Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 89

Chapter 89: The Terrifying Strength of the Five Old Stars, Fire Fist Ace Died Tragically! 【First change, please subscribe】

“Is there another monster coming?”

“This war is really hilarious.”

A sudden change interrupts Carl’s battle with Karp.

Carl’s sight and smell domineeringly locked on the distant breath, darkly vigilant.

Whitebeard slaughtered dozens of navies, and also looked at his rear, his eyes full of murderous anger. He desperately tried to escort his pirates to retreat, but it was impossible to see the situation. On the way to retreat, another monster appeared!

Under the gaze of countless eyes, a large sword hao wearing a white robe and holding a samurai sword slowly walked out. Terrible murderous qi surrounded him.

As soon as the killing qi erupted, it turned into a substantial sword qi, cutting countless cracks in the earth. All the pirates around them were divided and died, and the bones were gone!

“It’s him!!!”

“I didn’t expect even him to come, which is interesting!”

Karl laughed playfully.

He recognized at a glance that the person who came was a sword-wielding five old stars, one of the five old stars. At the same time, the system also released new tasks.

“Ding, the host triggers a new mission, the fall of power.”

“It is detected that the five old stars with swords are personally on the battlefield, and in order to kill the host, ask the host to kill the five old stars with swords.” Quest Rewards: Peak Great Sword And Heroic SwordPlay, Ghost Corps General Bart [Night Bat Regiment, Flying Shadow]. ”

Although Carl could use the fruit ability to split the slash of the peak great sword master, his own swordplay was really only at the level of ordinary sword master. If he could get the peak sword skill, Carl could make up for a short board.

At the same time, ghost corps general Bart’s night bat regiment soldiers all have the ability to fly. With it, Carl had an air force under his command.

“The reward was nice!”

Carl smiled coldly in his heart, looking at the five old stars holding the sword from a distance, and a trace of killing intent flashed in his eyes.

“Even this one came!”

“How can that be?”

“Did you actually go to war yourself?”

Marshal Sengoku, Kapu, Pheasant Yellow Ape, and some admirals saw the coming, and their faces suddenly changed. As high-ranking members of the Navy, they naturally all knew the Five Old Stars with swords.

Doflamingo also recognized the sword-wielding five old stars for the first time, and his face appeared jealous, and he quietly took a few steps back, hiding himself in the crowd.

Although he had always wanted to return to the Holy Land, he wanted to take revenge on the Draco clan.

But seeing the five old stars holding the sword still made him instinctively feel a sense of fear.

The five old stars with swords looked at the countless pirates in front of them, looking indifferent,

“Today, not a single pirate can get out of here alive.”

“Bury me here!”


Holding the sword, the five old stars held the supreme great fast sword of the first generation of ghosts, and with a gentle swing, the atmospheric space was suddenly split. An incomparably thick sword qi swept through the void and shot towards the pirates.

Wherever the slash went, all the pirates were cut off.

Many people have already died before they can even react.

“!!! a short stay”

“Get out of the!!!”

The undead bird Malcot was about to burst open, rushing to the front at the first time, and shooting a large blue flame to resist the slash. However, he only resisted for three seconds, and the whole person was slashed and flew away.

Large swaths of blood flew through the sky, and the undead marko showed a face full of pain and unwillingness. The power of the slash continues to fly towards many pirates.

“Stop, damn bastard!”

“I’ll come too!”

“Hugh wants to kill our family again!”

Captains such as Flower Sword Bista, Diamond Joz, and Fire Fist Ace also stepped forward, each using their own means. Everyone shot together, and only reluctantly blocked the slash.

But all of them were pushed by the chop and kept sliding backwards.

Several of the lower-ranking captains were directly slashed and shook the bones of their hands.

But even if they broke their arms, they still didn’t let go, or they gritted their teeth and stuck to support. Finally, with a roar from everyone, the slash was carried to the sky by them.

The wind howled, and the clouds in the sky were pierced by slashes, and a huge hole appeared.

And the several captains who blocked the slash, whether it was Marko, Joz, Bista or Ace, were all injured and out of power. One by one, they knelt on the ground, panting heavily, covered in cold sweat.

“This man is so terrible!”

“What a monster!”

“Damn, where did this monster come from?”

Seeing that all the captains were slashed by the sword-wielding Five Old Stars, all the pirates of the Whitebeard Pirate Regiment were all chilling.

“Such a strong sword skill!”

Hawk’s eyes burned, and his heart erupted with war.

If it weren’t for the wrong timing at this moment, he would have already come forward to invite battle.

“Who is he, and is he our reinforcement?”

“Great, with such strong reinforcements, the Whitebeard Pirates have no way to retreat!”

The Navy side saw the people coming to show their might, and they all cheered.

On the other hand, the pirate side is like a mourning woman, and the face is like the color of earth. Whitebeard stared dead at the sword-wielding Five Old Star, his face extremely gloomy.

He had participated in the Battle of the Valley of the Gods, and naturally knew the five old stars with swords, and he was well aware of the terrible nature of this person. With such monsters intercepted in the rear, the Whitebeard Pirate Regiment was in a worrying situation.

At the moment, Whitebeard wanted to come forward to save people, but a sharp pain suddenly struck, causing Whitebeard to stumble and directly kneel on one knee on the ground.

A few mouthfuls of blood spat out, and the breath of the white beard suddenly dropped by a large margin.

The injuries left by the Red Dog had flared up, and Whitebeard felt his consciousness grow more and more blurred, and the sight in his eyes had even begun to shake and appear.

“Damn, is that the end of it?”

The white beard gritted his teeth and held on, unwilling in his heart.

He wasn’t afraid of death, but he didn’t want to just die. He hadn’t seen his sons out of danger yet.

Now if he dies, his sons will have no way to live.

The five old stars with swords noticed the strange appearance of white beard and sneered,

“It seems that your old fellow’s death is nearing.”

“But before you die, I’ll send your sons down to the Yellow Spring.”

“Although the target of this trip is Carl’s bastard little ghost, it’s not bad to kill a Roger’s son first!”

The first of the sword-wielding five old stars to focus on was naturally the Fire Fist Ace.

With a sigh, the sword-wielding five old stars disappeared into the same place.

The next second, he had teleported to Ace’s body, and the Supreme Rapid Knife First Ghost was sharp and sharp, directly taking Ace’s head.


“Get out of the way, Ace!!!”


Marco, Bista, and Luffy in the distance all screamed in horror.

Ace’s face changed drastically, and the whole person turned into a ball of flames and exploded, dodging the slash and jumping into the sky. However, Ace did not completely dodge the sword-wielding Five Old Stars’ killing moves.

A huge crack appeared in his chest, and the sword marks were deep enough to see the bone, and the damaged internal organs were faintly visible. The strength of the five old stars holding the sword was too terrifying, and with a casual swing of the sword, the power of the sword qi was terrifying.

Combined with his armed color domineering, the bounty level of sea thieves will also be seriously injured or even killed by his move. Ace spat out a mouthful of blood and launched a counterattack towards the sword-wielding Five Old Stars.

“Fire Fist!”

Flames erupted and the temperature rose sharply.

In the face of the blazing flames, the sword-wielding five old stars snorted disdainfully.

As soon as the sword light flashed, the long pillar of flames that flew in was suddenly still in mid-air, and even the Fire Fist Ace was still in mid-air. The next second, the Flame Pillar was split in two, and the Fire Fist Ace in the air was also split in two.

Ace’s eyes rolled round, large swaths of blood shot in and out of his chest, and his consciousness began to disappear rapidly. Barely dodging one move was already the limit, and Ace couldn’t dodge the second move.

Before dying, Ace struggled to turn his head and move his eyes to look at the white beard in the distance. Although his vision was blurred, he could still see the outline of the white beard.

Lips moved slightly, and an inaudible whisper came out of his mouth.

“Old… Daddy…”

Soon, Ace’s last consciousness completely dissipated, and his eyes fell into endless darkness. Fire Fist Ace, fight to the death!


The undead marko knelt on the ground and looked at Ace’s corpse with a sluggish face, tears coming out of his eyes and roaring in anger. Bista, Joz and other captains, countless pirates of the Whitebeard Pirate Regiment were all sluggish at this moment, and their brains were blank. No one wants to believe that Ace is dead!

One by one, the pirates wept bitterly, and the cries and cries came and went, and spread throughout Marinfodo.

“Ace! Ace! Ace! Ace! ”

Luffy stumbled toward Ace, looking sluggish, calling out Ace’s name over and over again. Then, Luffy stumbled to his feet and fell to the ground.

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