Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 105

To say that what Lin Ran wanted to get the most now, in addition to the attribute points, was the World Origin Fragment.

The World Origin Fragment, on the other hand, can bring attribute points.

Although Hela was dangerous, looking at the face of a large number of World Origin fragments, Lin Ran felt that he could take a risk once.

I don’t know if it’s because these wines pulled into the relationship between Lin Ran and Hela or if Hela has not had a person who can talk to her in the past two thousand years, this time Hela did not let Lin Ran go away, but nodded to Lin Ran with a smile on her face, and the goddess of death said with a smile: “You want to know my story, then you have to tell your story first.” ”

‘My story? Lin Ran shook his head: “I only have less than two years for this world, do you want to hear it?” ”

“Of course, in my two thousand years, I have never heard anything else say to me other than listening to those underworld people pray to me, hoping that I can bless them, and perhaps this is an important reason why your tongue is still in your mouth.”

Lin Ran smiled, he walked to the opposite side of Hela, his hands were sealed, and then a mouth, a large ball of clay spit out from Lin Ran’s mouth, these clays made by Chakra immediately turned into a square stool after landing, Lin Ran sat on the earthen stool, he said to Hela: “More than a year ago, I was found by a person from the garbage can, and then I spent two months in confusion, everything here is not in line with my cognition, my past did not have the God Domain, there was no Nine Kingdoms, but now there are many, many in my world.” I couldn’t understand something until one day, I found my meaning in this world! Then I mastered some special abilities, and then I became more and more special, but I still felt that I did not belong to this world. ”

“Didn’t you find your meaning in this world?”

“That’s different.” If Lin Ran remembered correctly, he should have said what he really thought to the people of this world for the first time in this world, Lin Ran continued: “I have met many people in this world, including my landlord, a rich local tycoon, and your younger brother, but I can’t find my connection with this world, it’s like… Watching a movie. ”

Hela listened very seriously, and it wasn’t until Lin Ran finished speaking, Hela said, “What is your meaning?” ”

“Change!” Lin Ran’s voice was categorical and extremely firm.

“Change what?”

“Change the bad, leave the good.”

“Oh, speaking of falling, you still want to convince me… It’s like you know what I’m thinking. ”

“It’s not difficult, if I’m locked up in this broken place where birds don’t, for two thousand years, when I get out, the first thing I will do is take revenge, revenge on the person who locked me up here, no matter who he is.”

Hela smiled, and the smile on her originally cold face was like a flower at this time: “So you can understand me, right?” Because of your words, when I return to Asgard, I will make you the greatest nobleman in Asgard under me. ”

“Is returning to Asgard really important to you?”

“Important!” Hela nodded: “Your story, now I tell my story… I was born about 2400 years ago, I am the eldest daughter of King Asgard, the eldest daughter of the people, and I saddled him when Asgard conquered the Nine Realms, and I was his right-hand man, but how did you treat me. ”

“There must be a reason, right?”

“Odin has changed, he is no longer the great father of the gods, not the enterprising ruler, he is blinded by the temporary peace and narrowness in front of him the king who sits on the throne, so Odin Ma released Nanshan, I am satisfied… But I don’t, the Great Asgar God Domain can’t be limited to the narrow Nine Realms! I have a bigger goal, the Nine Realms can turn into the entire galaxy, and we have the strength! However, Odin refuted my proposal many times, and finally I was desperate to start a war without Odin, and even if Odin didn’t want to fight, he could only continue the war, but Odin saw through my deployment, the Valkyrie Legion defeated me, and then I got here. ”

Is that you? Spot!

Although Hela’s story sounds a little complicated, it is actually a nine-kingdom version of the story of Uchiha.

Our Madara and the original Hokage established the village of Konoha, unlike the idea of balancing the entire ninja world with checks and balances, Madara wanted to conquer the other four powers by force and establish a unified regime, and like Asgard at the time, Konoha was capable of unifying the ninja world when both Madara and the first generation were alive.

However, in the end, Madara fought a decisive battle with the original generation.

Hey, they are all desperate children, but their thinking is too extreme.

Seeing that Lin Ran did not respond, Hela continued: “For the past two thousand years, in addition to thinking about how to take revenge on Odin, I have been planning how to conquer the galaxy and pick up a unified country around Asgard. ”

“No more now than two thousand years ago, my goddess.” Lin Ran knocked on the wine bottle in his hand and said: “These wines are made by the countries in the galaxy, two thousand years of the old regime died, a new regime emerged, and now most of the galaxy has become the battlefield of the Kree Empire and the Nova Legion, and these two countries are not ordinary third-rate countries, their national strength is very strong, not to pour cold water on you, I think Asgard cannot deal with the Kree Empire and the Nova Empire.” ”

“No, Asgard is the strongest! We have the ability and enough strength to defeat those two countries you mentioned! ”

Well, do not theorize with indignant youth about the military strength of his country.

It’s just talking to a barr.

Lin Ran shrugged, he just wanted to speak, when acid rain suddenly fell in the sky.

Lin Ran looked up at the sky, crimson raindrops began to fall to the ground, this is the first time Lin Ran encountered acid rain after coming to Hela’s temple, Lin Ran looked at Hela, only to see that Hela did not mean to dodge at all, Lin Ran hesitated, he took out an umbrella from the sealing scroll and opened the umbrella on Hela’s head.

It seems to be dark overhead.

Hela raised her head, she looked at Lin Ran holding the umbrella and the umbrella that was corroded by acid rain for a small half, Hela slowly stood up.

“Go back to shelter from the rain, the stones used to build these houses are special materials that can not be corroded by the red rain.”

“What’s going on with this rain?”

“This is a weather phenomenon unique to the underworld of Heim, the red rain existed when Odin and I conquered here, and no one can say how this rain formed, just as no one can explain why the people of Warnerheim have so many secret methods.” Hela carried a bottle full of wine to her room, and as she walked, Hela said, “It’s very pleasant to chat, but if you still want to convince me, forget it.” ”

Yes, the revenge obsession that has existed for two thousand years is not something that Lin Ran can break with a few words.

It seems that the matter of reforming Hela is really a long way off.

Anyway, there will be no big plot after the end of “Thor”, and there is still a year left before the story of “Avengers”.

I don’t believe it, I invite you to drink every day, even a stone can be soaked, right?

Hmph, continue tomorrow! _

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