Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 106

Lin Ran sat in the shed and watched the acid rain dripping outside the eaves.

The wine bottles and cans left in the courtyard have been corroded and only the remains remain, and even the earthen platform made by Lin Ran with the earth attribute Chakra has been corroded smaller and smaller, and the Heim Underworld is really a magical world.

The bored Lin Ran originally wanted to sleep, but he suddenly thought of something.

It seems that Lin Ran, who bought the mass of “bone spirit cold fire” sealed in a glass jar bought in the Contra black market, has never found time to study.

From the “bone spirit cold fire” in the sealing scroll, Lin Ran did not open the jar, the devil knows if the white ice-like flame inside will instantly freeze itself into a popsicle, now Lin Ran’s sealing method seal is only level 1, it is estimated that it will not be able to deal with this fire of unknown origin but it does not seem to be easy to deal with.

When he was worried about what to do, Lin Ran suddenly thought of Hela.

Hela is well-informed, she should know what this ball is, right?

The acid rain fell for a whole half of the night before stopping, the sound of gurgling outside the shed made Lin Ran unable to sleep peacefully, until the acid rain stopped Lin Ran fell asleep in a daze, early the next morning, the red sun was at the head, Lin Ran did not wake up until the morning, looked into the courtyard, sure enough, Hailalei could not sit on the stone, Lin Ran threw the jar in his hand and walked over.

“Early wow.”

Hela glanced back at him and didn’t speak.

Lin Ran didn’t feel embarrassed, if Hela suddenly replied with a “early” at this time, then Lin Ran felt that something was wrong.

Lin Ran performed again in front of Hela for a while, spitting clay.

Sitting on his small mound, Lin Ran placed the jar in his hand in front of Hela.

“Can you show me what this thing is?”

“Huh?” Hela moved her gaze to the jar in Lin Ran’s hand, she made a sound with some surprise, and then she reached out and took the jar from Lin Ran’s hand, looking up and down and left and right carefully, Hela suddenly smiled with some disdain: “It’s funny I actually thought this was true, but think about it if it were true, you would have died a long time ago.”

Hearing Hela’s words, Lin Ran became even more curious, and quickly asked, “What is this thing?”

“It’s a fire… Have you heard of the Eternal Flame? ”

“Eternal flame?”

This name is somewhat familiar, it seems that when Thor 3 was hammer brother in order to deal with Hela, he put the helmet of the flame giant Soulel into the Eternal Fire, thereby resurrecting Soultel, and Surtel, who gained great power because of the Eternal Fire, directly destroyed Asgard, and Hela, who was still in Asgard at that time, took the initiative to fight against the Flame Giant, but with the collapse and disintegration of Asgard’s God Domain, I am afraid that Hela and the flame giant Soulel should be spared.

Could it be that this fire still has the eternal flame?

Hela said: “This fire is called “Filsey’s Despair”, the abode of Filsie’s soul when he died, and it has such terrifying power that even I dare not touch it with my own hands… Even if there is a layer of protection, it will not work. ”

“Then I…”

“This is not the real Filsey’s, but an imitation of posterity, but even if it is an imitation, it is not an ordinary product, and there are too few people who know Filsey’s despair, I estimate that this fire should have been imitated by a people who believe in the occult more than 3,000 years ago, and the power is naturally far less than Filsey’s despair, but it is also a treasure for you.”

Lin Ran scratched his hair: “How to use this thing?”

“I don’t know how to use this thing, and I don’t even think even Odin, but I think you can try your luck with the Warner Protoss, who has the most obscure secrets of the Nine Kingdoms, some of which even Odin and I have never heard of.” After Hela finished speaking, she hooked her finger at Lin Ran: “But I also want to warn you, precisely because the power held by the Warner Protoss is too obscure, mysterious, and powerful, so when I return to Asgard, my first goal is to occupy the Warner Protoss first!”

Lin Ran smiled bitterly: “My goddess Hela, is peace bad?” Do you have to go to war to suit your heart’s content? ”

“If Asgard has the power to conquer the galaxy, why sit on the so-called peace?”

“Although war means harvest, it also means death, do you really want the blood of the universe to flow more than corpses? Do you really want to burn the entire galaxy to the rubble, and then you rule the whole ruins? ”


“Listen to me, no one likes war, and neither do you, 2000 years ago you wanted to conquer the entire galaxy because you wanted to prove yourself, and after 2000 you still wanted to return to Asgard and start the war again because of your hatred! Two thousand years of captivity, this hatred has blinded your eyes, and now only the mountain of corpses and the sea of blood can satisfy you! But is that really what you want? ”

“I said enough!”


I saw Hela punch, Lin Ran, who was originally sitting in front of Hela, seemed to be hit by a pile driver in the front, and the whole person flew out upside down in an instant, until Lin Ran stopped until he hit those tributes piled up in the shed, and a punch was just a punch! You must know that Lin Ran’s current strength attribute has 150 points, which has crossed the category of ordinary people, but it is only a punch in front of Hela.

Lin Ran got up from the ground.

Hela’s power is measured, just knocking him away but not killing him.

However, the feeling of internal organs twisted in the body is not comfortable, Lin Ran covered his stomach and shot 2 palm cactus techniques before feeling better, Lin Ran, who covered his stomach, smiled bitterly, and said in his heart: “It seems that his mouth escape skill has not yet been cultivated to home.”

Hela turned her face indifferently.

“Don’t try to convince me, it will only make you feel bad!”

“Goddess Hela, who would marry you with a character like you?”

“Don’t think that Odin can do whatever you want if I don’t let me kill you, if I want to kill you, Odin won’t have time to save you.”

Lin Ran thought about it, he didn’t speak, picked up the jar from the ground and silently walked back to his small shed.

Our ancestors told us a truth countless years ago: rivers and mountains are easy to change, and nature is difficult to shift.

Changing a person’s personality is really harder than reclaiming the sea and moving mountains.

Especially Hela, a person who has buried hatred in his heart for 2,000 years.

Seriously, she hadn’t directly started killing people, which was already considered lucky for Lin Ran.

However, for the sake of the World Origin Fragment, Lin Ran must also constantly test on the edge of death.

Of course, the World Origin Fragment is on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is also because Hela aroused Lin Ran’s stubborn temper, once when Lin Ran did not come to this world, because of a word from a friend, he slept sleeplessly for two days, and stunned the Ultimate Kasha out. Isn’t it just a hella! Do her! Just see if my big tube wood forest is hard or not!

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