Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Miserable Blackbeard, Beaten into a Dead Dog Before Pretending to Be Forced [Third Change, Please Subscribe]

“It’s so dangerous, I almost died.”

Blackbeard pushed aside a piece of ruined remains, wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and sneered,

“I really don’t care about friendship, Daddy.”

“But it’s also a matter of course, and I can understand it.”

“At this time, you can’t be merciful to your subordinates!”

“Thief hahahahaha!”

Whitebeard roared lowly, “Only you don’t deserve to be my son, Titch.” ”

“You violated the only iron rule on my ship, you killed your companions.”

“In order to fulfill Thatch’s last wish, I will take the head of your bastard and pay tribute to him!”


“Daddy, we’re here to help you too!!”

“Abominable Titch, absolutely cannot forgive him!”

The members of the Whitebeard Pirates all poured up from the rear, each with a murderous intent on Blackbeard. Only this person, they all want to kill and then quickly.

“Don’t come here, it’s just him, and I’m going to execute him myself!”

Whitebeard stopped his men from moving, stared dead at Blackbeard, and shouted, “Come and make a decision, Titch!” ”

“Thief hahahahaha, exactly what I want!”

Blackbeard’s body erupted into a large eerie black smoke, and the fragments of ruins scattered on the ground were touched by the black mist and instantly swallowed up.

“Dark Cave Road!”

Blackbeard slapped his hand on the ground, and the eerie black smoke spread instantly to cover the ground and cover it all the way to Whitebeard’s feet. There were also large patches of black smoke that gathered together to form a tornado of black smoke.

“Thief hahahahaha, see, Daddy.”

Blackbeard couldn’t help but laugh because he was too proud,

“This is the Demon Fruit ability I got after killing Thatch.”

“The world’s strongest power, the Dark Fruit!”

“Come and taste its power!”

The Dark Cave Passage was launched, devouring everything it touched, and even the white beard slowly sank into the black smoke. Whitebeard fights back, but is stopped by Blackbeard with a dark fruit.

The strongest power of the Dark Fruit is the ability to eliminate all Demon Fruits. However, Whitebeard is not a vegetarian either.

Seeing the flaws in Blackbeard, he slashed Blackbeard away with a knife in his hand.

Blackbeard had a huge wound from his shoulder to his chest, and blood was constantly sprayed.

Blackbeard let out a mournful wail as a result, and only after he absorbed the pain and injury with black smoke did he breathe a slight sigh of relief.

“It hurts, damn bastard, you…”.

Blackbeard just tried to get up when he noticed that Whitebeard had appeared above his head.

Whitebeard stepped on Blackbeard’s left hand with one foot, nailed Blackbeard’s right hand with a cloud cut, and at the same time pinched Blackbeard’s neck with his right hand. In the blink of an eye, Blackbeard was completely suppressed on the ground.

“Conceited, thoughtless, that’s your weakness!”

Whitebeard’s right hand unleashes the Shock Fruit ability, and the transparent aperture of the seismic wave completely envelops Blackbeard’s head.

The Shock Fruit has the power to destroy the world and the earth, and it is possible to die if it is hit at a long distance, let alone at such a close distance. Blackbeard felt the fatal crisis and hurried to beg for forgiveness.

“Stop, Dad, stop.”

“I’m your son, bypass me once!”

“Are you really going to kill me?”

Blackbeard’s eyes widened, and his eyes were full of fear.

Now his humble and begging for forgiveness, greedy and afraid of death, and his previous arrogant and arrogant posture of not looking at the people of the world are simply two people.

But in fact, this is the real Blackbeard.

He was originally a despicable guy who was greedy for life and afraid of death.

In order to save his life, no matter how humiliating things he did. There is no such thing as a great seaman.

The Four Emperors Sea Thief, Whitebeard, Kaido, BIGMOM, and Redhead all have the courage to face death.

If they can’t defeat the enemy, they may retreat, they will avoid the front for a while, but they can never cry and beg for forgiveness. Only Blackbeard would be so faceless and give up his dignity.

Because of this, Blackbeard does not have the domineering color.

His character doomed him to never awaken the overlord color domineering spirit.

For Blackbeard, Whitebeard did not have a soft hand, and the seismic wave was directly launched.

With a loud roar, the earth shattered, and the seismic waves spread in all directions, destroying all the surrounding areas.

“Well done, Daddy!!”

“Die, damn Titch!”

“Go to hell and confess to Thatch!”

The people of the Whitebeard Pirates roared when they saw Whitebeard’s attack succeed. Then, when one of the pirates saw the scene behind the smoke, his eyes widened.

“Hey, look, Titch isn’t dead yet!”

The crowd looked up and saw blackbeard creeping on the ground standing up trembling.

Although covered in blood, he did not die. Not only that, but it also has the strength to act freely.

“What’s going on with that guy?” So tenacious! ”

“Facing Daddy’s attack, are you still alive?”

The head was hit directly by the seismic wave, and even the admiral could be killed. Blackbeard was still alive to stunned countless pirates.

Meanwhile, they discovered that Whitebeard had no next move at all.

Blackbeard had been badly injured and had fallen to the ground, and it was supposed to be the best chance to kill him, but Whitebeard was motionless.

Large swaths of blood flowed down Whitebeard’s body, forming a small pit of blood at Whitebeard’s feet. Marko and the captains couldn’t bear to look at each other.

They all knew that Whitebeard had reached its limit.

The deteriorating body, coupled with the constant injuries, had destroyed Whitebeard’s body to pieces.

“There should be one last bit of strength.”

Karl looked calmly at Whitebeard. Suddenly, Karl’s brow furrowed.

His domineering sense of sight was that there was a cold killing machine locking on to him.!!!

A giant sword qi ran through the entire Marinfodo, rushing towards Carl’s back with lightning speed. It was the five old stars with swords who struck!

Wherever the sword qi passed, all the naval pirates were all dismembered and killed!

“Die, little devil!”

The five old stars holding the sword looked cold, and their bodies emitted cold killing intent.

The reason why he personally rushed from Mary Joya to the battlefield was to take Carl’s head. Fire Fist Ace’s first level is only incidental, and Carl is his ultimate goal.

Carl’s sight and smell domineering spirit captured the trajectory of the sword qi, and the future picture was all seen by him in advance. Electric light covered the whole body, and with a sigh, Carl instantly disappeared in place and appeared a hundred meters away. The sword qi roared past, and was perfectly dodged by Karl.

“Really, the climax is about to be staged, can’t we wait any longer?”

With a sonorous sword sound, the five old stars with swords teleported to Carl, swung their swords straight to Carl’s head, and drank coldly in their mouths.

“Whitebeard is about to fall, you evil little devil died with him, isn’t the climax more exciting?”

Carl condensed the nuclear radiation to form a black light longsword to block the first generation of ghosts holding the sword Five Old Stars, and said lightly, “I don’t want to die so early yet.” ”

“At least, I’m not going to die here!”

“That’s not certain!”

The sword-wielding Five Old Stars roared in anger, and their moves became more and more fierce, and in the blink of an eye, they slashed hundreds of knives at Carl. The knife took Carl’s key point, and each knife split a huge flying slash.

Soon, a large area behind Karl was in ruins, littered with messy sword marks.

And just as the sword-wielding Five Old Stars were frantically slashing and killing Carl, Blackbeard had already completed the slaying of Whitebeard.

“Quick, let’s all go up together and kill him!!!”

Blackbeard roared in anger, and the 2.0 Rain No Hiryu in the rear, the evil ruler Pizarro, Kachirin, Andimi and others all rushed to Whitebeard.

The swords shine and the guns fire in unison.

Countless attacks landed on Whitebeard, who could not dodge at the same time, and in an instant, Whitebeard’s chest was beaten into a honeycomb. Countless blood shot out, and the scene was unbearable!

Blackbeard ran out of bullets in the gun in an instant, and there was still endless fear in his eyes.

“Hey, the bullets are out, change me a gun!”

Blackbeard roared loudly.

In the face of the monster Whitebeard, Blackbeard has a psychological shadow all his life.

“There’s no need for that.”

Rain Nori said lightly, “Whitebeard is unconscious!” ”

“Finally dead, this nasty old man!”

Blackbeard roared in anger.

Just then, however, Whitebeard’s voice sounded again. The sound of a hellish demon startled Blackbeard. It also surprised the other members of the Blackbeard Pirates.

“!!! is still alive”

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