Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 107

Since that day, Lin Ran was punched and flown by Haila.

Hela turned into a stone, although he still rested on the stone in the courtyard every day, he and Lin Ran did not communicate a word, no matter what Lin Ran said, she didn’t say a word, as if she couldn’t see Lin Ran, Lin Ran gave her wine and food as if she couldn’t see it, and the two people were as if they were caught in a cold war between lovers.

Wait, couple?

Hehe, this is fucking if it’s domestic violence!

This kind of cold war lasted for 3 days, and Lin Ran had been frantically tempting on the verge of death for these 3 days.

All kinds of side-knockers want Hela to let go of hatred, but if you can let go of hatred so easily, then Hela is not Hela. In fact, Lin Ran, an otaku who is not very good at coaxing girls, otherwise he would not have had a girlfriend in his previous life out of 27, and finally was issued a good person card… No way, this is also to catch ducks on the shelves.

4th day of the start of the Cold War.

Lin Ran began to tell jokes to Hela:

“Said that once upon a time there was a little tadpole, it couldn’t find its mother, so it looked for wow, and finally it met a fish, and the little tadpole said: Aunt Fish, Aunt Fish, do you know where my mother is? Aunt Fish said: Suck … Hahahaha-”

Haila was expressionless.

Lin Ran laughed dryly for a while, and finally collected his laughter like an idiot.

“It’s not funny, I’ll change it…”

“Don’t talk about it, the digestion you talked about is colder than the cold in the frost box.”


Although Hela’s words were somewhat sarcastic, this was the first time for Lin Ran in four years.

Lin Ran smiled and said, “It’s not funny wow, then I’ll change it.”

A few seconds later, Lin Ran covered his stomach and got up from the ground, this time he was really a little angry.

If you don’t like to hear it, you don’t like to listen to it, what is the matter of always hitting people? Shooting himself a palm cactus, Lin Ran said a little angrily: “Hey, I can’t tell jokes to myself, aren’t you a little too domineering?”

“yes, did you just find out on the first day?”

“Don’t think I’m a bully, no matter what, I also played tricks with the destroyer!”

“So what?” Hela looked at Lin Ran indifferently.

No way, the words rushed here, Lin Ran can’t thunder loudly and rain a little, right?

Throwing the wine bottle in his hand to the side, Lin Ran’s hands were quickly sealing.

“Water Escape: Water Cannonball!”

Lin Ran opened his mouth and spit out many round water droplets, and these water droplets smashed towards Hela extremely quickly.

Hela sighed, she didn’t use a weapon, just waved her hand and scattered the water droplets that Lin Ran spit out, Hela stood up from her exclusive seat, the robe on her body was windless and automatic, Hela tilted her head to Lin Ran and said: “If you don’t have those strange gestures, your attack is pretty good, but with those gestures it is equivalent to telling the opponent that you are going to make a move.”

Yes, this is indeed a problem.

However, in the original Naruto, all the ninjas are like this, and they do not feel abrupt and procrastinating.

But in this world, whether it is super or super villain, they basically don’t need any rituals to strike, which caused Lin Ran to be annoyed when he fought against those people before, but this is a matter of no way, unless Lin Ran can release ninjutsu without the need for a seal like in the late stage of Shippuden.

Hela said, “Are there any other attackers?”

“Hmph.” Lin Ran snorted coldly, and five knots came out with a flip of his hand. “Water Escape: Cut Water and Break the Wave!”

In an instant, the extremely fine water column swept towards Hela.

This time Hela also smelled the danger and asked, Hela did not dare to hard connect, and her figure turned and went out a long way.

The water column that Lin Ran spit out stretched straight out, and as he turned his head, the water column with extremely strong cutting force directly cut off the pillar of the shed that Lin Ran usually used to rest, and with a bang, the small shed completely collapsed and turned into a ruin.

But the water column still did not stop.

Hela saw that her room was about to suffer, and she inhaled and exhaled.

It was just such a simple action, but Lin Ran felt like he had been punched hard by Hela, and flew out backwards again.

Before Lin Ran could get up, Hela turned around and went back to the room, and she only left one sentence: “There are still too many movements…”

Lin Ran, who got up from the ground, was helpless.

The gap between himself and Hela is too big, don’t say a few moves, if Hela goes all out, I’m afraid Lin Ran can’t even take a move, a little disappointed to his own small shed, dealt with it for a long time Lin Ran did not get it right, helpless Lin Ran looked at the sky at night, the red moon in the sky is missing, it is estimated that it will rain again.

There is no way, I can only go to the warehouse to deal with it.

Lying in the warehouse full of raw meat, Lin Ran remembered today’s fight with Hela.

No, this is not a fight at all, this is completely unilaterally suppressed by Hela!

Don’t steam steamed buns to fight for breath! Some!

Entering the system, Lin Ran suddenly remembered something, and then he was shocked and hurried to check it.

“Two blank draws can be eliminated in special draws (validity: 1 hour).”

Fortunately, it expired in just an hour.

Look again at your own attribute points with World Origin Fragments, 20 and 34.

First of all, if you want to be able to tear it with Hela tomorrow twice, it is not possible to simply draw ninjutsu, unless you can become a thousand hands overnight, otherwise it is impossible to do it only by relying on water escape, and the earth escape is not good, didn’t you listen to Hela? It must not be sealed!

While thinking, Lin Ran clicked into the special lottery column.

Seven blanks.

Blood succession limit: dissolution.

Blood Succession Boundary: Bone Veins.

Ninja Knife: Exploding knife droplets.

Well… It seems acceptable, there is still an hour to go, smoked!

Lin Ran gritted his teeth and stomped his foot… Foot cramps.

Finally rubbing the tendons on his legs, Lin Ran exhaled deeply and clicked the start button extremely seriously and solemnly.

Obediently 10 World Origin Fragments, can it not be serious, can it not be solemn?

It went from 7 to 3 to 5 to 3.

It seems that the odds are slightly greater, but Lin Ran, who has been mixing Hearthstone Tavern and Self-Propelled Chess Island for many years, knows that all the lotteries are not one in many, but fifty percent! Either there is or there is none!

And this time…

“Ding, the host has smoked blank, hope to continue the effort.”

Pick up your sister again!

Lin Ran gritted his teeth and stomped his foot, continuing!

“Ding, the host has smoked blank, hope to continue the effort.”

“Whew, calm… Calm, isn’t it not okay twice, it doesn’t matter, the third time! If I hadn’t won this time, I wouldn’t have drawn it! Lin Ran, who has always been a non-chief, would say this every time he drew a lottery.

And this time, however…

“Ding, the host draws “Blood Succession Boundary: Corpse Bone Vein”. ”

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