Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 103

To give… It’s mine?

Lin Ran took the letter with some surprise.

The letter paper from Asgard God Domain was different, there was actually a warm feeling in his hand, Lin Ran looked down at the letter paper.

Well… In other words, who can understand the words on this letter that look like ghost drawings?

Just after the spit in Lin Ran’s heart appeared, the ghost-like text on this letter was actually distorted and then magically twisted into a letter written in English in front of Lin Ran, Lin Ran sighed in his heart, and then read it carefully.

“Immortal, this letter will only be automatically converted into the universal text of the atrium after Hela has read it, how is it, my eldest daughter is okay? Although it is almost two thousand years in the Nether Realm, my daughter is still the dragon and phoenix among people. I’m sorry, Immortal, I lied to you, this time I went to visit Hela in the underworld of Heim not only in the hope that you can help me visit her, but also hope that you can influence her and let her let go of the hatred in her heart, I know that this matter can not be done casually, but the experience brought to me by thousands of years of long life tells me, maybe… You can really touch Hela, I hope you can succeed, immortal, if you can really touch Hela, I will not hesitate to give my treasure trove away! As King of Asgard and father of the gods, I never break my word… Well, finally remind you that Hela is not casual and can be touched with words, if you want to touch him you need love, let Hela fall in love with you, you can touch Hela, good luck, immortal. ”

“。。。” Lin Ran looked down at the letter silently.

Well, you Odin, a bad old man, is really bad, and actually let me go on a blind date with Hela!

Are you afraid that I won’t die?

The voice behind him came slowly: “What do you see?”

At this time, Lin Ran’s head was still pinched by the people behind him, Lin Ran’s head could not turn back, he laughed twice: “Your father, Odin, the father of the gods, may feel that you are a little lonely alone in the Underworld of Heim, so he asked me to accompany you.”

“Is it? But that’s not what I saw. ”

Hela let go of her hand.

Lin Ran turned his head with a smile on his face.

Che, if I can’t beat you, I can make you hold my head?

Only at this time did Lin Ran see Hela’s appearance.

At this time, there are still 8 years left before the story of “Thor: Ragnarok”, Lin Ran’s Hela in front of her is not wearing the black armor that appeared in the movie, and there are no horns on her head, she is just casually wrapped in a somewhat damaged robe, the devil knows how many years this robe Hela has been passed down, clean is indeed clean, but there are broken holes on it, Lin Ran can see pieces of snow-white skin from these holes, and seems to notice that Lin Ran is looking at her clothes.

Hela said coldly, “Look at your eyes again and it will be mine.”

Lin Ran smiled awkwardly: “I’m sorry… I’m sorry. ”

Hela, who is almost 3,000 years old this year, has to say that Odin’s genetic genes are indeed strong, and Hela’s appearance is very beautiful, but the bridge of her towering nose looks extremely good. A black hair was scattered behind her at random, and her slender arms could not see that she could easily crush the meow hammer after a few years, the white-skinned goddess Hela!

However, as a normal man, Lin Ran did not have it at all.

Especially when I think that when Hela Sutra followed Odin to the south and the northern war, his ancestors had not yet appeared.

Although it is often said that age is not a gap.

But if the age difference is hundreds of times… That’s not a gap, it’s a chasm bigger than the Milky Way!

Hela said to Lin Ran: “I warn you, although Odin said in the letter that I must ensure that you are alive, it does not mean that you can get close to me, and you don’t even think about the things said in Odin’s letter to this incompetent and enterprising king, understand?”

“Seriously, I never thought about it.” Lin Ran helplessly spread his hands: “In fact, we are all victims of arranged marriages.”

“Bring things in.”


Lin Ran obediently carried the tribute that the underworld people sent to the temple behind the door.

Behind this black wooden door is a large courtyard, the ground of the courtyard is also made of those crimson stones, the stones on the ground and the stones are not tightly seamed, Lin Ran guessed that the gap between the stones and stones should be specially prepared to cope with the acid rain, Lin Ran piled the tribute under a shed on the side of the courtyard under the command of Hela.

Finally, all the tribute was transferred under the shed.

Hela gestured to another shed, “That’s where you live.”

“Thanks… Well? Not even the walls wow? ”

“You can also choose to stay here.”

Faced with exposure to acid rain that may fall at any time and a shed with at least eaves, he decisively chose the best choice for himself, just like that, Lin Ran settled down in Hela’s Sacred Temple of Hope, and for the next two days he called Heimdall in his heart, trying to make Heimdall be moved by himself to get himself back, but compared to Odin’s decree, Lin Ran is a fart?

After shouting for several days, Heimdall did not see the rainbow bridge come down.

Lin Ran could only choose to stay in Heimdall in the end.

Anyway, Lin Ran is a casual person, in the past two days, Lin Ran found that Hela’s life is extremely regular, get up in the morning to live and cook by herself, and then sit on a large stone in the center of the courtyard that is taller than other stones, until lunch, after lunch, Hela will sit under the shed and look at the reddish sky in a daze, as if… A fool.

Of course, Lin Ran could only think about this mentally, and if he wanted to say it, he estimated that he would die a miserable death.

After observing Hela like this for two days, Lin Ran and Hela did not say a word.

Until the third day of his arrival in the temple.

Just as Hela was sitting on the stone and faking sleep, Lin Ran, who was leaning against the shed, suddenly said to Hela: “Why did you never ask me how Asgard is now after I came here, and how is your father Odin now?” Have you been locked up in the Underworld of Heim for nearly 2,000 years, never wondering what is going on outside now? ”

Hela didn’t answer.

As soon as Lin Ran opened his mouth to continue, Hela suddenly spoke:

“How do you know, how do you not know? Will it change because of my will? ”

Wow, big sister, you are really realistic enough.

Lin Ran paused and asked, “Do you still hate your father Odin?”

“What if I say hate you? Go tell Odin? It doesn’t matter, he won’t kill me. ”

“How are you sure?”

“If he wanted to kill me, I couldn’t have been locked up here for almost 2,000 years, and if he wanted to kill me, you wouldn’t have come here.” Saying this, Hela suddenly opened her eyes, she turned her head to look at Lin Ran, there was no expression on her white face, Hela said: “Speaking of which, you are really good, or let’s get married, I am the queen of Asgard, you are the prince!” _

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