Hokage draw at Marvel Chapter 102

The food was a broth made of meat from unknown animals and a thick porridge made of coarse rice, which looked a little like dark cuisine when put together, but Lin Ran took a spoon and tasted it, the taste was really good, Lin Ran, who had a great appetite, ate 5 servings in the disbelieving eyes of the priest before stopping, Lin Ran scratched his hair with some embarrassment.

It is estimated that the underworld tribe should not have much food.

Lin Ran, who was embarrassed, took out a lot of canned food from the sealing scroll after he went back.

Perhaps because the Underworld of Heim was still in the stage of backward tonnage primitive society, these underworld people had never seen canned food, and the priest looked at the round iron sheet in surprise, and asked Lin Ran curiously: “Can this be eaten?”

“Yes, just open him.”

With Lin Ran’s help, the priest who opened the can was shocked.

After impatiently killing a can, the priest immediately decided to add a batch of iron cans to the sacrifice to the goddess, so that the goddess of hope could taste it, to which Lin Ran expressed that the goddess of hope may not want the taste of the can, after all, in Lin Ran’s inherent impression Hela… She doesn’t seem to eat, does she? Or is it not expressed.

After breakfast, the underworld people began to graze.

Because of the existence of acid rain in the underworld, very few crops can survive, but the weeds eaten by the livestock are not afraid of the acid rain growing in pieces, breakfast is too much, the archers in the tribe ride horses from another passage to take the livestock out of the underground, the grazing meeting does not end until noon, Lin Ran is not interesting to stay underground, so he volunteered to follow the herding team and left the underground. Nothing happened for the entire morning, and neither did the other underworld tribe sneak attacks that Lin Ran imagined happen.

It was so boring for the day.

Early the next morning, the team that paid tribute to the goddess of hope set off.

This famous underworld tribe with a population of more than 3,000 sent an escort team of 100 people, these archers rode tall horses, escorting the tribe to enter the sacrifice to the goddess of hope to embark on the journey, and Lin Ran also followed the team to the legendary goddess of hope’s temple, I don’t know why Lin Ran actually had the slightest expectation of what would happen next.


The sanctuary of the Goddess of Hope is located in the center of the living world, and this is not a mountain.

In fact, the life world in the underworld is all a red plain, the terrain does not have any undulations, only whether the weeds on the side of the road that he saw became the reference object of the team, Lin Ran did not know the southeast, northwest at this time, but the underworld who led the way was obviously an old driver, he only needed to look at the weeds growing on the side of the road to determine whether his current direction was correct, walking for about a few hours, Lin Ran, who rode for the first time, felt that his butt was numb.

。 However, the underworld did not mean to rest.

There was no way, Lin Ran could only grit his teeth and insist.

From early in the morning until the red moon was about to rise, Lin Ran saw a simple building completely made of dark red stones from a distance, perhaps to indicate the sacredness of this, the building was also cushioned with 3 floors of the same material of stone, this building had no walls, but there were stone pillars extending out at the doors on all sides.

Lin Ran learned that these underworld people turned over after entering the scope of the stone pillar.

The leader of the team turned his head and specially ordered Lin Ran: “If you go in, don’t speak.”

Lin Ran nodded to show understanding.

The underworld tied the horse to the stone pillar, they put down the tribute to Haila from the horse, and then several people in groups, carrying things along the road sandwiched by the stone pillars on both sides all the way, they walked heavily, but no one spoke, Lin Ran and a Hades man carried many cans at the back.

After walking for about 5 minutes, Lin Ran finally walked into the temple.

However, this temple did not want the difference that Lin Ran thought, it was still a small room stacked with stones, there was nothing in it, but there was a door to a deeper place closed, Lin Ran and the underworld put the can into the ground, and then the leader waved to signal everyone to come out, Lin Ran did not do so, he walked to the door and raised his hand to knock on the door.

“Ring the bell.”

The wooden door made a dull sound after Lin Ran knocked a few times.

Although the sound was not loud, it was particularly obvious in the silent environment, and suddenly, all the underworld people looked at Lin Ran as if they were looking at fools, Lin Ran smiled apologetically at them, and then Lin Ran spoke:

“Goddess Hela, I have been commissioned by Odin to send warmth on behalf of the Asgard Godland…”

The faces of the underworld changed in unison, and then those underworld people ran away as if they had seen something extremely terrifying.

Is it so scary?

Isn’t it just saying a word, knocking on the door, why bother as if seeing a ghost?

Lin Ran didn’t know that although Hela was revered as the goddess of hope by the underworld, in fact, there has always been a legend in all the underworld tribes: although Hela, the goddess of hope, is the protective god of all underworlds, she protects the life world from the world of death, but anyone who sees the goddess of hope with her own eyes will be sucked away by her power to become her own divine power.

Lin Ran didn’t know this statement, and even if he knew, he might just say:


Seeing the underworld retreat as if he saw a flood beast, Lin Ran spread out his hand and said again: “Sorry.”

Just behind Lin Ran, a low voice suddenly sounded: “You were sent by Odin?”


The sudden sound behind him made Lin Ran’s body stiffen instantly, and there would only be one person who could ask Lin Ran in this place if he was sent by Odin, that is, Odin’s eldest daughter, the legendary Ding Dahai, the god of death Hela.

To be honest, although Fang Cai Lin Ran knocked on the door, he never thought that he would knock Hela out.

But that’s fine, and the letter to Hela is complete.

Lin Ran’s face was full of smiles, and then slowly turned back and said: “This is Odin’s letter to you, he asked me to tell you that he misses you very much, there are mistakes and extremes on both sides in the past, as long as you know where you are wrong in nearly two thousand years of imprisonment, he can release you, this is the letter written to you by Odin, if there is no objection, I will leave work…”


Before Lin Ran’s head could turn around, it was blocked by a hand.

Then the letter in Lin Ran’s hand was also taken away, and to be honest, Lin Ran didn’t dare to move now.

In “Thor: Ragnarok”, Hela crushed the Myernir hammer with just a light pinch, and Lin Ran thought that his little head melon was not as strong as the meow hammer made with the core of the dying star.

Hela read the letter, she sneered twice, and then handed the letter to Lin Ran.

“This letter is not only for me, but also for you.” _

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