Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 109

Early the next morning.

Lin Ran was full of vitality and found Hela in the courtyard.

Seeing Lin Ran, who was as confident as if he had beaten chicken blood, Hela didn’t know what to think, the corners of her mouth hooked, and she seemed to have a smile on her face and said to Lin Ran: “I thought you had to sleep until the afternoon to get up, after all, you hummed all night last night, but I didn’t expect that today you were still so energetic… ”

“Well…” It was a little embarrassing, but soon Lin Ran found a way to deal with it, and Lin Ran said, “I was adapting to my newly acquired ability yesterday, didn’t disturb your rest, right?” ”

“It’s okay, it’s just kind of funny.”

“。。。 Can you get started? ”

“It’s up to you, you can strike at me whenever you are ready.”

“Then you be careful!”

“Ten fingers piercing!”

After speaking, Lin Ran stretched out his hands forward, and then ten small white balls shot out from the end of his fingers.

Hela originally thought that it was the water droplet ability that Lin Ran used yesterday, but when she looked at Hela, she found that flying towards her from Lin Ran’s fingertips was actually ten finger bones! Hela frowned, she had never seen such a strange way of attacking, but she judged from the speed at which these ten finger bones flew over that these finger bones could not be touched hard, and Hela turned slightly to the side.

Don’t look at Hela’s range of movements, but with Hela’s strength, she avoided all the knuckle attacks on her side.

However, what Hela didn’t expect was that after those phalanges flew by, they actually collided with each other, causing a full five knuckles to change direction and hit Hela from behind. Hela heard the wind behind her, and for the first time surprise appeared on her face.

But she took two steps forward, and those knuckles fell into the air.

But Hela’s advance was in line with Lin Ran’s wishes.


Lin Ran’s right palm drilled out a sharp barbed bone about 30 centimeters long, and Lin Ran, whose agility increased to 253 points, was probably not more than the regular Konoha White Fang, and in an instant he rushed to Hela, and the bone of his right palm stabbed towards Hela. Hela was curious about Lin Ran’s ability, and was also surprised by Lin Ran’s speed, but Hela did not panic.

Take a step back while turning sideways.

The sharp bones almost rubbed against Hela’s clothes.

“Willow Dance!”


At the moment when he approached Hela, Lin Ran drank coldly in his heart.

In an instant, his entire body drilled out sharp bones, but he was still a little short of facing Hela, who had been dodging.

Lin Ran’s empty left hand lit up with a rotating energy ball, and he shot straight towards Hela, and at this time, Hela, who had been dodging, finally struck, and Hela gently leaned out his left hand and pointed at Lin Ran’s bone spurs (hmm… Spur? At the right wrist, the other hand fluttered and squeezed the left wrist, how fast was Lin Ran?

This series of actions was completed in less than 2 seconds.

But Hela lightly stopped Lin Ran’s two attacks as if watching slow down.

But he didn’t give up.

A flick of hair.

The left hand pinched by Hela formed a “Yin” seal with one hand.

“Ninfa: The Art of Chaotic Lion Hair!”

Suddenly, Lin Ran stayed for more than a year, and the hair that had turned into shawl hair instantly extended and wrapped around Hela’s head.

Hela was not in a hurry, she directly raised her leg and kicked Lin Ran’s stomach, Lin Ran’s body flew out uncontrollably for several meters, Hela used a very measured force, not so much to kick Lin Ran out as to push Lin Ran out, Lin Ran landed very smoothly.

He smiled bitterly and said, “It’s still too bad.” ”

“Of course, I’m the most powerful warrior the Asgardian race has ever had, even that rotten old man can’t match me in terms of combat awareness and talent.” Hela tilted her head and said to Lin Ran: “But you are not bad, in just one night, you actually mastered this strange attack method… Does it hurt to spit water, spit clay, hair can grow longer, and control your bones? ”

“You said this?” A wicked smile appeared on Lin Ran’s face, and he reached out and pulled out the arm bone of his left arm from his shoulder. Sharp bones are like a bone knife. Then Lin Ranhui Hela waved his left arm, which had regrown his arm bone, and said, “It doesn’t hurt at all, on the contrary… There is a sense of lightness, as if a new one. ”

“This is your new ability?”

“Hmm… Well, can I attack now? ”

“Of course, I just said that I can accompany you whenever you want.”

It was too close to Hela just now, and yesterday the Qimu knife method that had just reached level 7 with 100% experience was kicked out by Hela before he had the opportunity to use it, holding the bone knife formed by the bone knife of his left arm in his right hand, and Lin Ran stepped on the steps of the Qimu knife method and rushed towards Hela.

The Qimu knife method is the foundation of the Qimu family.

In the manga, Kiki Kakashi’s father and Konoha Golden Flash Wave Feng Shui Gate Kiki Shigeru is and the family’s Qimu knife method has become a strong person who makes the two great powers of wind and earth change, but unfortunately, after Kiki Shigeru’s death, his son Kiki Kakashi received the Sharingan gift from his best friend Uchiha Obito at the age of 12, and since then he has changed from a physical ninja to a ninjutsu ninja.

In this regard, there is no successor to the Qimu knife method.

In fact, the Qimu knife method is very mysterious and powerful, otherwise the Qimu clan would not have been an important ally of the Thousand Hands clan during the Warring States period, the Qimu sword method is divided into three parts, after it rises to level 7, basically all the content is engraved in Lin Ran’s mind, and the steps, knife skills, and body techniques are all clear to Lin Ran.

The bone knife was at his side, and Lin Ran quickly approached Hela with his agility of 253 points.

Then the bone knife in his right hand cut at Hela’s neck at an extremely tricky angle.

Lin Ran believed that Hela could handle it, so he didn’t keep his hand, this knife Lin Ran used all his strength, but Hela did not dodge, watching the bone knife cut towards his neck, just when Lin Ran felt that Hela did not want to live, Hela’s right hand that was originally behind her instantly appeared at her neck, and only two fingers Hela clamped the bone knife that Lin Ran cut over.

In this case, Hela was also able to speak with a comfortable face:

“Although this sentence may hit you, I will still say: in the face of absolute strength, all struggles are in vain.”

“I believe!” Lin Ran nodded: “But I still have to try it!” ”

Lin Ran finished speaking, and his left hand was sealed.

“Ninju: Needle Hell!”

In an instant, the hair behind him rose to the wind and shot towards Hela.

Hela’s response was the same as the previous kick, and Lin Ran flew directly backwards several meters away.

Rubbing his stomach, Lin Ran shook his head helplessly.

The bone knife in his right hand Lin Ran casually threw it to the ground, although it could be transformed into Chakra and returned to his body, Lin Ran didn’t want to do that… The difference in strength is too much, but Lin Ran is not discouraged, after all, he is only 20… How old is it, Lin Ran himself doesn’t know how old he is, anyway, he is more than 1900 years younger than Hela, and there is still a lot of room for improvement!

“And the wine?” Hela Road.

“Of course, how much there are.” _

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