are long gone.

She will not have feelings of affection for a man, and even marriage does not matter to her, in other words, if marriage can make her stronger, she does not care who lies next to her, but Lin Ran’s appearance has changed Hela’s psychology. Lin Ran is a magical person, Hela also thinks so, Lin Ran’s magic is not able to subtly change the people around him. The magic of Lin Ran is that he hates it… At least that’s how Hela felt at first.

At first, Hela tempted Lin Ran and said that the main purpose of marrying him was to borrow Lin Ran to return to Asgard smoothly and quickly.

And in the end, Hela gave up this idea because she calculated that she borrowed Lin Ran to return to Asgard smoothly, and Hela couldn’t turn over anything in Asgard when Odin had not died, and for Hela, there is no so-called blockade in the Underworld that cannot be broken, although the layer set by Oh outside the Underworld of Heim does exist, but this is not a problem for Hela at all, the problem is Odin, only one death, she can return to Asgard at any time.

And Odin is not dead, so even if she returns to Asgard, it will not be a good ending for her.

Looking down at the wine bottle on the ground, a thought suddenly arose in Hela’s mind that she had never had before:

“Maybe, Lin Ran can really change himself?”


It’s nice to be down-to-earth.

Lin Ran stepped hard on the Rainbow Bridge altar, and then he looked up and said to Heimdall: “It’s cool to peep, right? ”

Heimdall’s black face had no expression, he neither nodded to confirm nor deny, he just put the guardian sword aside, and then picked up a beautiful gift box from the ground, and the big black man handed the gift box to Lin Ran.

Lin Ran was stunned: “You gave me a gift?” Is it to celebrate the agreement I made with Hela? ”

“It’s not for you.” Heimdall said angrily, “Those two elven girls asked me to send you.” ”

Elf girl?

It should be Hina and Shiva, right?

Lin Ran looked at the gift box in the shape of a long strip in his hand, this gift box is very exquisite in wood, full of intricate and exquisite patterns, not to mention the things inside, but just say that this exquisite wooden gift box is worth a lot.

Lin Ran remembered that when she was in Contra Star, Xena told him to return a knife.

Look at this length… Elf Sister Flower wouldn’t really give him a knife, would they?

Thinking of this, Lin Ran ignored etiquette and directly opened the gift box in front of Heimdall.

Sure enough, a short knife about 70 centimeters long lies quietly in the exquisite wooden gift box, if the gift box outside is described as exquisite, then this knife can only be described as ingenious, the blade is narrow and long, the back is wide and thin, and the knife body is countless hollow flower petals, which is extremely eye-catching. Lin Ran reached out and took the knife out of the gift box.

Well, the weight is suitable, not light and not heavy.

However, this knife is gorgeous and gorgeous, good looking is good-looking, but the hollow petal pattern on the knife body makes this knife not suitable for combat, because the gorgeous hollow pattern on the knife body will make the overall hardness of this knife drop seriously, if it is used to fight, I am afraid that it will be broken in a few strokes, and if such a beautiful knife is broken, it is called violent heavenly objects.

Lin Ran played a few times and nodded with satisfaction.

After having the corpse bone vein, the saber or something does not need the Chakra conduction metal knife.

With bones, it is quite possible to cope with everything!

Putting the knife back in the gift box, Lin Ran asked, “Did they tell me anything?”

“Yes.” Heimdall nodded: “The elves let me tell you, if you have the opportunity to go to Yalfheim, they welcome you to the Fury Wind tribe, and they will welcome you with the courtesy of a best friend.”

“Well, they’re hospitable.”

“Do you know how I answered them?”

“How did you answer?”

Heimdall smiled unscrupulously: “I told them: Lin Ran has no chance to go to Yalfheim through the world valve, because Yalfheim belongs to the world of elves alone, according to the agreement reached between Odin, the father of the gods, and the Great Elf King, the son of nature, more than 3,000 years ago, the other eight kingdoms cannot enter Yalfheim, and the elves cannot go out, you have already broken the agreement, but Odin is benevolent, but this kind of thing has no next time, goodbye…”

Lin Ran was stunned when he heard it.

After staying for a while, Lin Ran asked, “Man, I think you should still be married.”

“No wow.”

“Well, that’s right.” Lin Ran patted Heimdall’s shoulder with his feet and said, “Brother, listen to my advice, if you still want to find a girlfriend to marry, it’s best to change your attitude towards girls, otherwise you can only be a single dog for life.”

Lin Ran didn’t give Heimdall time to react, so he turned around and walked along the newly built Rainbow Bridge towards the Immortal Palace.

As he walked, Lin Ran asked, “Where is Odin?”

“Houyuan… What dog are you talking about? ”

“Think about what you’ve done.”

“Inexplicable.” Heimdall muttered and turned his head to look at the endless starry sky outside… _

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