Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Redheads, Your Face Is a Fart! 【Second change, please subscribe】

The endless breath of death filled the entire sky, and the god of death mercilessly harvested the souls of the dead.

The huge meat grinder, called War, began to run wildly, constantly devouring the lives of countless naval pirates. Above the marlinfoot sea, a pirate ship broke through the thick fog and reached the battlefield of death.

It was the Red Foss, and the Red-Haired Pirates had finally arrived on the battlefield.

The red-haired Shanks stood at the bow of the ship, and the domineering aura of the smell came out, covering the entire Marinfodo in an instant. All the breath of the island was captured and locked by him.

“Sure enough, I came too late!”

Shanks frowned.

His domineering aura on the battlefield only captures the endless breath of death and killing. The terrible killing intent, the endless breath of death, even he was secretly frightened. You don’t need to look at the redhead to know that this war has been fought out of control.

If there is no accident, it will end with the total annihilation of one side!

“Shanks, are you really going?”

Nearby, vice-captain Beckman said with a solemn face: “In my opinion, the situation of the war has exceeded the limits of our control, and we may not be able to end it.” ”

The war has reached this point, and no one can end it with two words. Even if the person who persuaded the fight was the redhead of the Four Emperors, he might not be able to succeed.

The rash intrusion of the red-haired pirate regiment will not only fail to end the war, but will probably also add fuel to the fire. At that time, it is likely to trigger a bloody three-way war and increase the level of the war.

The redhead stared solemnly at the battlefield ahead and said in a deep voice, “I must go, this war cannot be fought any longer.”

“Whitebeard is dead, and there’s no point in fighting anymore!”

The redhead was familiar with whitebeard’s breath, and when he saw and smelled the domineering spirit, he knew that whitebeard had died in battle.

In the case of Whitebeard’s death, the Whitebeard Pirate Regiment still insisted on a bloody battle with the Naval Headquarters, and naturally the chances of victory were slim. The end result may also end with the total annihilation of the Whitebeard Pirates.

But it would also bring enormous casualties to the Naval Headquarters.

There is no substantive significance at all in fighting any longer, except for tens of thousands more dead. And if the sea loses the Whitebeard Pirate Regiment and the Navy at the same time, the situation will definitely get out of control. The redhead stepped forward and slowly pulled out the long knife Griffin from his waist.

His blushing eyes looked straight ahead at the battlefield ahead, locking in every human breath with his sight and smell. Suddenly, the red-haired pupils narrowed, and the swing griffin fell suddenly.


A blood-red flying slash broke through the air, shattered the ice continent, split the surrounding wall, flew into The Marinfodo Square, ran through the square, flew all the way to the end of the other side of the Marinfodo Island, and finally flew into the sea.


The sky collapsed, and the earth shook.

The fragmented Marinfodo was hit by this blow, and the speed of sinking suddenly increased.

Fragments of the island at the edge collapsed and sank, with thousands of people falling into the sea. The attack of the red hair interrupted the bloody battle on the battlefield, causing the killing qi on the battlefield to dissipate.

Everyone stopped fighting at this moment and looked at the edge of the island.

Only then did they discover that the red-haired pirates had docked in the harbor.

The cadres of the red-haired and red-haired pirate regiment stood in a row, looking directly at the people and horses on both sides, and erupted with an incomparably terrifying momentum, instantly suppressing the whole scene.

“Redhead, redhead of the Four Emperors!”

“Why? The Four Emperors of the New World will appear here? ”

“Are the redheads coming to the war too?”

One by one, the Navy was stunned, and because of the excessive fear, it kept retreating.

Lieutenant General Cap looked at the red hair and gritted his teeth in anger,

“Redhead! The man who brought Luffy down the path of one piece, damn bastard! ”

Great General Yellow Ape,

“Do even the redheads have to intervene?” It’s a little scary. ”

Admiral Pheasant: “If the redhead also has to deal with the Navy, we really have no chance of winning.” ”

As he spoke, the pheasant couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of black blood.

Since being injured by Karl, the pheasant’s injuries have been getting worse.

He could feel an invisible force destroying his body, and he knew that he must be healed in time, otherwise the consequences would be unpredictable, but now the war was not over, and as a naval admiral, he could not withdraw from the battlefield.

The general Red Dog had been killed, the marshal Sengoku was also seriously wounded and unable to fight again, and the lieutenant general major general suffered heavy casualties. At this time, every combat power is precious.

As a Navy Admiral, he must not leave!

“Damn, it’s at this time!”

Marshal Sengoku wanted to stand up with his badly injured body, but the slightest movement involved the wound and kept bleeding. The medic next to him rushed forward to stop it.

“Marshal of the Warring States, your body has reached its limit, and you must not move anymore.”

“Yes, if the wound is cracked again, it will really be a lack of skill!”

The wound on Sengoku’s chest had been urgently stitched up by the medic, the blood hole in his shoulder had also been treated urgently, and the body was full of various syringes.

Finally, the Warring States was freed from the danger of life.

But that’s about it.

The wounds left by Carl to the Warring States were too severe, and the residual nuclear radiation continued to destroy the Cells of the Warring States. For a long time to come, the Warring States had to recuperate well before they could recover.

If you want to participate in battle, it is simply impossible.

“Damn bastard!”

The Warring States gritted their teeth, their faces full of unwillingness.

Now that the war is at a critical juncture, he, the Admiral, is really too derelict in his duties.

The redhead scanned the entire battlefield and said in a loud voice, “I have no interest in participating in the war, I have come to end this war.” ”

The redhead slowly walked into the battlefield and said domineeringly: “If you continue to fight, it will only increase the losses of the two armies indefinitely, and there is no point at all.” ”

“If there’s a guy who doesn’t make enough trouble, let’s be his opponent!”

“Please sell me a face here!”

The red-haired man pulled out his long knife Griffin, and behind him stood the cadres of the red-haired pirate regiment side by side, and the terrifying momentum erupted, which suddenly made a group of navies cringe and discolor.

The Red-haired Pirate Regiment is the most balanced pirate regiment among the Four Emperors.

Although there are very few Demon Fruit abilities, the strength of individual soldiers is the strongest. Inside the Pirate Regiment are all strong men who are proficient in domineering, physical and swordsmanship.

Especially the redhead himself, the three-color domineering is simply ridiculously strong, ranking first among the four emperors today. According to Carl’s estimation, the redhead’s tricolor domineering spirit was already comparable to Roger and Whitebeard at the peak.

Because of this, he was able to match the intrusion of the monsters 0 redheads such as Kaido, BIGMOM and Whitebeard without the ability to bear fruit, which greatly calmed the dispute between the two armies. Some of the red-eyed navies and pirates have also woken up.

Although many pirate navies were unwilling, they also had the idea of an armistice. After all, neither side wanted to go to war with the red-haired pirates in this situation.

It’s just that the redhead’s face is useful to everyone, but it’s useless for Carl and the sword-wielding five old stars. Boom!

The redhead had just finished speaking, and a huge slash ran through the square, carrying the power of the mountain and the sea to the redhead. The redhead’s face changed, and he quickly swung his knife to slash and fly.

He found that this slash was not deliberately aimed at him, but rather the aftermath of the battle between the five old stars with the sword and Carl. The arrival of the red hair caused all the naval pirates to stop fighting, but Carl and the sword-wielding five old stars were still fighting bloodily.

The redhead stepped forward and flew into the middle of the battle between the two, stopping the fight between the two.

“Death, please give me a face and end this war!”

The redhead said in a deep voice.

0 Karl laughed playfully,

“It’s not that I don’t give you face, it’s that this old guy doesn’t give you face.”

“Why don’t you ask him for his opinion first?”

“He’s right, redhead, your face is a fart!”

The five old stars with swords looked at the red hair and roared in a deep voice.

“You should already know what Death has done, right?”

“Therefore, this war cannot be stopped, and only the absolute victory of the Navy can draw the end of this war.”

Carl released the video of the Draco being tortured and killed, which made the Draco people and the world government lose face, and also let the world see the weakness of the Draco.

If you want to save face and shock the world, only the navy and the world government can win an absolute victory!

“Is it really non-negotiable?”

The red-haired eyes narrowed, coldly staring at the five old stars holding the sword.

Red lightning bolts shot in and out of the redhead, scurrying around him, waving at each other.

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