Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 96

Chapter 96: I killed the Five Old Stars, subverting the world! 【Fourth change, please subscribe】

“Oh? Didn’t he die? ”

“There are two shots!”

Karl smiled playfully, the cold light in his eyes overflowed, and the killing machine rose again.

Although the sword-wielding five old stars only had their last breath left, carl was not at ease without cutting the grass and removing the roots.

“Not good!”

“Stop him!”

Karp, the Warring States sensed Carl’s killing intent for the first time, and roared in anger. The General Pheasant and the Great General Yellow Ape rushed towards Carl for the first time.

They couldn’t have watched the sword-wielding Five Old Stars die at the naval headquarters, and they couldn’t afford the consequences.


“Eight Feet Qiong Gou Jade!”

The Pheasant and the Yellow Ape moved at the same time, and the absolute zero degree of cold air and countless flash bombs blocked all of Carl’s way forward. The pheasant was very direct, creating an iceberg in front of Carl.

At the same time, Karp rushed to the sword-wielding Five Old Star, trying to save him.

“Get me out of here!”

Carl roared in anger, and the evil soul was born again.

The black sword light crossed the long sky, destroying all the icebergs made by the pheasant and the flash bombs of the yellow ape, and also knocking the two fly. Repelling the two, Carl swung his sword straight at the head of the five old stars holding the sword.

The sword-wielding Five Old Stars were already seriously injured and dying, and although they still retained the last trace of consciousness, they were no longer able to fight back, and could only watch the killing move coming.

Karp was too far away to save people, and could only roar in incompetence.


Karl swung his sword down and took the first level. Clang!!!

A sound of gold and iron resounded in all directions.

Carl’s killing move was blocked by a long black knife, and what appeared in front of Carl was the red hair of the four emperors! At the moment of the thousand gunshots, it was actually the red hair that saved the five old stars holding the sword.

“Stop, Grim Reaper.”

“You won the war.”

“Kill this person, the world will be turned upside down, and the consequences will be too serious!”

“Even you can’t afford it!”

The redhead blocked Carl’s radiant sword, and drank coldly in a low voice.

Karl smiled slyly, with force in his hand, and the sword pressed down, and soon gained the upper hand. Redheads have only one hand, and the instantaneous explosiveness can be very strong.

But this kind of enduring competition strength, Carl’s two hands are definitely stronger than his one hand.

“I killed the Five Old Stars!” You can’t save him, redhead, and today he’s going to die!” ”

“If you dare to stop me, you will die here!”

Carl roared angrily, and the black sword suddenly burst into black light.

The redhead was horrified, and the hairs all over his body stood up at this moment.

His domineering eyes told him that this black light was a deadly killing move and could not touch even a little. Boom!

As soon as the knife flashed, the red hair was directly forced to retreat a hundred meters, and his feet slid backwards for a long distance before stopping. And without the red hair, no one can save the five old stars with swords.

He had become a prey in Carl’s clutches and could only be slaughtered by Carl.

“Stop, Grim Reaper!”

“You can’t kill him!”


“Otherwise the whole world will not let you go!!!”

Lieutenant General Karp, General Green Pheasant, Yellow Ape, and many Lieutenant Generals roared in anger.

Marshal Sengoku even more because the roar was too loud, which affected the stitched wounds, and his mouth and nose continued to bleed. But Karl turned a deaf ear to these roars, and the swing of the sword did not stop at all.


The black sword light lit up and flashed away.

Under the gaze of the Whitebeard Pirates, the Red-Haired Pirates, countless navies, and the eyes of the world, Carl swung the deadly sword.

After a sword, a bloody human head soared into the sky, and a dark column of blood gushed out. The sword-wielding Five Old Star’s blurred eyes were filled with reluctance and fear.

He wasn’t willing to die like that.

He is one of the most noble beings in the Draco, holding endless power and controlling the life and death of countless people. He should have been sitting in heaven, but now he is dying at the hands of a lowly human being whom he despises.

At the time of death, the sword-wielding five old stars finally tasted the taste of fear. At this moment, he still regretted it.

He regretted losing his mind because of his anger and had rushed from Mary Joya to Marinfodo to join the war. If he could keep Mary Joya, he would still be alive and well.

He is still a god sitting in heaven! Unfortunately, there is no medicine for regret.

When the sword-wielding five old stars understood everything, it was the moment he died! Poof!

The human head landed on the ground and rolled on the ground like a ball.

To death, the five old stars holding the sword did not close their eyes, which was not blind to death.

“Ding, detected that the host killed the five old stars holding the sword, completed the task of the death of power, and received the reward: the peak of the great sword and the swordplay, the ghost shadow corps general Bart [Night Bat Regiment, Flying Shadow].”

The system electronically sounded, and Carl received the subversive swordplay instilled by the system. In the blink of an eye, Carl was already in full control of this force. At this moment, he became a subversive great sword master.

Without the fruit ability to fight only swordplay, Carl is no weaker than Hawkeye and sword-wielding five old stars. At the same time, Carl felt that a new demon had been planted in his shadow. As long as his mind moves, he can summon it.

At the moment when the five old stars were killed, Marinfodo fell into an endless silence of death, silent. The whole world also fell into a dead silence at this moment, and time seemed to be still.


After the dead silence, there was an endless uproar.

Marinfo is boiling, the world is boiling.

Countless naval soldiers were in a state of panic and rage, and the pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates and the Red-Haired Pirates were somewhat overwhelmed. Killing one of the five old stars of the world’s highest power, they could not accept this fact for a while.

“Kill, really kill!”

“This is really a big deal!”

“It’s too late, and the world’s subversion can’t be stopped.”

“We can no longer stop this war, no, it should be said that another war is about to break out across the world!”

Co-Captain Ben Beckman stared dead at Karl with a dignified look.

Looking at the young Grim Reaper, for the first time in his life, he panicked.

“Death, do you know the consequences of doing this?”

The redhead sheathed the knife and looked at Karl and asked.

Carl smiled indifferently and said lightly, “Of course you know, didn’t you just kill an old dog?” What’s there to be afraid of? ”

“Since you are bent on going your own way, I have nothing to say!”

The redhead turned and left.

The red-haired pirates also followed the redhead away.

The redhead knew that he couldn’t stop the war anymore.

The development of the matter has completely lost control, he has a big face, and there is nothing he can do. The redhead walked over to Marco, patted him on the shoulder and said, “Marko, do well.” ”

“Ah, we’re ready.”

Marko said quietly.

At this point, whatever is about to happen, they will accept it safely. The worst result is nothing more than death.

They have no regrets about dying with Daddy and Ace.

“Marko, go with the redhead.”

Karl spoke.

“Death, you….”

“It doesn’t matter, just rely on these few scraps of firewood from the navy, you can’t kill me!”

Karl smiled and said, “Just by your current state, it is only a burden to stay here.” ”

“Let’s go, don’t stay and die!”

Marko took a deep look at Carl and nodded slightly.

“Okay, then here we go!”

“We whitebeard pirates will not forget the kindness we owe you this time!”

With that said, Marko began to evacuate with the men of the Whitebeard Pirates.

The Seven Martial Seas under the king also quietly left the battlefield.

The war escalated to this point, and they didn’t want to get involved in 2.3 anymore.

The Navy did not stop it, allowing the Red-Haired Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates to evacuate Marinfodo. All their attention was now on Karl the Grim Reaper.

Karl is now arguably the most evil criminal in the world, and even the total annihilation of the Whitebeard Pirates is not as important as killing Carl.

Soon, the Whitebeard Pirates and the Red-Haired Pirates retreated overseas.

“Death Karl, you’re ready to be enlightened, aren’t you?”

Marshal Sengoku spewed blood and roared.

“Of course, I’ve been enlightened for a long time.”

Karl smirked and said, “You are the ones who are not enlightened!” ”

Karl looked around, and he was already surrounded by countless naval regiments. But Karl was not afraid at all.

Carl unleashed the Omniscience that enveloped the entire Marinfodo, capturing all the naval breath and locking it, and instantly knew the number of surviving navies.

“There are still more than 50,000 people alive, which is too many!”

Karl said slowly, “You still have so many people alive, it seems that I am a little incompetent.” ”

“So, let’s harvest a wave first!”

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