Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Slay the General Green Pheasant and Obtain the Demon Bo Gang and the Monkey Charm [Third Change, Subscribe]

The general Pheasant did not escape, and he forced his severely injured body to release the cold air with all his strength.

The temperature in and around him had reached absolute zero, and even the space was frozen.

But at the moment when the shock wave of the nuclear explosion came, the frozen space was torn apart in an instant.

The cold and flames collided with each other, and the mountain-like iceberg was instantly melted, but it was recreated by the pheasant.

Unfortunately, the cold air of the pheasant could not stop this ultimate nuclear explosion, and finally lost the battle.

Damn it!!!

Cap, Lieutenant General Crane, and the remaining admirals looked in horror at the terrible shock waves and sea of flames that swept over them, all desperately waiting to die.

In the face of this force, even if it is Kapu, it is too weak to resist.


Just as the shock wave of the nuclear explosion and the sea of fire were about to engulf Karp and the others, the space behind them suddenly cracked open a huge slit, a gap.

The space rift unleashes a super gravitational pull that engulfs Cap, Vice Admiral Crane, and several admirals.

The sudden arrival of the rescuers made Kapu feel happy, and he hurriedly called out to Qingxiong who was struggling to resist the sea of flames in front of him to retreat.

“Pheasant, come here and!!!”

The pheasant glanced behind him with the afterglow, revealing a reassuring smile, and then waved a big hand, creating an iceberg to block the space crack


“Pheasant General!”


When Karp and the others saw the situation, they all understood the pheasant’s plan.

“Let’s go, I can’t go!”

Pheasant squirted blood from its mouth and nose, and the blood that flowed out was black.

His arms had long since disappeared, and he was now using arms made of ice.

The pheasant knew his injuries very well, and knew that even if he escaped from this battlefield, he would not be able to survive any longer.

Instead of this, it is better to leave the broken queen and fight for a glimmer of life for Karp and others.

The cracks in space slowly heal and eventually disappear completely.

The pheasant revealed a frank smile, and finally could not hold back and stopped instilling cold.

Without the cold infusion of the pheasant, the huge iceberg in front of him was destroyed in an instant.

Terrifying shock waves and seas of flames roared in, completely engulfing the pheasant.


In the sky, Carl in the body of the alien dimensional ghost god frowned.

His domineering aura has always enveloped the entire Marinfodo, and he is very sensitive to the breath inside.

At the moment when the crack in space appeared, Carl clearly captured the strange atmosphere that had just emerged.

Then the breaths of Cap, Lieutenant General Crane, and the three admirals disappeared at the same time.

Karl knew that the five of them had been rescued.

“Is it the hidden power of the world’s government?”

Carl originally thought that the only one who could survive this move was the fastest dragon, but he did not expect that at the critical time, a mysterious space system ability would appear to rescue Karp and the others.

The spatial system ability is unpredictable, coming and going without a trace.

As long as they hid in the other space, they could not hurt them without the power to break the space.

No matter how powerful Carl’s nuclear explosion was, it could not shatter space, so there was nothing he could do about the mysterious space system.

“The world’s main government has been established for 800 years, and its heritage is indeed deep.”

“However, this loss of the navy is enough to make the world’s government hurt!”

Carl scattered the body of the other-dimensional ghost god and looked at the nuclear explosion raging below.

The horrific nuclear explosion raged for more than half an hour before it slowly stopped.

When the flames dispersed, a huge eye with a diameter of more than several kilometers appeared on the sea.

Marinfodo had completely disappeared, leaving no trace of existence.

Carl’s move xuan universe killed all of Marinfodo’s tens of thousands of navies, including the general Pheasant, and the naval high-level was also killed and wounded.

Except for the Yellow Ape, who escaped on its own, and the Kapu Five, who were rescued by the Mysterious Space System Ability, no other Navy survived.

In this top war, almost all of the 100,000 elites gathered by the navy were lost.

Admiral Sengoku is dead!

The Great General Red Dog was killed!

The Great General Pheasant was killed!

Lieutenant General Bastiyu was killed!

Lieutenant General Fire Mountain Battle!

All giants will be killed!

The Navy’s death list is long enough to write a book.

Since the founding of the Navy, there has never been such a huge loss.

Even the Battle of the Valley of the Gods more than thirty years ago was not as good as this one.

“However, the host is detected to kill the Admiral Green Pheasant, complete the Emperor’s Road mission stage two, and get rewards: Overlord Color Domineering Winding, Mountain Demon Bo Gang, Monkey Charm.”

The electronic sound of the system began, and Karl’s reward arrived.

New powers appeared in Carl out of thin air, and Carl naturally learned to be domineering.

As with the use of armed color domineering winding, the use of overlord color domineering winding is also almost the same.

When Carl opened the overlord color domineering field, he already had a deeper understanding of the use of the overlord color domineering.

Even without a system reward, Carl was confident that he would learn to be domineering in a short period of time.

In addition to this, Carl got a new demon.

The Demon of the Mountain, Bo Gang, has the ability to overeat, swallow and spit out.

She can spit out what she swallows in the form of energy, and the larger the volume, the higher the damage.

Simply put, demon waves can devour everything in heaven and earth.

In addition, she can also mount Mount Tai to the top and move mountains.

The mountain was nothing more than a plaything in her hand.

In addition to the infinite power, Bo Gang also has a thick skin and strong defense.

Her body can be huge, even giant super-multiplier.

In this state, Bo Gang’s digestion is multiplied, and the appetite is very large.

The more he ate, the larger Bogang’s size and the more destructive it became.

Theoretically, Bo gang could even swallow everything in the world for a long time.

In a sense, Bogang is a lot like the gluttonous BIGOM.

They are all women who like to overeat, and they are all monsters with thick skin and thick defenses.

However, demon boco is much more terrifying than BIGOM.

In addition to the demon Bogan, Carl also received a monkey charm this time.

The Monkey Charm is one of the twelve magic powers of the Fire Demon Lord, which transforms everything into the form of an animal.

It sounds like a lot of general, but the monkey spell is terrifying.

If a four emperor is turned into a mouse with a monkey charm, then the four emperors are abolished.

Theoretically, the Monkey Charm can kill a Four Emperors in a second, or even any strong person in this world.

There are five stages in the Path of Kings, and Karl has only completed three stages this time.

Although it is not complete, the harvest is already very rich.

Coupled with the rewards for killing Blackbeard and holding the sword five old stars, Carl felt satisfied.

“It’s time to go back.”

Carl’s sword broke through the air, flew to a distance of more than ten kilometers, and saw the red-haired pirate group and the white-bearded pirate group parked on the sea

“Haven’t you left yet?”

A smile flashed from the corner of Carl’s mouth and he flew toward the pirate ship below.

On the bow of the pirate ship, the red-haired Shanks, Beckman, Marko, Jotz and others stood side by side.

They did not go far after leaving Marinfodo, but stayed at sea to fight.

Seeing the aftermath of the battle generated by Carl’s release of the Xuan Universe was too terrifying, he retreated to this place more than ten kilometers away.

The mushroom cloud that soared into the sky was clearly visible even if it was more than ten kilometers apart.

Even if they were so far apart, many of the powerful people of the two pirate groups were also terrified.

“The Naval Headquarters is finished!”

The red-haired Shanks said with a long sigh.

“I don’t know how many people died in the Navy.”

“In this battle, the Navy really suffered heavy casualties.”

“In the next few years or even a dozen years, we may not be able to recover.”

“Death is really too fierce, the means are too fierce, and it is frightening!”

“It’s hard to believe that Death destroyed the entire Navy by itself!”

“Don’t know what kind of future the next world will lead to?”

“The future is created by people, and without the navy, we have a chance!”

Karl’s voice echoed in the sky.

The redhead looked up and saw an electric light shooting towards them.

As soon as the lightning flashed, Carl appeared at the bow of the ship.


[01 Seeing the arrival of the Grim Reaper, all the members of the Red-Haired Pirate Regiment entered a state of battle, their faces full of war.] 】

One by one, the cadres looked solemn, their hands were on their weapons, ready to move at any time.

Karl swept the crowd and smiled playfully, and said lightly, “Don’t be nervous, I’m not here to fight.” ”

The redhead stepped forward and asked, “Is there anything wrong with us?” Death!. ”

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