Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 110

Since the two fights, the relationship between Lin Ran and Hela has actually improved again.

Since this day, the two have returned to the relationship of drinking together from time to time, and occasionally Hela will take the initiative to find Lin Ran to fight with her, of course, there must be Hela’s itchy hand and want to have fun, but Lin Ran is also happy in it, because Hela has been pointing Lin Ran in the process of fighting with him, which makes Lin Ran’s combat awareness and combat experience improve quickly.

Although he was favored by Hela, Lin Ran still knocked on the side from time to time.

At the beginning, Hela did not respond, after a long time, Hela became a hand, and in the end, as long as Hela found that Lin Ran wanted to speak, he would directly give Lin Ran a fist, Hela deliberately controlled his strength, although it could make Lin Ran feel pain, but it would not hurt Lin Ran, which caused Lin Ran’s bones to become harder and harder, and in the later stage, Lin Ran would even take the initiative to open the Tsubaki Dance for defense sometimes.


Ahem, in Lin Ran’s promotion, time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, Lin Ran had been here for a whole month.

Lin Ran’s attitude towards Hela also slowly changed from persuasion to flirting.

It’s dangerous, but it’s fun.

Looking at Hela’s white eyes, Lin Ran was as if he saw his crush girl smiling at him.

This is called jitter M in terminology… However, Lin Ran did not feel that he was a pervert, because he knew that all this was for a large number or even a large number of World Origin Fragments, and Lin Ran was willing to do anything for the World Origin Fragments, of course, some things that exceeded Lin Ran’s ability to withstand the bottom line were not allowed, such as selling his body or something.

But obviously Hela was not interested in Lin Ran’s body.

Hela was interested in Lin Ran’s bones.

“How did you manage to regrow in less than a second after removing a bone from your body?”

“It’s a talent, as if you’re an Asgard and can live for thousands of years.”

“Heredity? Your father was also able to pull bones out and grow them quickly? ”

“Well… I don’t know, but I don’t think so. Lin Ran shrugged his shoulders and said, “You can think of this as a genetic mutation, always on that evening I suddenly awakened this ability, this ability is very good, in addition to being a little scary, you need to prepare a lot of clothes, otherwise you will wear a hole suit like me.” ”

Hela smiled, casually put the bottle into her mouth and took a few sips.

Lin Ran thought for a while and said, “I was tired of asking questions before, but today I will change two questions… You’ve been stuck here for almost 2,000 years, haven’t you thought about finding a way out? I guess it’s not a rare thing to leave here with your strength, right? ”

“No, it’s hard.” Hela, who was sitting on her stone throne, looked up at the sky: “Maybe the sky you see in your eyes is only crimson, but in my eyes the sky is covered with a thick membrane, which is arranged by Odin outside this planet and this world, and it restricts all those who have the ability to leave the underworld of Heim, including me, and I cannot leave here.” ”

But why is there no such thing as “leaving the Underworld of Heim” in your plan? ”

Lin Ran remembered that in “Thor: Ragnarok”, Odin had just died, and Hela appeared behind Brother Hammer and Loki.

From this point of view, Hela should have the ability to leave the Underworld.

That is, Hela may be lying.

Of course, it may also be because the membrane of that layer of the underworld disappeared with the death of Ao.

Hela looked at Lin Ran and did not speak.

This is the first time in more than half a month that Hela responded to Lin Ran with silence, Lin Ran didn’t know if his guess was correct, he walked to Hela, tentatively sat down, Hela did not stop, she continued to drink. This is the first time that Lin Ran and Hela sit side by side, of course, there is some distance in between, in fact, Lin Ran is very similar to holding Lin Ran’s shoulders, because the male protagonists in the TV series comfort the female protagonist like this, but Lin Ran thought about it, and Lin Ran still did not put it into action for his own life.

It is not known what a woman who is drinking is thinking.

Maybe he’s thinking about how to destroy heaven.

So now the question is, how should I communicate with a woman who thinks about how to destroy the God Domain all day long?

After pondering for a while, Lin Ran spoke, “What can make you give up returning to the Divine Domain to bloodbath Asgard?” ”

“You think you can satisfy me?”

Lin Ran nodded solemnly: “I think so.” ”

Hela smiled, smiling very brightly: “Unless someone can defeat me, as long as someone can prevent me from returning to Asgard, it’s easy but also difficult, don’t see I’ve been trapped in this damn place for 2,000 years, but I don’t think anyone in the whole of Asgard can beat me, not even the current Odin.” ”

“And where am I?” Lin Ran blurted out.

“You?” Hela did not deny it this time, nor did she hit Lin Ran, she nodded slowly: “If it is you, maybe it is really possible, but not now, otherwise I will give you 5 years, 5 years, I will give you 3 opportunities, within 5 years, if you can seize these 3 opportunities, I will give up revenge on God Domain and Asgard!” ”

“Really!” Lin Ran’s eyes lit up.

Now his strength is not enough to make a move under Hela.

But 5 years later… At that time, the story line of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was over, and the third phase of the Marvel Universe in 2016 was in full swing, at that time, I was less than an elite to endure, the level 4 bone vein can’t beat you, I don’t believe that the level 6 corpse bone vein can’t beat it? Moreover, when he reaches the elite level of patience, his means are not just a corpse vein, as long as he masters Dust or Mu Duan, Lin Ran is sure to defeat Hela.

5 years… Although it took a long time, Lin Ran could afford to wait.

It’s time to make a long-term investment in the massive world origin fragments.

Hela nodded: “Of course it’s true, but there is another ancillary condition.” ”

“What conditions do you say!” Lin Ran looked serious: “As long as it doesn’t violate the chivalrous nature of the rivers and lakes… Ahem, it’s a cross-stage, as long as I can do it, I promise… ”

Lin Ran seemed to have forgotten how miserable he was pitted by Odin when he said this last time.

I saw Hela smile and said to him: “I, Hela, the god of death and Odin’s eldest daughter, have never fallen under anyone in my life, and if such a day happens, then the person who defeats me will be my husband.” ”

My husband!

of husbands!



Lin Ran was called a scorched outside and tender inside by Lei.

Wait a minute, how this seems to be a strange circle that can’t get out.

If you want to stop Hela from taking revenge on Asgard, you must defeat Hela 3 times in 5 years, and after defeating Hela, you have to face another problem, that is, how to marry Hela… Speaking of Hela, she is also a big beauty, or the eldest daughter of Asgard, even if she has made mistakes in the past, as long as Odin says a word, Hela can still return to Asgard.

Just marry Hela.

Mommy, the generation gap of more than nineteen hundred years old, this is not something that can be added casually.

What to do, online etc., urgent!

PS: Panda doesn’t write emotional dramas very much, especially to make a person with an obsession have a good impression of the protagonist, so it’s a little embarrassing to write, and even some are not explained clearly, as for whether Hela is the heroine… Panda is not a spoiler, but Hela is definitely an important character. Finally, in explaining the relationship between Hela and the protagonist, Hela has a good impression of Lin Ran, but not love, Hela first proposed to let Lin Ran marry her because Hela wanted to borrow Lin Ran to return to Asgard, and then why did she deny that the next chapter would be explained. _

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