Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 108

What a bone vein!

The moment Lin Ran saw the barrage, he only had two thoughts in his mind.

The first one: Wow, bone veins!

The second: what to do with blood stains?

In the original work of Hokage, the corpse bone vein is the unique blood succession limit of the Kaguya clan in the misty hidden village, and in the Warring States period, the Kaguya clan became a powerful family with the same name as the Senju, Uchiha, Uzumaki, Hinata and other Hao clans with the corpse bone vein, but by the time of the Shippuden period, the originally powerful Kaguya family was left with only a Kaguya-kun Mari who was suffering from blood stains.

Speaking of which, the Kaguya family is scarce, on the one hand, because the fourth generation of Water Shadow Yakura has a blood mist policy.

On the other hand, the blood disease of the Kaguya clan is too serious.

Fire Shadow scientists such as Orochimaru cannot cure it.

Seriously, Lin Ran was a little weak-hearted.

What if I get sick with blood stains?

Lin Ran thought for a while and asked, “System, if I use the corpse bone vein, will I get blood stain?”

Unlike Lin Ran who got the word “unknown” before, this time the system actually gave an answer: “No, the bloodstain disease of the Kaguya clan is all from heredity, although the specific reason is unknown, but it is certain that the Kaguya clan only appeared bloodstained disease after migrating from the mainland to the country of water, so the host does not need to be contaminated with bloodstained disease when using corpse bone veins.”

Lin Ran nodded.

Although the system was very expensive, it had never deceived Lin Ran.

There should be no problem.

Turning off the special lottery, Lin Ran went to see the introduction of the corpse bone vein with satisfaction.

“Corpse bone veins.”

“Kaguya’s exclusive blood succession limit.”

“The Bone Vein is an ability to freely manipulate the bones of the whole body to defend or attack. As long as it is related to bones, such as osteoblasts, osteoclasts, calcium concentration, etc., can be manipulated without limit, which can make bones generate, decompose or maintain hardening. The bones of the strong corpse vein are extremely hard substances, the strongest spear when attacking, and the hardest shield when defending. ”

“Ten Finger Piercing: Unlock at level 3 of the Bone Vein.”

“Willow Dance: Unlock at level 3 of the Corpse Bone Vein.”

“Tsubaki no Mai: Bone Vein level 4 unlocked.”

“Dance of Tang Song: Unlock at level 5 of the Corpse Bone Vein.”

“Dance of Wire Flower: Unlock at level 6 of the Bone Vein.”

“Dance of the Early Fern: Bone Vein unlocked at level 8.”

“Note: The above affiliated ninjutsu levels are equal to the bone vein level.”

At first, Lin Ran was still puzzled, after all, in the original Junmaru, it was necessary to use pseudo-immortal arts, that is, spell seals to be able to use Tang Song’s dance, iron wire flower dance and other big moves, Lin Ran was still worried about getting the spell mark of the big snake pill, but now there is no need for trouble, the system itself is integrated, but the strongest early fern dance needs to be unlocked.

Lin Ran thought for a moment and asked, “Can the corpse bone vein enhance skills?”

Barrage: “No, only magic or skills can become enhanced skills, blood succession limit: corpse bone veins are attributes.”

Looking at the corpse veins that were quietly waiting in the attribute, Lin Ran could only sigh.

Now Lin Ran’s attributes and ordinary ninjutsu upper limit with a special upper ninjutsu template are level 4 100% experience, and the enhancement skill is level 7 100% experience, nearly double the difference, its power is twice as bad, but Tsubaki no Mai is not bad, anyway, he can still grow. However, with the corpse bone vein and the enhanced ninjutsu flag wood knife method, I am afraid that I will not be able to follow the path of ninjutsu ninja.

The great path of physical ninja awaits you!

Don’t you see that when countless powerhouses in the ninja world face the six spots, even if Ming Zuo is helpless, isn’t it still the Kaihuang Eight Gates Opening Sun Immortal in the end? Therefore, so ninjutsu can be perverted to the level of Naruto, but it is a kick in front of Kaihuang!

Well, look at the remaining fragments of your own world origin.

Okay, there’s still 4 o’clock left to fart.

Gritting his teeth, Lin Ran finally walked back to the old path of krypton gold, and smashed all the 4 million cosmic coins in the bracelet into the system, Lin Ran directly smashed all the world origin fragments that turned back into 44 into attribute points, and the requirements for promotion to Shangnin are to reach the power of an infinity gemstone in addition to space gems, water and earth attributes to reach (level 4 100%), Chakra refining and Chakra control level (level 4 100%), five enhanced ninjutsu (level 7 100%), 12 ninjutsu to reach (level 4 100%), The four-dimensional reaches 300, 300, 150, 300. At this time, the ordinary ninjutsu that Lin Ran now mastered included water body, water double, water array wall, water breaking wave, water rushing wave, water cannonball, water blade slash, chaotic lion hair, needle jizo, needle hell, transformation technique, palm cactus, and Kagura heart eye.

Already more than 12.

Enhanced Ninjutsu 4, there is still one left, but there is no hurry.

Therefore, what Lin Ran lacks now is attribute points.

Tons of attribute points!

A total of 44 World Origin Fragments were smashed down, and the system gave Lin Ran 263 attribute points.

Not black or white, not to be European, not bad.

Counting the remaining 20 attribute points before, Lin Ran now has a total of 283 attribute points, Lin Ran first smashed 40 points on the corpse bone vein, directly from the corpse bone vein from level 1 0% experience to level 4 100% experience, rich! Wayward! Then add points to the 4 enhancement skills, water break wave, spiral pill directly to level 7 100% experience, there is money! Wayward!

Chakra controls straight to the end! Rich! Wayward!

Flag wood knife method.

Forget it, let’s go to level 4 first.

In this way, Lin Ran’s attribute points instantly spent 120 points.

There are also 183 attribute points… Only one of the four dimensions can be reached into the promotion criteria.

Well… Is it a force battle route or a sensitive battle route?

Looking at the flag wood knife method in his enhanced skill column, Lin Ran sighed, since he already has the flag wood knife method, the route of the walking force warrior is really a bit wasteful, or the Min warrior, I can’t beat at least I have to run it, casually clicked 100 points on the Min attribute… Looking at the 250-point sensitive attribute, Lin Ran was uncomfortable and clicked 3 points on it.

There are 80 attribute points left.

Mommy’s wind blows the eggshell, and the wealth goes to happiness!

Lin Ran gritted his teeth and was directly ordered by the Qimu Dao Method to level 7 with 100% experience.

Well, after thirty years of hard work, now we are back to before liberation.

Lying under the shed full of raw meat, Lin Ran stretched out his hand, he watched a sharp bone with barbs slowly drill out of his palm, Lin Ran felt that everything he had paid before was meaningful, even if I couldn’t beat you with the corpse bone vein, I could scare you! It’s a pity that now you can only use these ordinary bones, and you can’t use the dance of wire flowers to pull out the spine.

Wait, what’s the situation?

Why am I so itchy all over?

Lin Ran hurriedly asked, “System, what the hell is my itchy whole body?”

Barrage: “The blood succession limit is a change at the genetic level, the host and the bone vein tonnage melt not only at the genetic level but also in the bone aspect, and itching of the bones throughout the body is normal…”

“I can understand itching elsewhere, but what the hell is itching in the fifth limb?”

“Unknown.” _

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