Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Whitebeard has an immortal body, that is, he can’t kill! 【Second change, please subscribe】

Ace’s death became the last straw that crushed Luffy, shattering all his hopes.

His body had reached its limit, and the injuries in his body could not be suppressed at this moment, and all of them exploded.


Luffy opened his mouth wide and roared angrily at the sky, then rolled his eyes and lost consciousness in this position.

Whitebeard looked dead at Ace’s corpse, expressionless, emitting a cold killing breath, as if it could freeze the whole world. Ace was dead, killed in front of him.

He watched as Ace was killed, but was unable to save him.

That feeling made Whitebeard extremely painful, and at the same time, the killing intent of the five old stars holding the sword reached the extreme.

Carl glanced at Ace’s corpse, turned his head to look at Cap, and smiled playfully.

“Karp, your grandson is dead.”

“Is there anything you want to say about that?”

Karp didn’t say a word, his two fists clenched, his whole body muscles tense, clenching his teeth.

A terrifying killing qi erupted from his body, but this murderous qi was not Carl, but the sword-wielding five old stars in the distance. To Ace, Karp really gave his heart and really regarded him as his grandson.

Seeing Ace killed now, for a moment, Karp almost lost his mind and rushed up to shoot at the five old stars with swords. But in the end he stopped his behavior.

As a veteran sailor, Karp has his own position.

The Navy was right to kill pirates, and he could not do anything to betray the Navy.

“Damn! Damn it! Damn it! ”

Karp bit his lip, bean-sized eyeballs kept falling, and his shoulders kept shaking. He endured very hard and was in a desperate mood!


At this time, Whitebeard moved.

The huge fist shattered the space, and the seismic wave instantly penetrated the battlefield, heading towards the sword-wielding five old stars.

In the face of Whitebeard’s angry blow, the sword-wielding five old stars did not dodge, and a trace of contempt and disdain flashed under their eyes. If it was a white beard at the peak, facing his attack and holding a sword, the five old stars would of course have to avoid the front for the time being.

But now that Whitebeard was seriously wounded and dying, the attack was less than half the power of the peak, and he didn’t pay attention to it at all. Boom!

The first generation of ghosts cut through the long sky, rubbing the air and sounding a rapid sword sound. A huge flying slash burst out of the air and collided head-on with the seismic waves. With a loud bang, the seismic wave split in two from the middle.

The slashing went on and on, straight on the whitebeard’s chest.

Large swaths of blood spurted out, and a huge crack appeared in Whitebeard’s chest, almost splitting him to pieces! After being so badly injured, Whitebeard’s dying body finally couldn’t hold back and slowly fell backwards.


The pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates shouted in panic.

At the moment when Whitebeard was about to fall to the ground, the knife was violently inserted into the ground. With this as a support, the white beard rose from the ground and slowly stood up.

Seeing Whitebeard’s movements, all the navies around them were filled with fear and retreated at the same time. Again and again, again and again.

Every time they thought they could kill Whitebeard completely, Whitebeard would stubbornly live.

“Monster, what the hell is Whitebeard?”

“Is he immortal?”

“Damn, why aren’t you still not dead?”

“Go and die, Whitebeard!!!”

Countless naval soldiers roared wildly, and people kept firing at Whitebeard. At this moment, Whitebeard was like opening a lock of blood hanging.

Obviously, there was only the last drop of blood left, but it was impossible to die.

“Thief hahahahaha, they’re right, Daddy, you’re still going to die.”

Suddenly an extremely harsh laughter came from afar.

The crowd looked up and saw that behind the ruins of the Naval Headquarters building, several figures suddenly appeared.

Evil King Abaro Pizarro, The Moon Hunter Catherine Diemi, Advancing City Guard Hiryu, Great Wine Basque Chote, Giant Battleship San Juan Evil Wolf.

The leader is None other than Blackbeard, Marshall Tiki, who single-handedly led the war.

Each of the men blackbeard brought in was the ultimate criminal whose existence was concealed by the world because he was too cruel. The appearance of the Blackbeard Pirates eased the fierce fighting on the battlefield.

At this moment, both the Navy and the pirates stopped fighting. Even the five old stars with swords looked at Blackbeard with a gloomy face. With his wisdom, how could he not have imagined what Blackbeard had done?

Using the entire navy, even the World Lord and the Five Old Stars became tools in Blackbeard’s hands. Such arrogance and arrogance were intolerable to the five old stars holding swords.

“Is it finally here?”

Carl also noticed the arrival of the Blackbeard Pirates. Seeing them standing on top of the ruins of the Naval Headquarters building, the corners of their mouths drew a strange sneer. At the same time, the system also released a new mission for Karl.

“Ding, the host triggers a new mission, the end of the wolf.”

“The new world doesn’t need a new emperor, and detects that Blackbeard has ambitions to seize the throne, so ask the host to kill him!” Quest Rewards: Alien Body [can hold two Demon Fruit Abilities], one Top Demon Fruit. ”

Compared to the Quest to Hunt generals, the reward for destroying the Blackbeard Pirates is much simpler.

But that’s a matter of course.

Blackbeard had only eaten the Dark Fruit now, and although his strength was good, it was nothing more than that. The other members of the Blackbeard Pirates are all legendary sea thieves.

But compared with the legend of whitebeard, it is a big difference. None of them had the rank of general.

In this way, the reward for destroying the Blackbeard Pirates is certainly not very rich.


The appearance of Blackbeard, the most angry is undoubtedly the members of the Whitebeard Pirate Regiment.

If it weren’t for him, the Whitebeard Pirates wouldn’t have fallen to where they are today. Oz wouldn’t die, Ace wouldn’t die, and Whitebeard wouldn’t be so miserable.

The moment he saw Blackbeard, Whitebeard’s eyes widened, his heart surged with anger, and his right hand holding the knife suddenly tensed.

“It’s you bastard!”

“Thief hahahahaha.”

Blackbeard grinned arrogantly,

“Long time no see, Dad.”

“It’s great to see you for the last time before you die!”

In the past, in the face of white beard, black beard was cautious and cautious, and did not dare to have the slightest disrespect. But today, his original arrogant posture was completely exposed.

Marshal Warring States was also trembling with anger at this moment.

He also wanted to say where Blackbeard, who was the Seven Martial Seas, had gone and why he hadn’t come to fight. Seeing so many escaped prisoners pushing into the city now, he instantly understood.


“Blackbeard, what the hell did you do?”

“What happened to Magellan?” What happened to Advance City? ”

“How did you get here?”

Blackbeard laughed arrogantly,

“If you want to know, go check it out for yourself.”

“But seeing us standing here, you must already know the answer, right?”

“Also, one more thing to inform you, Marshal of the Warring States.”

“Lao Tzu is not the Seven Martial Seas!!!”

Blackbeard’s roar spread throughout the battlefield, and his gesture at this moment was also transmitted throughout the world through the image phone worm.

“Is that your purpose?” When the Seven Martial Seas are meant to free this group of guys? ”

The Warring States gritted their teeth in anger.

“Thief hahahahaha, yes, Sengoku, I was for this from the beginning.”

“Now that the purpose has been achieved, the so-called Seven Martial Seas are false, and Lao Tzu naturally does not need it!”

“Also, that’s not all of my purpose, you’ll know soon!”

“Damn bastard!”

Sengoku’s anger surged upwards, causing the wound to crack and spurt out a mouthful of blood.

“Thief hahahahaha, it seems that you can’t punish me anymore.”

Blackbeard saw the appearance of the Warring States vomiting blood, and his face was even more proud. What is the villain’s devotion, what Blackbeard is now.

“Don’t be too early, Tiki!”

Whitebeard let out a roar, a punch fell violently, and the seismic wave rushed towards Blackbeard with lightning speed. All the navies along the way were shocked and flew, and their broken bones were vomiting blood.

All the blackbeard pirates were hit head-on by seismic waves, and all were knocked out and subsequently buried in ruins. However, this will not kill them.

Blackbeard and his party quickly crawled out of the rubble.

“It’s so dangerous, I almost died.”

Blackbeard pushed aside a piece of ruined debris, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and sneered.

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